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  1. With today's technology you can get some fine quality at the 15-20mm scale.
  2. Being a miniature gamer, miniature quality is very important. I need to enjoy working on my minis, not have it be a chore. It's why I've stopped purchasing PP's new minis. Their PVC minis are not great. I love Wild West Exodus minis, hard plastic and resin, and their new resins are phenomenal. So, for me, everything else can be fantastic but if the miniatures are not I will not jump in. It's not like I don't have enough to work on already.
  3. I hope they are. I really do. Everything I've seen so far has me really excited for this game. I really want the miniatures to be of a high quality. If they are, I'm all in.
  4. The nice thing about KoW is you don't have to have all the minis required for a unit. For a regiment (20) you could have roughly 15 figs. Make a sweet diorama. The miniature count is a big plus for RW.
  5. I haven't and won't, no desire to get the game, but I have yet to have a PVC mini that I didn't hate working on. Now, maybe these minis will be fantastic, which would be great, but I am not jumping in on release date. I want to see the figs in hand before I decide to buy.
  6. KoW is super quick once you have the rules down. Nothing like the potential snooze fest that every WFB game had the potential to become.
  7. GW and others use a styrene plastic, also called HIPS, hard plastic or sometimes sprue plastic. IA minis are PVC, which in my opinion is garbage, especially for table top games. Hard plastic is the way to go. Great detail and easy to clean and assemble. The material is the one thing that will prevent me from going all in.
  8. A lot of good info for the beginner, and veteran, here; http://www.thearmypainter.com
  9. I have a grassy fields F.A.T. Mat. Mouse pad material, great quality and comes with a case for easy storage and transportation.
  10. Magical wizbang, that's what I like to see. Thanks.
  11. Obviously no mecha. I mean things such as ballista, trebuchets and so forth. Maybe some fancy, magical wizbang.
  12. The WoK minis are fantastic. You can tell former Rackham employees were involved in their creation. All that PVC though. Back on topic, has anybody heard anything about the potential for warmachines? Are they even prevalent in the Runebound universe?
  13. I'm looking at getting the core set, at least, to wet my pallet for RW:TMG. How much background on the Runebound universe is in there? How about Descent?
  14. I'm rooting for this game and am hoping for a quality product. I really like the prospect of cavalry and infantry versions of the same character. You don't see that too often.
  15. Yes it is. It's why I've never purchased WoK, have stopped purchasing new releases by PP and no longer support Mantic. I can't stand the stuff for tabletop wargames.
  16. I absolutely abhor PVC(IA material) for table top miniature use. I'm hoping the casting quality is something they take seriously. The material is one thing that could harm this game. Tabletop wargamers tend to steer clear of it, I do. I remain cautiously optimistic.
  17. I have left models in undiluted Simple Green for days, no harm. I will also give models a re-soak and scrub after the initial soak and scrub. Plastic tends to hold onto paint better than metal or resin, so it may not all come off. Enough will for priming and paint, though.
  18. When sanding I use 200 grit sandpaper. It has worked wonders on resin and soft plastic. I also have a brush set I picked up at Home Depot that included steel, brass and plastic bristle brushes. The brass and plastic are used a lot for smoothing out rough spots.
  19. I have a feeling it may be a balance issue. Being able to effectively cancel all the hit results from all attackers seems a bit much. The way it is, it forces the attacker to spend a focus, if they have it, or treat it as a miss.
  20. I'll be surprised if it's not the same length as the CR-9O.
  21. Definitely painting. Going with the dip method. Quick, easy and looks good.
  22. Ordered two of each from MM. I can't wait.
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