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  1. I really wonder if we will see the Huge ships for the Imperials any time soon. As much as I love the look of my corvette and transport. I found them to not be really that much game enhancing when playing X-Wing. I favor the dogfight aspect in this game. Its a pity but I think that capitals just do not work that well in X-Wing, I am however looking forward alot to Armada and will probably play both for the different gameplays they promote. It just feels like a little waste tough to have the corvette and transport, now that we get a Capital ship game with new scales.
  2. Descent with a Star Wars theme? Yes please! However now I need some new shelves. With the speed that FFG is releasing new products I need much more space (assuming this will grow as big as my Descent collection) Also where will I put up armada. This is really cruel, ISD, Victory and the MK 2 frigate... I want them all.
  3. God FFG is going totally Crazy My wallet just had a bad case of spontanious self incineration!
  4. I am using a mix. For the tokens I use a tackle box (but with the amount of tokens it gets pretty filled up now) For the Pilots Ultra Pro binders which look quit nice to display the cards (and they fit in sleeved) For the Upgrade cards there are 2 business card folders (one for each faction) and for the ships there is the Feldherr Case which works pretty well but will be too full now with Wave 5 and my urge to get 2 Decimators. Ill have to rethink that soon, probably will get a second one or a bigger one. My big ships are on the shelf with my blue rays currently. Maybe Ill get a bigger Feldherr case for the big ships and the decimator.
  5. Hopefully someone can help me on this one. I would really love to get my hand on the Forgotton Souls but I checked the FFG store and Funagain and they both have shipping around 30-50 dollars or more which I simply cannot stomach (because you can add 50% of that again on that in taxes to ship to austria) Does anyone know any other web shops that sell that Print on Demand other than funagain? Maybe I could find one store that has reasonable shipping rates to the EU/Austria
  6. I would love to buy this, but its 14$ for the coop expansion... and 21$ for shipping to the EU and then the EU will add another 20% in taxes and probably another 30-50% in fees Not going to pay 50$ for this, its too bad this will never get to europe since its a print on demand.
  7. http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B000KT71I0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I use 2 of those for my upgrades (1 each for reb/imp) Works pretty well for holding the cards and flipping trough them. Altough with the massive amount of new cards its getting crowded. For the Pilots I use Ultra Pro binders (which are getting full too ^^)
  8. FFG sure knows how to empty my wallet City tiles, something I really look forward to. Now bring me back huge rolling boulders and I will be really happy.
  9. I should not have bought 4 Tie/in . Guess ill have 6 of them then, those new pilots are simply awesome.
  10. I am really looking forward to the Tie Bombers. I was really fond of seismic charges even tough they are really hard to play out properly. But just the tought of a 3 Bomber formation with Proton Bombs make me laugh like one of those evil overlords. I will just have to play again and again until I finally can pull of some crazy 1 hit kill everything my enemy throws at me because all his ships get hit by 3 proton bombs at the same time. But I will still have to be patient Amazon here in the EU went from "shipping on August 29" to aviable within 1-3 months. Are those of you that already have em players that bought em at gencon or ebay off gencon? Or is Wave 3 already shipping out in the US?
  11. As much as I wish FFG would produce Star Destroyers, Interdictor Cruisers, Mon Cal Star Cruisers, Nebulon B (I absolutely want one of those I simply love the looks) etc. I would probably go bancrupt if they actually did it I would be one of those nuts that simply has to have a 10+ capital battle with 50+ fighters zipping around occupying a whole room for the fight that would take a week to play out.
  12. Terrano

    Wave 4!

    My poor wallet, my poor poor wallet, it just went weeping into the corner because it will BURN once those ships come out. (Since I really want my personal room huge capital ship slugfests with tons of fighters and stuff.) Well guess I gotta go and save some serious cash, 90$ for the tantive IV and probably the same for the imperial counterpart at some point which means I will probably spend a good 400-500 on that wave 4 instead of the usual 100
  13. I hope this works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lys1d9lhe8o3ee8/star%20destroyer%20blueprints.psd https://www.dropbox.com/s/7c0k0i82nlicx69/Star%20Destroyer%20Sheet%20Updated%20New.psd Both the Star Destroyer Ship Template and the Ship Card here as psd Also I was finally able to massacre some wood pieces with my drill. Now I just need to buy some double side sticky tape or those poster stickers and I can finalize everything. Its too bad that I cannot paint for my life or It could look so much better. At least its star Destroyer grey already ^^
  14. Layout wise. I cannot read the blue text on that black background. A different colour variation for the shield blue would be nice. Stats wise. Sorry nothing I can really think of because I would need to playtest those stats a few times against bigger tie squadrons (and I lack bombers until Wave 3 for Imerpials so its a bit harde to judge balance wise) However why do the shield generators have 2 defense die? Most subsystems on my ship dont have any because it should not be too hard to hit them (Bridge is kinda obvious and big so hard to miss) Just my Missile Launcher Tubes and Laser Turrets have defense die because they obviously are smaller and harder to exactly hit. I guess the smaller corvette has a smaller profile thus the defense die. If you want I could upload the psd file somewhere and post the link here. It has all the layers arranged neatly (not all named perfectly) but it should be fairly easy to change any variable as well as any background/pictures/text with that.
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