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  1. Bodyguard or Heavy would be my suggestions
  2. ​Personally, I don't worry about being "Engaged" with the cover. If there is cover nearby I let my players take it without having to engage with it. I will even let characters move from medium to short range other characters and grab cover for a single maneuver. It moves the action along.
  3. I think this is because most boost- and setback dice as well as upgrades during Mass Combat come from events and conditions in the field and not the skill of the commander (apart from the Leadership upgrade, obviously). If you could pile on with droids to get bonuses you'd end up with some pretty insane dice pools. Plus, you never know when a bunch of Ne'er-do-wells will fly up and pull off the head of your tactical droid.
  4. Sounds like you could use an index! Index's are useful, more so since I'm pretty sure they won't be doing big book of's. A guy can dream though. I think almost every "book buyer" would buy one just by putting a few new items into each one. The fact that everything would be in the same place plus new content would be a fantastic deal for me.
  5. Why worry about that? I can't wait for all three lines to be complete so we can get "Big Book of Starships" "Big Book of Equipment" "Big Book of Aliens and Critters" etc. I'm tired of having to look through 50 books to find what i'm looking for.
  6. Nothing wrong with you making Illum the Starkiller Base in your game. Sounds like good background info to me. Whether LucasFilm says it's true or not is irrelevant to your game.
  7. In my opinion those black dice don't do enough to make stacking them overpowered. Half the time they will come up blank anyway.
  8. A stormtrooper minion group has a Soak of 5. Not 15. Stun damage of 11 would be soaked 5, to do 6 stun damage to their WT. Because they only have one track it's the same as doing regular damage. Narratively they are taken out of the fight , just not dead. 6 Damage is enough to remove one storm trooper from the group. When that happens they will get a yellow die for all their trained skills downgraded to a green. IF the player activates the blast with 2 Advantage. you do the Rating of the blast to each character engaged with the target. It's up to the GM to decide if all the minions are engaged with each other . But in the Case of Blast, you apply the soak values of each character before you do damage. So if it has a Blast 6 that means 1 damage to each minion. or 3 damage. This would make their total damage 9. Not enough to take out a second trooper. But they are definitely feeling the effects. One should note that doing 5 damage doesn't take out a stormtrooper. You have to do 6 damage (unless you remove the minion with a crit)
  9. Why have a new forum at all? They need to be combined.
  10. As I look at almost two dozen star wars books on my shelf, I'd love to see some Compendium books put out. One for Equipment and equipment mods. One for vehicles and vehicle mods. One for Races and planets. That way It would be super easy to look up a particular thing without going through the entire library. They could add compendium only content into each one so as to sate the complaints about buying old content over again. They can also add errata.
  11. Don't forget that whipping out a lightsaber in front of witnesses should add about 5 obligation to the party each time. Call it a doom clock. When that obligation is rolled, Vader shows up. It should be a palpable decision to basically say "I am a Jedi!" because the Empire knows that they are bad news and will spend considerable assets to remove the issue.
  12. I have to wonder what the purpose of the FFG article is? It seems out of place since it doesn't really accent any future book. It lists Force and Destiny as the subject book. Is it filler because they don't have much talk about for the RPG? It would have been nice if they gave us something new like what they think her stats are.
  13. I concur. They've for the most part stopped repeating material after people complained that AoR had too much repeated material. The only thing I've seen repeated since have been races. I much rather the bounty hunters book have all new content. If you are one of those mythical people who only get Edge of the Empire in lieu of x-wings and Jedi then good for you. Either go with your house rules or buy the guardian book.
  14. Does no one think that Jyn is an alias and she's Leia Organa?
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