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  1. I have some additions to the basic campaigns that I've written as adventure seguays I'll be happy to share for the blog, if you like.
  2. Greetings. I'm interested and in the area. Have sent email. Ceffyl
  3. Thank you for this! I was wishing I had a way to see which adventures might be next or close to where we're ending Gathering Storm.
  4. Wow! Those are absolutely amazing! Can I come play with you?
  5. Gitzman's Gallery has modules for Map Tools, including one for Eye for an Eye, http://www.gitzmansgallery.com/wfrp-maptools.html I loaded Map Tools and Gitzman's Eye for an Eye module and then took screen shots to create maps of the areas I needed.
  6. We're currently discussing careers with my players. This will add some new options. It's also a great resource for GMs. I'll be using these as pregen NPCs. Thank you!
  7. Recently I was able to find the GM Vault for less than the cost of the dice pack. Around Christmas, the GM Vault was about $10. The dice roller already mentioned in this discussion is by far the best one I've found. There is a simpler dice roller available on Broken Tome (along with an interesting character creation / storage tool): http://brokentome.com/tools/DiceRoller.aspx If you have an Android smart phone or tablet, you can get a nice little dice roller app for about $2.50: WFRP Dice I've been collecting links to any dice rollers I can find and have posted them on my blog.
  8. Some great ideas here for preparation. I also summarize my notes and ideas into a Word document with notes on NPCs, key challenges, any customizations, etc. Pulling key information out from the module is part of my learning process, too. I usually embed maps (so I can draw on them) and stats for any monsters or NPCs used in the campaign. Key scenes may have descriptions written out. Battles are run using an Excel sheet with critter stats and special abilities all on one sheet. This makes an easy references for running the battle.
  9. Good motivation to convert the notes files into a better format for you! This is my first time GMing, so I'm kinda in the same boat. (Luckily my co-GM has a lot of experience and great ideas. We are both new to WFRP.) I had Aschaff. be a bit aloof and concerned about his staff. He wants to have reliable people so he doesn't piss off the Von Bruners. He relies a lot on his manservant who came with him to the lodge (his name escapes me right now). I'm having some trouble with the quoting text on the forum, so here are my responses to your numbered items. 1. Painting in the sitting room. I think the painting also has an aura of Fear. We used that as an excuse that anyone in the room didn't feel comfortable for more than a few minutes in the room. So people naturally left the room alone. You can add that the room looks unused, clean, but unused. Maybe the location of the chair moves a little from visit to visit, but nothing else seems to be touched. 2. Torture of Korden after beastmen attack and screams being heard by staff. If Aschaffenberg was drugged on schlaff would he have noticed anything? We got around that point by saying that any night the dwarf was tortured, the household was drugged on schlaff. 3. Graves in orchard and Garden of Morr. Initially, I didn't question the idea of a private cemetary. (I only learned about the Garden of Morr burial areas when reading Gathering Storm.) I like the idea of an abandoned Garden of Morr or even the VBs moving one. I wonder if there is anything in the lore for how people are buried in smaller settlements where they aren't in easy reach of a Garden of Morr? Veteres said: Hope my musings are helpfull. I do know that your musings on this forum have been a BIG help and inspiration to me! They are very helpful! Your players are in for a fun time. I love how everyone has a different take on the storyline and how each playthrough is different. That's what makes RP so much fun.
  10. Greetings. If anyone is interested, my co-GM and I wrote two additional scenes for Eye for an Eye. We rewrote the feast scene just before the end series of battles to contain a lot of social challenges. We also wrote a chase series going after Piersson from the lodge to Rottfurt and then down the river to Stromdorf. We'll have these written up soon. I'll be happy to share if anyone is interested. Ceffyl
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