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  1. We were having fun until the last mission. After the Rebels winning nearly all the missions, they fail the last brutal mission, that is soon stacked against them, and they lose the campaign. Just feels weird to me. Maybe my issue is less with the entire campaign, but with the last mission. Another way of doing the campaign end might be - Win X missions, This is the result. ie: Win 0-5 missions? Then read result A Win 5-10 Missions? read result B Win 10+ missions? Read result C
  2. To be fair, the opinions are good to great and then union whose mom was apparently murdered by the expansion. I know you are running a pbf of the campaign, what's your thoughts? - then union whose mom was apparently murdered by the expansion. - Oh i did laugh hard!!!
  3. This mission seems insanely hard for the rebels. My mate was rebels and had won most games and was well tooled up ( and better at tactics than me), but the Imps get SO much in this finale and Darth on steroids. I won, he lost but we were both left unsatisfied.
  4. <<I wasn't sure where to put this as it references the basic campaign AND the expansion - so I put it here>> Do all the other expansions end the same way? If you lose the final battle/mission, you lose the entire campaign? A yes or no would suffice. My friend and I finished the campaign that came in the imperial Assault box. I was The imperials and my mate was rebs. The rebels had won most games, ( my friend is more tactically minded than me - thats ok The finale mission, "The Last Stand" was won by the Imperials. It seems **** hard for the rebs to win and my mate was so tooled up for that fight. But regardless of all the wins, if he lost the final battle, and lost the entire campaign. Looking back, its seems like the entire campaign is about the rebs tooling up for a massive fight at the end ( like the movies ) - If he hadn't had all these abilities and gear, he wouldn't haven even got to Vader ( who was on steroids ). I guess its hard to write a story based mission with a sliding scale of end results, - "its about the journey and not just the destination" - , but the we were left quite un-satisfied by the end result.
  5. For those that are interested, I have post a thread for Warhammer 40k Assault ideas ( Ork ) here https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/222531-warhammer-40k-assault-ideas-ork/
  6. Slowly my ideas for 40K variant of imperial assault are taking shape, and I welcome ideas from those who are interested in as well. There are so many possible kick off points for skirmish gaming scenarios set in the 40K universe. I will devote a whole other post for that, but there are some core rules ideas I need to sort out first. In IA skirmish game normally has a star wars heros/villians pegged as ranged or melee, not both. In the world of 40, nearly all races have a ranged and melee attack. Some favour one or the other, or are even fair at both. I was trying to work out how to work this into IA without changing the game too much and then saw the Tusken Raider, which has the best of both worlds. Lets take the Ork. a decent melee fighter, but also has a pistol. Ork Boy Cost: ? Suggestions welcome Heath: 4 Speed: 4 Defence: Black Die Abilities 1 Surge: Cleave 1 1 Surge: Damage +1 Melee attack: Red and Green die. Melee Assault. You can perform multiple Melee attacks per activation. Action: Slugga: Make a ranged attack of 2 Yellow die. You cannot use other abilities during this attack. The reasons for the 2 yellow dice is to reflect how poor a shot they are. If you have a a different idea for an Ork, please post it, or tweak what I have suggested. What cost would you give mine?
  7. To be honest, I had only thought as far just allowing a single "vanilla" versions of reb or imp ship into a list. ( like outer rim smuggler ) I hadn't thought about droids. It was mainly for campaigns, but I wanted it to be balanced off course. I'm gonna think more about, but still keen to hear any more thoughts or suggestions. Maybe it be better to make Scum Version of X Ship type ( for which there are many nice custom cards already ) , rather than a "suits all" ship title.
  8. Technically this doesn't fit into the other topics - "Stolen Ship" Ship title (Unique) Costs X for rebels / 2 x for imperials ( X = well, what do you think it should cost? ) This allows you field 1 non-unique rebel ornon-unique imperial ship. ( you can only take 1in total in your list ) How much would hold that cost? Thoughts? Is it madness?
  9. Well I think you should do it! it's not my thing, but I KNOW my nephews play it. Obviously if it's a reskinning into heavily copyrighted property ( like 40k or Harry Potter , then it's best not post efforts here, but I will be making a few generic posts here asking opinions about the points costs of things that I create.
  10. Well yes! 40k is something are going to explore first. We both have a fair amount of 40k stuff and one our first planned skirmish setting for this was going to be rival mechanicus cults having secret battles and missions on a forgeworld as the Horus Hersey unfolds...
  11. One think that makes it a slight challenge is there is no real vanilla basic unit in IA - everyone has abilities! I'm curious as to what I might find out. Very curious about the lower end of the scale. That imperial officer is 2 points. If he didn't have any special abilities would he be 0?
  12. Well after more thought, I have decided to go ahead with using the IA rules but in different genres that we like to play. My first step was put all the stats for the cards into a spreadsheet and from that start to work out how they come up with the points costs for things. My friend and will want to make our own heros, villains, monsters etc so stats and abilities will need to be tweaked. It would be far easier to just start with an open systems rather have to reverse engineer points costs. I just find IA so nice and simple to play, so I don't mind putting in the effort.
  13. Hello, Love how the game plays, but I think the rules could have been written better? Has anyone had a go at re writing the rules?
  14. Has anyone looked into reusing the game system of imperial Assault for their own game? Changing genre? I have enjoyed Imperial Assault. It has all the trappings I like in a board game. Good combat systems, character progression, finding stuff, buying stuff and a simple campaign. Just curious if anyone has taken the time to try and make a "universal" system with it.
  15. Thanks - also, do the player XP points go into a pool or do the chatcters earn them individually?
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