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  1. I'm curious what other people do with the bits you get when you get multiples of the same ships. There's no need to have 3 of the same named pilot and 3 rule cards for the Ion token. Having extras of the same target lock token is unnecessary. Do other people just through their extra cards and bits away or is there a reason I'm not seeing to hold onto things?
  2. Ha, good to know. I think it still has potential to be a little overpowered, but all of the characters have one ability that seems that way. Rogue Trader by far has been the character I have had the most fun with.
  3. Is it as potentially broken as I think it is? If I'm understanding this correctly, could you theoretically not move at all by playing a power card for it's numerical value? Since you are not required to use all of your movement points when you do that, doesn't that mean you could just not use any?
  4. I stand corrected then. Will be interesting to see how she plays out. I may have to give her a shot.
  5. A new Crim Identity? Great. That ability, if that is what it is, doesn't seem that great at least compared to Gabe. I dunno. I must think on this. Creeper seems neat though. I have a feeling it will have some sort of Minecraft reference either in the artwork or flavor text, but who knows.
  6. I just don't see Crypsis needing to stay around for the long term. Yeah, you can keep funding it if you're doing well, but why would you need to? Once you get your barrier/sentry/code gate breakers out, Crypsis just kind of takes up space, in my opinion. I've run into that, and Crypsis just ends up going to the heap. I agree he has utility, but I just never ended up needing him for very long. I've just been debating taking him out to see if those card slots would be better filled with something else. And again, Snitch has been more useful than I could have ever imagined.
  7. Crypsis has been alright in my Crim deck, but I've been debating in taking him out because of his expense. Early game utility is about the only good use I've gotten out of him, and even then, the clicks and credits it costs to make him useful don't necessarily pay off. If I just run at HQ or R&D, got through the ICE, and all I pick up is more ICE or an operation, then it's a net loss for me and Crypsis didn't earn his keep. I have had way more use out of Snitch in so far as seeing what I'm up against, especially against the outermost ice. If it's a Neural Katana or Tollbooth that the Corp can rez, I can simply just jack out and prepare for it later, saving my credits in the process. If it were Crypsis, the Corp rezzes that ICE, and now I have to deal with it, and there go my credits. Definitely, if I have my Compromised Employees out, I want to make the Corp rez ICE, but if I don't have what I need out, Crypsis doesn't always pay off the way that Snitch does. Even exposing derezzed ICE with Infiltration or Satellite Uplink so I can snag an Icebreaker with Special Order has been more benefit overall compared to Crypsis. That said, I still don't think it's terrible. He at least can get you started, if nothing else. You don't have to keep him around the entire game.
  8. Alright. I think they might wanna add that to the FAQ at some point, because my friend is convinced that the runner just reshuffles and keeps going, which doesn't seem fair to the corp. I dunno if that was the way it was in the original game, but I can't see how that's balanced, so thanks for clarifying!
  9. Unless I'm absolutely missing something, I can't find what happens if the Runner's deck runs out of cards. I know the Corp loses the game in that situation, but nothing is said about the Runner. Do they keep playing with no cards to draw or do they reshuffle their heap and start with a new stack?
  10. So I was wondering about the timing involving Matrix Analyzer and scoring agendas. If you get the last advancement token you need to score an agenda when the runner encounters Matrix Analyzer, can you score it immediately or do you have to wait until your next turn, assuming the runner doesn't steal it before then?
  11. My group did A Matter of Trust last night, and it's really interesting. Highly recommend it.
  12. On principal, a large number of tokens isn't that big a deal to me. It only becomes an issue if I can't store them, and I've found solutions for everything. Frankly, if any FFG game I've seen has had too many tokens, it's been X-Wing. I'm just not sure how many of those are needed all the time. But for this game, in practice, I've yet to really see, so when I finally get the chance to really play it, maybe I'll have a different opinion, but as a whole, it doesn't really bother me. You never have to use the tokens included anyway. You're always free to try and keep track of things however it works best for you.
  13. Madison specifically. I'm looking forward to playing this and if there's anyone in the Madison area that might like to try this game out or just play their copy, I'd love to start that. I have a feeling I'm Board in Middleton will add this game to their Monday nights, but sadly that's a night I always have to work, so that's kind of out for me. Anyone else in Wisconsin feel free to use this thread to organize as well.
  14. Now we have a deckbuilding subforum. Hmmm. Anyway, I kind of dismantled and reassembled the custom decks I previously made, but still kind of have issues. Particularly with my corp side. Anything in parentheses is either neutral (N), or out of faction. Hass-Bioroid: Aggressive Secretary x2 Biotic Labor x2 Experimental Data x2 Adonis Campaign x2 Archived Memories x2 Accelerated Beta Test x3 Hedge Fund x3 (N) Priority Requisition x3 (N) Private Security Force x3 (N) Anonymous Tip x2 (NBN) Beanstalk Royalties x3 (W) Project Junebug x2 (J) Shipment from Kaguya x2 (W) Chum x2 (J) Data Mine x2 (J) Ichi 1.0 x2 Rototurret x2 Heimdall 1.0 x2 Viktor 1.0 x2 Wall of Static x3 (N) Enigma x3 (N) Noise Medium x2 Wyrm x2 Corroder x2 Parasite x3 Mimic x2 Yog.0 x2 Djinn x2 Datasucker x2 Ice Carver x1 Stimhack x2 Cyberfeeder x2 Grimoire x1 Wyldside x1 Demolition Run x2 Deja Vu x2 Aesop's Pawnshop x1 (S) Easy Mark x3 © Diesel x2 (S) Forged Activation Orders x3 © Sure Gamble x3 (N) Crypsis x2 (N) Infiltration x3 (N) Armitage Codebusting x2 (N) Access to Globalsec x2 (N) Both decks run at 49 cards, which seemed a good enough deck size, though for the corp that was kind of necessary.
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