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  1. I can't be assed to check if anyone has answered this already, but by the core book, getting the same talent twice in the origin path grants you the Talented (Any skill) talent, which is quite handy to have for Dodge and such. As for being detected as a psyker, any other psyker with the Divination discipline can tell you're a psyker with a simple psyniscience check, using the Aura Reading technique. You're boned.
  2. Oh, and it should be added that if you want a second discipline from the start, go for the Transubstantial Initiate alternate rank from Into the Storm. It really is quite good.
  3. Never underestimate how dumb 40k lore can be. More to the point, why are you resurrecting this thread?
  4. Astropaths are crazy powerful. They may not deal a lot of damage (with their psychic powers, anyway, though nothing keeps them from picking up a heavy weapon with Precision TK and substituting WP for BS), but half the Divination tree is all about making the GM give up his campaign notes. They also get many handy lores, mind-reading, mostly-permanent mind control, and if you're really, really into personal power, just shack up in the Astropathic Choir Chamber, capture a Warboss, Puppetmaster him and keep control over him for 5 VU.
  5. You say 'relationship', I say 'spoils of war'.
  6. Do I really have to explain this, really? Voidships are so expensive that any ship operating in the Expanse (or indeed, any dangerous area) with a command crew where, between all of them, any characteristic vital to the operation of that ship is below 30, is begging to be taken over by someone better suited to running it, unless the ship is extraordinarily worthless. However, a warp-capable ship, even if all it does is transport garbage, would probably still be worth stealing and refitting. Hence the need for the command crew to be able to at least walk and chew gum at the same time. Additionally, bonuses to any test cap out at +60. This is like, one of the most basic rules in the game. How can you not know this?
  7. This doesn't seem profitable to me. Progenoids are far from the only things that make space marines, and you're looking at a decade of training for these recruits even if the process works. Do you have access to the equipment for hypno-indoctrination that teaches space marines how to use their organs? Only one in a hundred space marine candidates actually survives the process. Once you're finished, you're looking at what, a dozen soldiers with unnatural toughness in the very, very best case? One unlucky plasma cannon blast and this entire investment is reduced to nothing. Not to mention that you're committing a heresy that would piss the Inquisition, Mechanicus *and* Space Marines if they found out. If you really want to go through with it, by all means, go through with it. Rogue Trader is all about indulging yourself, but if you want to actually gain something tangible off of this, go give it back to the Mechanicus for a finder's fee. Stuff like unlocking additional traits is impossible for us to speculate on, since you're moving into the realm of arbitrary technobabble magic.
  8. Oh, okay. My bad. Well, let me think. A raider with 95 hull points is probably a result of a ton of high-quality interior bulkheads upgrades with reduced space requirements. It still gets blown up in one round by a decent broadside, so it doesn't seem very meaningful. The vessel with 120 maneuverability is just utterly pointless, since you can't have more than a +60 to your tests anyway, between your maneuverability, MIUs and plain old Pilot (Voidship) +20. You might be able to do by filling all your space with retro-thrusters. 25 Armour. Dunno. BQ Power Armour, subskin armour, bionic heart, suppression shield gives you 16, Physical Perfection 3 and TFiW 2 can get you 21, and if you add the upgrades from Hostile Acquisitions, you get an effective 23-ish against almost all weapons over almost all of your body. Then you could go Awakened Psyker and TK Shield yourself for another six or so depending on the specifics. There's more, depending on what books you use, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.
  9. Too many to recount. At this point, everyone in the party does their best to avoid the inquisition. Rival or peer, it's better not to attract their attention. The most amusing (for the very, very short duration of his appearance) was probably the jaundiced Inquisitor Lemongrab. He judged the PCs' worth and found them... unacceptable. One of very few inquisitors to have actually died in my campaigns.
  10. Not being able to use fate points with acquisitions is perfectly normal. They only let your reroll *failed* *characteristics tests* - including skill checks, since those are based on characteristics (the terminology used doesn't make sense to me either, but it's been stated). You also cannot reroll a successful test because you don't like the result - a focus power test that results in warp phenomena cannot be rerolled if it successful, for instance. And why are you arguing that Rogue Trader characters don't break the 100%, based on your experiences with Dark Heresy?
  11. If you give your NPC ships low stats, bad equipment and poor training compared to the players, then yes, that may very well happen. Personally, I wouldn't put something as valuable as a voidship in the hands of a factory floor scrub with 30 [insert stat here] unless I was absolutely desperate. If my players were going that far out of their way to attack impoverished garbage scows, I'd be wondering why they're not going after the fabled treasure of von Guffin instead. But we can trade snide jabs all week and never agree on anything. If you're having problems with your games, I suggest you fix them, and I have given you suggestions on how. If you don't want to do that, it's out of my hands, and it's not my group to worry about. Hey now, don't the rules say you should allow *creative* ways to get the bombs in? Teleport nukes, clearly, are the most uncreative way imaginable, as evidenced by the fact that everyone thinks of it right away. ;P
  12. Not that I disagree that the system is broken or anything - I mean, it's like the one thing people in this forum can agree on - but why are crew ratings relevant? Give the enemy some NPCs to work with. And the pre-statted NPCs are ****. Absolute tripe that can only survive thanks to GM fiat and bull. The Hostile Acquisitions NPC section is a buffé table of loot and free ships. If I hear one more arrogant sumbitch GM talk about how they can totally be dangerous with clever planning (by which they invariably mean GM fiat) I will dqo0wfhbk´qudfb9AI=FHARAHRGRHRHGHGHH Okay, I'm calm. Seriously, though, the system is way broken. You can either turn it into a different system via house ruling (adding another fifteen pages to the word document of rules you have to make up because the actual rules don't cover even half the stuff they should), GM fiat it (in which you really are better off playing FATE or freeform or something, given the amount of fiating you'll have to do), or adapt to the power levels that result from the rules. I hate to say it, but I've grown rather fond of the campy 90s action movie version of 40k.
  13. He could come out of it with a massively increased tech support staff if he brings a lot of quarters.
  14. Well, since Baron is of the opinion that Silent Running is a valid tactic, and Errant is of the opinion that 80 Fel and +60 Command is a problem, I can only take the stance that neither of you pits their players against competent enough enemies.
  15. I disagree with this. Anyone who doesn't have ~80 Fel +60 Command will get their asses handed to them. A few paltry bonuses to Hit & Run won't change that. Not only that, but before you even get to within your 5VU Hit & Run range, the guy with two laser macrobatteries will already have blown your ship to scrap. Speaking of which, macrobatteries are some of the most broken rules in RT.
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