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  1. Yup the Armoury is bad real bad. Im just gonna use the only war Armoury instead and keep the good old weapons rules. They need to scrap the armoury and build a better Version than that.
  2. I agree we have a chance to be heard, and the big cow in the living room problems be dealt with.
  3. Removing SB bonuses from melee weapons is daft. My wife always play im gonna kill you with this spoon characters and that she cant put muscle behind that spoon just makes me sad.
  4. Yup you can modify Your weapons like in Only War. You can also take take the modifications of and refit it diffrent gun.
  5. Ripper gun counts as a 1d10+9 warhammer in melee
  6. Okai i got an Ogryn charakter, i have made it as simple as possible double the wight, he can carry alot. Brosten as i call him also has Molly a big ass shield, a former converted Back door of a chimera. What i recomend if you are playing an ogryn is to convert and use the REINFORCED rule on everything he must wear THAT should increase the wight of the given item with 20%. Just use your imagination and build stuff for your ogryn like orcs do.
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