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  1. I'm over here trying to make sure I have all of the FAQ changes internalized before I start prepping for a SC on Sunday. Haven't played a game in months, need to get a VASSAL game going tonight or Saturday to get some practice in methinks.
  2. I'm really surprised and heartbroken at this, stabbed in the back by the gaming company I had come to love. Fantasy Flight, even though you've betrayed us all, I'm never gonna give you up.
  3. So just to further add to the "VSDs sort of suck compared to a marginally more expensive ISD", what can FF do to bolster the strengths of the VSD and make it more attractive so that they end up seeing the table more often?
  4. Sigh. $80 for 8 figures or $10 for each tiny plastic model to get me through Wave 3. I do so love Armada but it does suck realizing that you're spending quite a bit of cash on a very small amount of plastic and cardboard. Of course, I'm already like half a grand deep into Armada, whats another $80 right?
  5. I'll bet you an ISD that we have. It's a small wave, but it should prove to be fun and different all the same.
  6. Yeah, but why have bad sex even you can have awesome sex. Same thing here. You get some transports, which is ok, but where is the out of this world experience? I'm actually pretty excited about the flotillas and the fleet support upgrades. More would have been nice, but the introduction of flotillas isn't going to have a small impact on the meta.
  7. I think you're reaching. I'd be willing to bet some cashola that this is the entirety of Wave 3.
  8. You have an unhealthy fascination with your activation count. I recommend playing a 3 ISD list twice a week until you no longer feel compelled to have more ships than your opponent.
  9. I'd be willing to be that because they specifically said "It's two expansions" in the text of the preview, the two expansions are all we are getting in Wave 3. Which is.. weird.
  10. Let's assume I am running Rieekan as my commander, and any unique squadrons I have in play will not be removed the turn that they are destroyed. If I have a unique squadron engaged with a number of enemy squadrons and those enemy squadrons are in the firing arc of a ship equipped with Ruthless Strategists, can I continue dealing the 1 point of friendly damage required by Ruthless Strategists against my friendly ace, even past the point where my ace's hull goes to 0? Example: Luke has a single hull point left and is engaged with 3 Tie Fighters in the firing arc of an AFM2 frigate equipped with Ruthless Strategists. The frigate fires at the first Tie and uses Ruthless Strategists to knock Luke to 0 Hull and reduce 1 hull from the first Tie. Despite having zero hull, Luke stays on the board due to Rieekan. The frigate then fires against the second Tie. Can I reduce Luke below 0 Hull to use Ruthless Strategists against the second and third Ties?
  11. I want some mine layers. We already have rules in place for mines. I'd like to have a ship that could place X mines in its rear arc rather than use one of its battery attacks. Torpedoes are one of the things I miss, translating from Battlefleet Gothic to Armada, and while mines wouldn't be the skillshots that torpedoes were in that game, it would still be pretty cool cutting across the bow of an ISD to drop some mines in its path.
  12. My FLGS has a sizable X-Wing population but *gasp* no Armada players. They've practically stopped carrying Armada due to the non-existent demand, which is horrifying because I don't care to pickup X-Wing and I'm a bit of an Armada junkie. I've been planning on running some demo games at the store, but I've never done anything of the like prior. I'd like some advice on how I should organize and advertise the event. Do you think it is feasible to guide and instruct two separate tables of beginner players to maximize the amount of participation? I certainly have the components to field four fleets. I have two core sets, an additional VSD, CR90, and NebB, an ISD, MC80, MC30, Raider, two Glads, two AFs, two squadron packs for each faction, and a pack of Rogues and Villains. I have two of the FFG playmats and I assume the store could probably loan me another set. So would you introduce at the 400-point level to give a better impression of the game or start with the bare minimum? Basically I'd just like some input from people that have done this before. If the purpose of running a demo game is to drum up some competition in the store, I don't want to turn people away from the game with a lack-luster demo.
  13. I have 3 VSDs, 2 from cores and 1 from the expansion. I typically run 2 at 300 pts but at 400 pts I'll likely field 3 from time to time. Id recommend getting a second for the cards and additional list flexibility.
  14. I just assumed when I saw this post it was made by DrunkTarkin.
  15. More importantly, where is Episode 5 of Intensify Forward Firepower?!
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