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  1. Got exactly the same! Happend to me twice now. Im on the android mobile version and was playing with 4 investigators Please fix as currently there is no way i can win the scenario. Thanks
  2. First of all got this for xmas and its a fantastic game, superb atmosphere and clever design. So i got thinking about possible expansions and came up with the following: 1) Miskatonic University - strange happenings in the halls of MU. 2) Mountains of Madness - a whole campaign exploring the mysterious city of the shoggoths. 3) Dreamlands - unlimited possibilities here. 4) Dunwich - easily done, create some tiles with ramshackle houses and barns then throw in some ancient evil. 5) Some sort of egyptian themed exoansion, maybe based on the story under the pyramids. There is masses of potential for expansions for this game so will be interesting as to how it developes in the coming years.
  3. Correct, if the monster symbol does not match any symbol displayed on the mythos card then it stays where it is.
  4. Ah i think i was reading this card wrong then, makes more sense now. I knew i was missing something, the way i was playing it didnt seam right. Thanks alot Julia!
  5. How does everyone else play this card? Card states that Investigators "must spend 2 additional movement points to enter any location marked with a green diamond." Does this mean that if an investigator has speed of 3, he gains an additional 2 movement points to ensure he reaches a green diamond location?
  6. Krawhitham said: If there is one thing that Arkham Horror has taught me about board games, its to read and re-read the rules! It sounds painfully obvious, but even after several plays I would still suggest picking up the rule book (ideally when a game is not in progress) and reading a section or two. The amount of small details I have missed by thinking that I understood the game is shocking. Well i've learnt my lesson here, I made it sooo hard for myself, i thought "should get easy with 3 rather than 1?"
  7. 2 Player is quite a challenge, 1 tip i would advise regarding sealing gates which Longshot mentions above, is concentrate on the 4 locations which spawn the most gates. I've worked out which 4 locations account for around 60% of gates. Not naming locations incase it spoils it for anyone, but sealing these 4 asap is always my main focus.
  8. Finally beaten the game after a week of trying with 3 investigators sealing away Shub. Thought game was too hard until I realised i miss read the rules, was drawing a mythos card after each investigators turn (2 more than i should be!). Nearly blew it mind, sealed 5 gates then drew the rumour : "good work undone card", managed to seal 6th gate just in time .
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