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  1. True, now that you say it. I didnt run them as a Group. Maybe explains it a bit. However, I really Think that there should be a few more maneuvres/actions or talents to enhance spaceship ability to survive.
  2. I totally agrees with Skie here. Spaceship battle is way to dangerous. Our first space-fight was in escape from mos shuuta where they say 2 or 4 tie-fighter depending on how many players. So i as GM thought, hey this is a instruction adventure so how hard can it be. Sent in 2 TIEs with 2 more to join in later to keep Control of the fight (so i thought). However the 2 Tie-fighter totally ass-raped the krayt fang with their linked cannon. If i hadent "cheated" as GM the Campaign would have ended right there. Dash a fair pilot, oskara with 1 or was it 2 skillrank in gunnery and then Another player (mercenary Soldier with also with gunnery) didnt stand a chance. Personally we have changed the pilot-tree a bit with an extra defensive driving talent, a new talent "keep the **** togheter" (once per encounter use a Destiny Point to ignore critical hit effects until the end of the encounter) and Another that can boost the Shields for a brief time. Threw the toughened and the grit talents out. Hopefully this will make the player playing the Pilot eager to put xp into his talent-tree except to take full throttle and escape all space-fight they come across, as they do after that first experience
  3. That sounds odd. Are you running GM Tools from the same install where that character shows up in the generator? Print the character sheet from the "Print" button at the top of the generator screen. Print the new group sheet from the group pane from GM Tools. Sorry for wasting time. I blame my lack of computer skills. Sorted it all out. Had to copy the created specialisation in my old version and paste it into the new version to make it work. Thanks for Pointing it out
  4. About the Group sheet. One of my characters got a home-brewed specialisation within the bountyhunter career and i cant add him to the rooster (he is simply not there even though he is a character file in the character folder). Further, where do i print the sheet? ps love your stuff
  5. In other words, continue to have the shortened description displayed in the talent trees, but have a longer, more verbose description display on the character sheet? Yes, this would be awesome.
  6. I'd like a big cardboard map over the galaxy (the one in the core book) to fold out on the table.
  7. I d love if someone could make a program to calculate this. Where you put in where you going from, destination and hyperdrive modifier and voila the program calculate time and maybe even cost. To bad i hardly can log on to my FB-account, so im stuck at guessing every time
  8. Its totally up to you and your group. Have a talk with the rest of the group and make a decision and do not listen to dogmatic opinions here. Its your group and its YOU who decided how you wanna roll with missing players. The game is all about having fun, right. In our group we rather kick people that have a tendency for missing out(doesnt prioritize game-nights) and bring someone who actually can attend and bring some fun to the table
  9. This isnt a system issue. This is a GM issue. If you as a GM cant make a scenario or a campaign where an explorer doesnt fit or feel that he contributes to the story "cause he cant use a blaster", then DO NOT, for the love of god, encourage your players to roll an explorer.
  10. I think, if i ever will introduce a lightsaber to my group, that i will decrease the base damage to 8 and give force users a base damage bonus. Sith gain cunning+ and jedis gain prescence+. A sith with a cunning of 3 got 11 in base damage with his lightsabre. This represent his attunement with the force. Other than that i will let the player decide what type of style he want and use either brawn or agility to use with the skill lightsabre. Lightsabre will be a non-career skill wich they cannot train above rank 2 until they find a teacher or some kind of holocrons to help them. Further i will also make sure that they wont be able to haste their skill improvment, learning to use a lightsabre the proper way takes time. Maybe they need to spend 50-100 xp between they buy a new rank in lightsabre skill. Further i will always make them roll at least one challenge dice if they are not attuned to the force. In this way i probably, game-term ways, will discourage non-force users to be a hobby-jedis. However i think my players are smarter than to run around flashing a lightsabre in public while order 66 is ongoing. If not i'll just punish them for their stupidity
  11. Well if your GMs campaigns our your play-style is ´kick in the door, kill everything that moves and ask questions to the dead' i d say it is a redundant attribute. However i hope you find the way to a uber-social character in the future, theres nothing more rewarding than to manipulate npcs around you with quick wits and a winning charisma
  12. Further i will create a talent tree for each school of magic/ diety where respective spells will be present + a core wizard/priest talent-tree where "force" passives etc will be present. So 1 tree to learn higher lvl spells and 1 tree to increase thier manapool, their force rating and abilities that are adaptable to their class and enhance their spells. Well this is my idea at least, will se how it works out
  13. I will use the force dice to mages and priests. First i ll let them have something called power, meaning the amount of powerpoints equal their wp-rate. this power refresh after an encounter. Also i will let something called powerlevel be a talent in their respective talent-tree (havent decided if 1 or 2 of these per tree will be sufficient. These powerpoint can be used by the caster to cast spell or have them uphold sustainable magic. After that the caster also will have something called power-rating (as in eote) meaning that when casting spells they will also roll an equal amount of power-dices when tossing spells. Every white dot represent a wind that is their schools wind and can be used to fuel the spell, further the black dot is representing other schools wind that they can use but if so they will get corruption in some way (havent decided how but will try out by giving them 1 corruption for every black dot they choose to use). Maybe give them double or more if any despair symbol is rolled In this way i will cancel the double rolling for channeling/spellcraft check for mages (which i think is good) and they only roll 1 spellcraft check, if they do not have enough magic gathered the first round they can keep channeling until they gather the amount they need to throw the spell. What do you guys think? Will the power-rank be to powerful, i recon they gather 1,5 "white" magic point/power dice, meaning a rank 3 wizard can muster around 4-5 magicpoint in 1 round
  14. Would you mind sharing them, please? Im started to play around with a conversion and all ideas are more than welcome.
  15. And yes i kill my players. But i kill em out of stupidity or in the epic climax-fights. For example when my group ventured down in Altdorf (WFRP) sewers and came up with the "spendid" idea to split up and search the sewers singel-handed to save time. And i dont have problems with power-gamers at all, it means that the player is focused and really intrested in his character and in the story we´re trying to create. I rather have 4 out of 4 power-gamers in my group than 1 lazy laid-back "i write my background until next session i "promise"" any day a week
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