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  1. Just to reference what I was saying earlier: I was at GENCON last year and they did not commit to this cycle being the end of the game. Andrew in his answer to me referenced destiny and Star Wars LCG where they used the word ‘complete’ to indicate you now have the full game available to you and no further expansions were coming.
  2. Is this it? I didnt see the word ‘complete’ in the article.
  3. Nice job. I'm gonna have to get off my rear end and finish my Geonosis table. Also let me plug PVA and play sand for texture. It works really well and looks great. Another cost effective option is to get housepaint and thin it down so its paint thinned with a water/pva mix. That helps it maintain the texture while creating a 'shell' that will seal the play sand in place.
  4. I was on the side of "these are a way to get lazy *** paints on the table and I would never use them" to "these are a good tool in the toolbox" very quickly. I still would never use them as intended, but I have found they do some unique things that can be very useful for effect. I guess I use them more like GW tech paints than for their intended purpose in that regard. My favorite use for them right now is to use the contrast medium and contrast white to thin down Nuln Oil and it makes a great 'white shade' that makes distinctive lines that show detail while running off the highlight spots as it drys. The results are less highlighting to get to a pure white. I also like using them over ledbelcher or gun metal primer to make 'colored metals'. Third I really like the contrast black with a little dark blue for star wars (non metallic) guns. Saves a ton of highlighting. Just a couple of examples of effect that contrasts bring to the table.
  5. flightmaster101


    If you like the model or like playing with it I say go for it. I love playing legion, but I hate playing 'meta lists' for legion. So dry boring and carbon copied. I appreciate the devs moving to change this, but for me its still true.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/General-Pencil-105-BP-Masters-Preserver/dp/B0027AEANE/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Paint+Brush+cleaner&qid=1584934325&sr=8-2
  7. You in the north sound area?
  8. General Grevoius 1: See other angles here: https://imgur.com/gallery/9KVOLG1 I like to play WYSIWYG so I got a second Grievous. This one is with the blaster attachment and cape. I thought the cape was more blue, since Sith and the cartoon are pretty dark when he’s in the cape. Turns out its more grey, but I think the blue plays against the warmer bone armor color. This is also 50/50 Citadel’s Skeleton Horde and contrast medium over white paint to create this effect.
  9. Droidekas! See the whole post at: https://imgur.com/gallery/ymmZekZ Kinda cool method of getting the red/copper rights. I was playing with contrast paint. The droids are primed in gunmetal (citadel’s ledbelcher) and then I used flesh tearer’s red (the dark red contrast paint) over the gunmetal. Then i drybrushed copper over that. I think it turned out really well.
  10. Here are some simply done B1 Droids I have another squad from wave 1, but there not much different.
  11. Let’s start off with something fun. Here’s Dooku: See more at https://imgur.com/gallery/1513gW5
  12. I have been a bit lax about painting and definitely lax about sharing, but since I started an imgur profile just to share their stuff here we go! I also paint other stuff besides legion so if you want to see the other games i paint or my entire profile its imgur.com/user/flightmaster101
  13. Can confirm. Olive oil works wonders. Its just time consuming (you can wait up to 48 hours depending on how bad the frosting is) and can be a bit of a mess b/c EVOO doesnt just wash off.
  14. Bummer you cant try Testors. The only reason I started using Testors is because Sorrastro uses it in his videos, and my GW stuff was frosting. I will say however that GW buys batches from whatever company will sell to them cheapest and then put that varnish in their cans. So it is possible that their supplier in Europe is better than what they are buying in North America. I have thinned down Vallejo Matt Varnish and run it through my airbrush (0.5mm). It works really well and I was very satisfied with the control and finish. The only issue is getting the chemistry right so its not so thick it plugs, and not so thin that you dont get good coverage. That part takes so much effort that the cost of a rattle can is worth it to me. But... The first rule of painting is “To each their own.” If it works for you, that is good enough.
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