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  1. Did anyone else who bought clone wars core boxes find that a republic trooper pose was missing? I got 2 core sets and in both the 2 kneeling clone troopers were missing. 😡
  2. Cold be B2 dogs and phase 2 clones. They announced them at the inn flight and the unpainted prototypes are on display.
  3. I would rather see scum integrated into the game as mercenaries. Either they get a unit card for each eligible faction, or you list the factions eligible to take that unit. This would be only for units who thematically fit with multiple factions. My best example would be Cad Bane. He worked with the CIS in the clone wars, but after order 66 he did freelance work with the empire. Hondo Onaka worked with the highest bidder be it rebels, empire, CIS or republic. Nym worked with the republic against the trade federation and then kind of for the rebellion.
  4. The inflight report is the day before GenCon starts so that puts it at next Wednesday (7/31). The rumors started b/c that’s how the TI4 got released, an announcement before Essen (I think) then it went right on sale at the convention. Could they do the same for the expansion at GenCon? Keep your fingers crossed.
  5. Anyone up on the rumor that they will announce and expansion at the inflight report Wednesday and it will be on sale at GenCon on Thursday?
  6. Can anyone see what the title of Vader's ranged attack is?
  7. For really dark areas I use Agrax Nuln 50/50. Otherwise I use Agrax straight (or thinned). I rarely ever use Nuln straight. If you actually look at shadows they're not black there is an element to color. It may be subtle enough that its not worth the effort to mix for you, but it is worth knowing shadows have elements of color to them.
  8. Correct. We will be following the latest tournament guide for all procedures and rankings.
  9. Can I interest you in Magic? 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Have you checked your dice in salt water?
  11. So according to statistical formulas: the odds of success on any given roll: (n k)p^k(1-p)^n-k on a reroll p+(1-p)p I never said you would add any damage. I've simplified it to hits/roll, and the amount of hits/roll increases with surges and aim tokens. People have derived these possibilities, and the only thing that should trip people up is using non numerical representations for success. Because of this expressing odds on these dice as hits/roll or shields/roll is more useful than x%. I guess to put it another way, would it be worth rerolling if you didnt increase your hits/roll total? Or would surges be worthwhile unless they increased your hits/roll?
  12. Please do explain. Interesting you call me out as being wrong when you 'wonder how the math works'. I'd love to see how the math does work.
  13. Add the average of everything you wouldn't reroll. So a white die would give you .25 hits/roll with no surge, that is to say (0+0+0+0+0+0+H+C)/8. So if i have an aim token it changes to (.25+.25+.25+.25+.25+.25+H+C)/8. So 3.5/8 is 0.4375 hits per white die. So if we take a Z6 for example we have 6 white dice. That will produce an average of 1.5 hits (.25 hits/White die *6 white dice). But if I have an aim token 2 of those dice have now altered their odds and my attack has 1.88 hits per roll (.25 hits/wd * 4wd + .4375 hits/aimed white die *2 aimed white die). Two aims by the same math would change it to 2.75 hits per roll on average. Surge on a white die just changes it to (0+0+0+0+0+S+C+H). So that is 0.375 hits per roll on average. So for two or less dice it is better to have an aim than a surge. For 6 dice (again to keep it consistent) a white die that surges will give 2.25 hits per roll. So if you do the math both an aim and a surge give you 1.125 hits/ roll and once you get 4 dice and above its better to have a surge than an aim. (edited to add content)
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