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  1. Thanks! We will have more GenCon updates in the future. Also now more than ever let us know what's up out there in the community!
  2. I would just email asmodee customer service. They’re pretty good about replacing bits.
  3. Hello RuneWarriors! After recording an awesome episode full of hype for a new year of Runewars, FFG announced that they were discontinuing Organized Play. So we recorded a new episode with our thoughts on this news and where the community goes from here. Spoiler: the community endures! Tune in to hear our plans and find out what the future of Runewars Miniatures Game looks like. We are especially excited for our Runewars Miniatures event at GenCon, so be sure to follow us for more details as the event draws closer! https://runecasters.net/2019/02/12/episode-34-walk-on-with-hope-and-youll-walk-with-the-runecasters/ www.patreon.com/runecasters www.runecasters.net www.facebook.com/runecasters @runecasters on twitter runecasterspodcast@gmail.com
  4. flightmaster101

    Competitive Latari Play and Builds

    Latari are very squishy. So taking things like wind rune over fire rune are recommended. Maegan is a damage driver for Latari, so i'd experiment with embedding her in archers, darnati and ventalla. Unfortunatly Latari are also the most gadgety so things like warden of horn and branch are really good when they work, but good luck making it happen more than once or twice a game.
  5. flightmaster101

    Base rim color?

    I do red for rebels (Mephiston Red to be exact) and blue for my imperials (50/50 mix of Prussian Blue and Dark Prussian Blue). My Priority Supplies bases are black.
  6. flightmaster101

    So, two bounty hunters..

    And regenerate 3
  7. flightmaster101

    T47 scheme

    I've always been partial to this: The black green and grey greens with squad marking is just seems really cool. Also The understated drab showing off the vehicle's natural lines also comes off well.
  8. flightmaster101

    What is the best podcast for legion?

    Like and subscribe to them all! For a couple of reasons: 1) to support people who create content with meager resources. Help them beef up their numbers so they can get better itunes ratings, sell adds to cover expenses, etc. 2) Because you can never have enough to listen too while painting!
  9. flightmaster101

    The Land Endures

    If I had the investment capital...
  10. flightmaster101


    Statement: Sooner than you meatbags expect!
  11. flightmaster101

    Smaller than a Football Field

    This is going to sound like a terrible nitpick... but you've activated the math nerd in me. Assuming 28mm is 6ft (i.e. a 28mm guy on the table is representative by a 6 foot guy) and 28mm is about 1.1inches: 1.1"/72" is the ratio, then X/3600" (100 yard football field in inches), then a football field is 55" long in legion scale and 29.9" wide. So the legion play surface represents The point remains valid, it's not a lot of space to be driving tanks around in. Actually the climax of Saving Private Ryan does come to mind...
  12. flightmaster101

    The Land Endures

    They wont announce the end of a game they dont "complete". If they did they would risk leaving plastic on shelves and in the warehouses. Its a crappy thing to do to the community since it puts us in a state of 'will they/wont they, but its the right business decision to try move their remaining product. As far as I'm concerned this product strategy never made any sense. It's a fantastic product, when we did demos on x-wing day the x-wing players couldn't get enough. I've only demo'd the game to one guy (out of 20 or so) who didn't want to play more. The thing that stopped them was the companies hesitance to support their game. Which brings me to my main point. FFG never made a grand push to get ppl into RW after GenCon. If I was developing a product I would understand that advertising is going to be a critical element of the products success. You cant just put something out there with minimal advertisement and then when it doesn't do well just say it's a dog and it was never going to sell anyways. It is frustrating to no end that this community is more passionate about the game than it's content owners. That I did demos on my own time and FFG wanted nothing to do with in store demos. I'll still play and I hope to see a group of you at GenCon this year so we can shout at FFG across the game floor and let them know we love this game, and given a chance - a real chance others would come on board as well!
  13. flightmaster101

    Runewars At Gencon - Community Event

    That’s ok. If you have any ideas or suggestions right now is the time to chime in and let us know. We want this to feel very community based, so please feel free to comment!
  14. flightmaster101

    Runewars At Gencon - Community Event

    Fantastic idea. We’ve kicked that idea around good to know people are into it. I’ve also priced trophies and I’m going to price acrylic tokens and templates this weekend.
  15. flightmaster101

    Runewars At Gencon - Community Event

    1) 4 Swiss 2) Well yea, I mean we're hosting 3) See 2. Seriously everyone, we have some fantastic ideas to bring Runewars back to the best 4 days in gaming and we want to make this a grass roots effort! Tune in to the next Runecasters Episode for more! But meanwhile, let Tom know what's up!