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  1. flightmaster101

    Fallout 76 Thought

    flightmaster101 I'm 19 as of this post and I'm mainly working on my camp as well.
  2. flightmaster101

    Hero Mixup

    But it can be so much more... and by more I mean more inane. Like when the scion throws the deepwood archer, the archer can fire rune at a different target.
  3. flightmaster101

    Hero Mixup

    How about a scion riding a ventalla?
  4. flightmaster101

    The Runecasters Episode 33:

    Hello Runewarriors!On this episode of The Runecasters Tom shares his experiences at the recent Runewars World Championship event. We also discuss, well, just about anything having to do with this awesome game! So listen as we discuss our experiences and predictions to the new units, some rulings that were given at FFG headquarters, terrain and strategy, and recent charity and demo games in the Pacific Northwest. Last, but not least, we announce our brand new off-the-cuff painting contest! If you enjoy the discussion keep the conversation going on our Facebook, Twitter and webpage! We’d love to hear from you! https://runecasters.net/2018/11/17/episode-33-worlds-is-a-dangerous-place/ www.patreon.com/runecasters www.runecasters.net www.facebook.com/runecasters @runecasters on twitter runecasterspodcast@gmail.com
  5. flightmaster101

    Unhallowed wind panic build?

    Logic dictates that given the same variable set and values, the same conclusion should be reached.
  6. flightmaster101

    The meaning of "You may A or B" on cards

    "Before or After" to me means if you do it before you have chosen the timing state of the effect. Same thing if you choose after. If you choose "before" then rally to unexhaust it you have still chosen the 'before' timing state. The 'or' means 1 OR the other. I don't think you can get the same effect twice in the same timing sequence. I need to look at the rulebook, but I thought there was something like that.
  7. flightmaster101

    Unhallowed wind panic build?

    So I would encourage you to think about 'or' in the logic flow of coding vs 'or' in this context. You can think of the logic flow as reversed. Your example is 'if A or B is true do C". Here It's more of a "C (being your action), choice do A or B. The way you would look at this choice if you were going to program an opponent AI would be more: for (Battlefield condition 1) do card option A for (Battlefield condition 2) do card option B I guess we're at the point when the colloquial meaning of words have surpassed their textbook definitions and we have to define what 'is' is.
  8. flightmaster101

    Best and Worst

    My 2 cents: Best Hero: Ravos Worst Hero: Maro Best Melee Infantry: Spearmen, I like their options to armor up. Worst Infantry: Reanimates, by a nose. No equipment options? What's that about? Best Ranged Infantry: Crossbows by a mile (and a half). Worst Ranged Infantry: Reanimate archers, by a nose. To be fair all ranged infantry are great, they lose out becasue they dont have the native surge abilities of the viper legion or the mobility of the deepwood archers. Best Cav: Leonx, for the points no cav punch higher. Maybe replaced by Ventalla, to be seen. Worst Cav: Flesh rippers. Never played a game with or against flesh rippers where they did anything significant except take points out of the list. Best Siege: Spined Theshers. Not so much a siege unit as a low grade hero. Worst Siege: Golems. It makes me sick how one of the coolest ascetic units is an absolute dumpster fire on the battle field. I take that back, that is an insult to dumpster fires. Best overall unit: Threshers. For the points I don't think any thing punches harder, takes more damage and generates more banes. Worst overall unit: Golems. Favorite unit to play: Leonx riders. Getting a Leonx bounce right is one of the greatest highs of the game. Most Frustrating unit to play: Ardus. Why cant you do the thing you do better Ardus?
  9. flightmaster101

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Cheers to that! I just keep a spreadsheet, it's simple and complex enough for at home testing.
  10. flightmaster101

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Seriously? We're starting here? I've tried to be respectful in my disagreements, please do me the curiously of the same. Comments may be hyperbolic, but I am trying to make a point, I'm not stupid. That is my main issue with his ability. The combination of ease of the trigger with the ability to forgo armor makes him powerful against anything except a mirror match. I'm open to a better hero to run. Beastmaster and Goremaw didn't playtest so great as they were surprisingly weak without their uniques, and overly complex to explain. Kethra tested surprisingly strong wither her ability to give spines to almost everyone on the battlefield (her artillery wasn't actually too bad, which shocked me).
  11. flightmaster101

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Yes, but all you have to do is be there, and direct wounding is exponentially better. You don't even have to roll for anything, and no amount of armor can stop it. Kari is more analogous with the surge on her dial, but the requirements for Ravos to do an automatic wound are really low. He isn't nearly as scary true, but unless hunger gets nerfed or banned its a thing to deal with. That's why I think hunger should go off after the wound. I've playtested a fair few games to get ready to demo the game off and not have Uthuk destroy everything. Part of the issue is the 107 points out of the box no doubt, but out of the box Ravos is still really strong in that environment. The only way I've been able to find a balance (being defined as either a 1-3 tray win either way) is to pull off 2 trays of berserkers, match them against daqan, and switch the lineup so Ravos is across from spearmen and not the Golem. This had a few consequences. 1) Ravos has less to eat and the points end up 96 Uthuk to 99 Daqan. 2) Kari only has two trays of melee to kill so her dagger throws dont go off for as many rounds as if she had 4 trays of berserkers to deal with. (Weird, but less berserkers lined up against Kari nerfed her). 3) The golem does much better vs the Spined Thresher than vs Ravos. In fairness I am extrapolating what I'm seeing to a 200 point game, but brutal and precise with red white blue and the surge for wound, and the end of phase wound is quite a bit even for a hero. Another thing to try would be changing up the spined thresher. I dont think Ravos would nearly be as strong if the threshers weren't such a good unit as weil. To be absolutely fair about it, I think it has a lot to do with the combination of Ravos at 2/7 and the destruction he brings paired with the 2/5 per tray of the spined threshers, how tough they can be to take down.
  12. flightmaster101

    Luke's balance wishlist

    Melee and lazy direct damage. Also after reading about obscenes I don’t think precise themes well either. I get brutal, but they don’t really come of as combat trained so much as wreckless lawn mowers.
  13. flightmaster101

    Luke's balance wishlist

    He also shouldn't be precise. We playtested some nerfs and taking away precise and making the wound happen before insatiable hunger go a long way to helping.
  14. flightmaster101

    Luke's balance wishlist

    And a unique spot with a couple of unique upgrades to make two styles of golems. This would keep them up with Scions, Obscenes, and Threshers.
  15. flightmaster101

    Tabletop Admiral Updates

    Also the site is doing something odd when you add Maegan and then take her out. The work around is to restart from scratch, but I wonder if there is a fix. Basically if you add Maegan and a champion and a sorceress then pull Maegan out the sorceress will stay. When you send the link the sorceress will replace the champion, but the sorceress spot is correctly removed.