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  1. Not cool. Elves are people too... well maybe not people, but... just not cool.
  2. I should've kept reading, this is exactly what I thought.
  3. If I'm reading into this correctly, as in the shakespearian "He's wearing the horns" way, maybe thats why Ardus is cursed to undeath. Someone put the horns on him and he's forever slaying the living to get revenge.
  4. This makes me wonder how close you can come before getting a cease and desist letter.
  5. Daqan come with spearmen and cavalry, get crossbows. Waqar come with swords/axe men and archers, get cavalry. Elves come with archers and cavalry, get melee infantry?
  6. So massage and scented candles?
  7. As a person who will be transitioning to elves... I agree. I think a fourth faction is important to the longevity and success of this game.
  8. Hopefully Daqan get some light cavalry that are more mobile, but dont hit as hard (or something)
  9. Wow did I ever pick the wrong faction. How do the undead not just run over the humans every single time.
  10. No problem! All tips are welcome to help those on a budget make their troops look good.
  11. Glad you guys like it! Hopefully we are on an upward trajectory from here!
  12. Yes. some would say annoyingly so, but not me. Yep, especially considering people are clamoring for the colors of the different baronies.
  13. Join us and our special guest as we talk painting! From the gamestore to the display case we gotcha covered! https://runecasters.net/episode-4-a-painting-hope/ Remember to share like and subscribe! runecasters.net facebook.com/runecasters @runecaster and get in touch with us runecasterspodcast@gmail.com fax number coming soon!