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  1. Post some of those paint jobs on www.facebook.com/runecasters I'd love to show them off to the community when you get done, and I cant wait to see them myself!
  2. Thanks! Glad we found a solution that makes it better for you guys! That is good info on surges, unfortunately I guess I'm just not smart enough to read into that in what the rule book says. Appreciate the clarification! I'm on your side, if that wasn't clear in the episode. The more I think about it the more I really like these guys not only for their survivability, but as you said using that RBB to generate a S ton of surges! Agreed, that ability is amazing! The only issue I have is if running 2 is cost prohibitive. I think I made the point, but dont know that running two blocks of Melee infantry is worth it, but once you get your viper legion WATCH OUT! I'm scarred enough already, you don't need to rub it in! True. Late night + Math = well you heard it. Great to know! I'll have to look out for this combo in the future! (And maybe i'll even have to proxy a game with this combo!) Thank you! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it!
  3. Hello Rune Warriors! We are back with the public release of our latest episode! Josh and Aaron review the new Uthuk Y'llan expansions! Get our thoughts on the units, cards and our take on theory crafting with and against the newest entry on the battlefield! Even better news Patreon has relented and will not enact their ridiculous proposed policy of charging people who make donations, so we are no longer looking for a different funding avenue. To help support the show and get a week preview on all of our audio and video check us out at patreon.com/runecasters. Also we have a new method of recording audio thanks to our friend Craig, and we would love to hear some feedback on our new sound. Enjoy! https://runecasters.net/2017/12/14/episode-12-the-wrath-of-ravos/ www.runecasters.net www.facebook.com/runecasters @runecasters on twitter.com www.patreon.com/runecasters
  4. To new roads. I did, luckly, which is how I found the error. Good advice. I'll definitely follow that when we do our next play session, since we finished when we got to town.
  5. Starting off on the right foot are we? 5414 That is the way we read the rules as well. Agreed. Good Idea, especially for passive aggressive groups. I will Add I back traced out game and it looks like the person who chose to go down the path that lead to 5414 was not supposed to exhaust his token, but did. Which lead to another person needing to make a choice he couldn't make.
  6. Hello everyone. I played the introduction adventure with my game group Friday and we ran into a bit of trouble. We ended up at 5414, which as three options. All three require skills. Only one player had a readied token. The issue came up because the active player (the only one who could be the active player mind you), didn’t have any of the three skills. in the rules it says “you” refers to the active player, and “you each” refers to everyone (active player, p4). In decisions (p4) it says “you cannot choose an option if it’s requirements are not met”. So here is the rub, did we lose because we got stuck? Or can the active player choose to use other people’s skills for the group? If the later is true when the book says take x stamina damage (for example) unless you have skill Y, is that only the active player’s skills or does everyone suffer the damage? Or can one person having skill Y negate the damage for everyone/ the active player? sorry if these seem obvious to others, they just weren’t obvious to us.
  7. Wow. Canadian loyalty must be a fickle thing. SMH.
  8. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.
  9. Appearently all the stores are not listed. I talked to my FLGS about them not being listed and they said they should have been. And if you dont want your wooden range ruler pm me and I'll give you my address. I'll even paypal you some postage.
  10. Yup. Lost to DJ in the semifinal if I recall our interview correctly.
  11. Thanks! It was definitely a learning experience for me! He is a really smart analytical guy and I hope it helps everyone’s theory crafting in the future!
  12. Hey everyone episode 11 is now on wide release! If it hasn’t hit your podcast app yet you can download it at https://runecasters.net/2017/11/29/episode-11-raging-worlds/ the rest of our contact info is above. Enjoy!
  13. Quick question to all those painting elves: Are any of you out there going to string their bows?
  14. Asked my flgs about this, same guess since alliance still has everything listed at full price.