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  1. My 3 Tables: Endor, Scariff and Tatooine

    Woodland scenics make still water tint. I’m going to play with the turquoise to make the water pop. Then you can add water effects on top of the still water to get the ripples and refraction. https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/category/WaterTints
  2. Get Started Painting SW: Legion - New Article

    Kinda surprised my man @Sorastro isn't mentioned. He is doing videos sanctioned by the mouse and LFL.
  3. My 3 Tables: Endor, Scariff and Tatooine

    So right now I have 2 plans. 1. Styrofoam, dry wall filler, 50/50 pva/water, fine sand, 60/30 latex paint(beach sand color)/pva to seal it up, then water effects 1/8th inch at a time. 2. Styrofoam, Vallejo texture paste, paint, water effects 1/8th inch at a time Which one will be used for the table? Well if neither delaminates 1. If either delamninates then I'll use the one that didnt. If both delaminate many f words.
  4. My 3 Tables: Endor, Scariff and Tatooine

    I'm going to try this as well. I'm going to do some experiments tonight to make sure the water effects wont delaminate from grit.
  5. League play rules

    Basically for league we have a 3 point max system. You get one point for attendance, 1 point for winning and one point for getting an achievement. I still do standard tourney scoring for Swiss pairs, but the tourney points don’t count towards league score. I say you can only achieve 1 achievement per night, so people don’t double dip. I try and think up one achievement per week and you can’t get the same one twice. some of my achievements this league have been: Kingslayer - kill a unique 1 tray hero. fully loaded - field a unit of no less than 4 trays with every upgrade possible. And the unit must survive. vendetta - kill a figure upgrade before damaging the rest of the unit Army of no more than 3 dials army of no less than 8 dials and win a game by less than the objective score (ex. your opponent murders more of you but you win because of objectives) and thanks for listening!
  6. Well that ruins everything. TAKE IT DOWN! DELETE IT, CANCEL PODCAST!
  7. Thank you! Nice to be right once in a while (or just once ).
  8. Hey Rune Warriors! Here we are back on schedule and ready to roll! Store championship season continues, and Gabe gives us the run down on his experience at Gameology. How did Gabe fair (spoiler alert he wrote a battle report on our blog)? We also go around the table on something Josh actually likes (I know right!); cavalry! We let you know what we think of each faction’s cavalry and we dare to put each of them in the order of our favorites. Who’s right? Who’s off their rocker? Only you can let us know! Tell us who got the rankings right, or tell us your rankings of cavalry units from best to worst at runecasterspodcast@gmail.com. https://runecasters.net/2018/03/15/episode-17-dont-look-and-oathsworn-in-the-mouth/ Thanks, and as always you can find more at: www.runecasters.net www.patreon.com/runecasters www.facebook.com/runecasters @runecasters on twitter and email us at runecasterspodcast@gmail.com
  9. Maximum angle on the movement tool?

    Sounds like plastic deformation
  10. Piercing strike final points

    The fact that there are 2 sets of scoring rules irritates me to no end. For the league I run I use the tournament rules. I suspect there is such a big change in scoring policy becasue if you think about the "causal" scoring method it endorses and rewards turtleing.
  11. My 3 Tables: Endor, Scariff and Tatooine

    Did you make those palms as well?
  12. My 3 Tables: Endor, Scariff and Tatooine

    What did you use for the scarif bunker? I can’t seem to find any good 3D print files.
  13. FFG taking digs at it's own products?

    Go troll somewhere else.
  14. FFG taking digs at it's own products?

    That is comforting. Edit: (Ok, it was pointed out to me this sounds sarcastic. It is not and I'm totally sorry if it does because the fact that no games have Q1 kits makes me feel that RW isn't left behind.)
  15. The Runecasters Episode 16: The Shape of Infantry

    That is a great point @Church14! The economics of the game do make more room for upgrades in both slots and cost per tray!