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  1. flightmaster101

    Runewars Vassal Tournament!

    List DM'ed on discord
  2. flightmaster101

    How would an overpowered faction be handled?

    The reasons we shouldn’t: Worlds. Last year and this year. New hotness seems to have the advantage. Maybe not as much this year since there is a bigger gap between uthuk release and worlds. If this is truly meant to be a single faction game we need symmetry in the releases after ever faction is ever back up. I also agree in principle though. I’ll be less afraid of Ravos when I get darnati, and even less concerned when wraiths and ventalla get released. (I didn’t mention scouts because I thin Daqan armor and crossbows are well equipped to deal with Uthuk in general).
  3. flightmaster101

    How would an overpowered faction be handled?

    Fair. But Maegan doesnt get precise, or brutal. Red, white, blue with precise and brutal gets you quite a bit and another unique auto wound. Unfortunately (for me mostly, but also other latari players), she cant fish for surges. Also for best results she needs to be engaged, which at 2/4 (protected blue) is scary for the Maegan player (especially when youre in airhead mode and forget you're protected). After playing a handful of games as Uthuk I honestly think heroless they are balanced. I am not the greatest player, but I never lost with Uthuk and Ravos is hands down the MVP every game. On the flip side I've never had another hero be the MVP every time (next closest is actually Kari, and in all honesty you should pick on her over Maegan). After playing with and against Ravos I think the biggest issue is you can 'hide' him behind a line of something like threshers and still auto damage.
  4. flightmaster101

    How would an overpowered faction be handled?

    Not to one target. This is a very misleading statement. Her bomb damage is also spread out among many units. At range you would need a blue and a white to produce 4 surges, and dial one up (1/12 and 1/8) and have red runes enough to reach 4 targets to get 20 damage. Engaged you would need two red dice (1/8) and 1 blue (3/8) and a white (3/12) to total 6 surges and still have the runes to get 3 units. In no statistical sense is this 'usual'. Also her bomb is a surge ability, which means it does not sum with her damage pool. I can see her being a pain to the Uthuk becasue of their low armor values, but that might be it other than infantry heavy metas. She's not doing a lot to lancers, golems, scions, oathsworn, death knights or leonx. Or for that matter to threshers or Ravos. Her bread and butter is infantry and maybe flesh rippers.
  5. flightmaster101

    Rise of 1000

    150% of 800 would be 1200. Ooooo what could you do with 1200 points :D
  6. flightmaster101

    How would an overpowered faction be handled?

    Well at least i know its not just me...
  7. flightmaster101

    How would an overpowered faction be handled?

    So it will be like the little league World Series. All the rich kids with the best equipment and coaches get a pretty sweet leg up. I think a point shifting free app would be the way to go. I haven’t actually seen too many dials that need changing.
  8. flightmaster101

    Happy (early) Friday - Rune Upgrades

    If you flip your expectations to efficiency fire rune on any 2 tray unit punches way above it's weight. 23 point berserker unit (16+7) or a 24 deepwood archer unit or a 25 point unit of spearmen can inflict way more than an equal number of points in damage on your opponent. They are annoying little units, that must be dealt with, but giving your opponent a tough choice is the best part. Do I go after a 2 tray with fire rune that is ruining me with the red rune flips, and possibly open myself up to an attack by a bigger unit? Or do I deal with my opponents more "dangerous" units and get ripped up piece by piece by these 2 trays with fire rune? Making your opponent make those choices is why I love this game so very much.
  9. flightmaster101

    Happy (early) Friday - Rune Upgrades

    I've been experimenting lately with large blocks of Deepwood Archers. Interestingly I like wind rune on the larger blocks to make them more dodgy, but I like fire rune on the smaller blocks to make them more damagy. I know @xelveki played in nationals with wind rune on a 6 tray block of crossbows, which he did well with. I also really had fun playing berserkers with fire rune. That added a bit of a different dimension to the Uthuk since they dont have Viper Legion yet. I haven't thought of a good use of corruption rune yet. I may have to play around with that once Darnati come out.
  10. flightmaster101

    The future support of this game

    This isnt uncommon when FFG changes a major attribute of the game and does a reprint cycle. In the past I've gotten two LOTR LCG core boxes for $7 becasue they updated the cards with FAQ info and were (allegedly) directing the stores to get rid of them so they would sell the new printing. Sure enough the new printing came in and core boxes were the full MSRP again. With the change in box size and card size I would suspect something similar is happening.
  11. flightmaster101

    Potentially dumb question

    This is also true. I know a guy who plays 40k and he sprays satin varnish after every step (base, shade, highlight), and finishes with matt. That way when you handle the model your basecoat doesnt chip and you reduce the risk of needing touchups as you advance the paint job.
  12. flightmaster101

    Potentially dumb question

    Give it a quick spray of testors 1260 or similar matt varnish. That will give paint something to stick to.
  13. Yup. I've noticed this in my games as Uthuk. Really tough to take down death knights and rune golems when Ravos isn't in the area. Also unfortunate Latari don't really armor up so in the rock paper scissors aspect(of armor) I think Uthuk will have the toughest time vs daqan, then waiqar then latari.
  14. flightmaster101

    Runewars Vassal Tournament!

    I’ll play. Latari for me!