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  1. Not to get greedy, but any chance we can get scans of the morale deck objectives and deployment cards?
  2. Dude that's hardcore. I would but (and believe it or not money is not the issue), storage would be nightmare as well as getting everything painted on my schedule.
  3. And I thought my commute was bad...
  4. Thanks man! I hate to be a pain when youre doing the community a service, so I really appreciate it!
  5. Any chanc we can get a rescan of 21 & 22? Bit blurry.
  6. Sorastro, What do you think of the idea of using Decals on the shields? I have a custom decal system from Testors and the Sheilds of the spearment might be flat enough for decals rather than hand paint.
  7. Whew. For the record I have been buying GW paints with your tutorials, but I don't have a good local source for either Val, or AP paints. And online prices are outrageous! So that is good to hear.
  8. S, Is FFG making a move to have Army Painter be the official paints of their products? Does this mean a change in brand to IA and Descent?
  9. Aggressive Cornicen + Lance Corporal Orange initiative 8 4 forward march/charge with an extra hit = oh my! Orange initiative 8 4 forward with a -2 turn to charge = Flanking SPEED!
  10. No doubt, its going to be a solid card for a while.
  11. That will be a very valuable card when learning the game. Keeping yourself from missing on a charge or vice versa, colliding when you don't charge will be invaluable until you learn the geometry of the gameboard.
  12. I assume it's freehand, like the symbols painted on the shields, but I dont know for sure.
  13. Its like Christmas isnt it? I love how inspiration is tying into all of these leaders. Eagle Banner, Lance Corporal, Weapons Master, Geomancer, Aggressive Cornicen, Marching Cornicen... Can I have them all?
  14. Couldn't agree more, all of a sudden Inspiration looks not only worthwhile, but pretty dang good.
  15. Good on ya! Post a link when you get that going. I can't wait to try and proxy a game.