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  1. @jek @Sorastro Don't get me wrong, get yourself paid my man! If CMON is paying for videos that is fantastic. I totally understand their desire to get high quality tutorials as a method of enhancing their product. My point is they are all humans will 2 sets of uniforms. So the techniques used will be the same or at the very least not very diverse. If they throw dragons in the game I would love to see the techniques and process of something completely different. That's why I like the IA paints personally, the range of figures lends itself to the teaching of many techniques from metallic dry brushing to wet blending and beyond.
  2. I havent, but that is great news, and thanks for the update!!!
  3. God I hope he doesnt paint ASOIAF. What a mundane set of miniatures, I might have to pull my patreon donation if he does. Keep doing IA until it's done! See it through!
  4. Playing elves in a tourney tomorrow. Probably not competitive since they're behind the power curve, but should be fun and educational. If I win 1 game I'll be happy.
  5. Mine are
  6. THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!
  7. No 2nd Uthuk hero! No Uthuk ranged units! WTF! Really disappointed in the lack of RW stuff.
  8. any live feed?
  9. Dont get me wrong, having miniatures is awesome. Having a lot of miniatures that need to be painted is less so becasue of the time consuming nature. I have X-wing and Armada as well, but they dont need to be painted.
  10. I think in the competing for people limited dollars they will buy a star wars game over a runewars game. I fear the slightest similarity will drive them away from runewars. Edit: Now that I think of it, if i have a hobby game (painting, modeling, etc) that is going to be my primary game. Runewars put a hard stop to me finishing my imperial assault paints, and if SWL came along as the same game with hobby model It may lead me(some) to have grey mundane RW models on the table (if some keep up at all).
  11. Why would they do this so soon after Runewars? Really hope this doesn't kill Runewars.
  12. Sorry guys, c ya round
  13. Ok I'll call dibs. But seriously: my flag bearer cannot hold his flag up and my champion has lost both his mace heads. Ive glued them back and I'm working on finding a pin small enough for my flag bearer to pin it straight. Good to know FFG is getting really liberal with giving out replacements in case I change my mind.
  14. Let's be clear about this though: Eric Lang did not design this game. They brought him in to "supervise" the late stages of finishing the game. A cynic might say they brought him in at the end to put his name on the box for those who are in the cult of Eric Lang. But I'm sure he did help polish things that weren't working well.
  15. Yea this is the long version of my reasoning. If "Game Setup" happens before each game then you get to Hawthorne to a different formation every round (if you choose). What's interesting about this is you never play tournaments in a vacuum. Friends/other gamers and looks across the room will give you an idea of who is playing what. Would I ever change my 4x1 cavalry back to a 2x2? Probably not, but would I change my 2x1 Rune Golems to a 1x2 if I see something I dont like? Maybe.