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  1. First it's cheaper. 6.99$ per 24 ml vs 14.99$ for 200ml. second it's easier to shape into advanced shapes. third the grain pattern is denser and closer to a sand base look. but don't take my word for it. You'll find painting is about PREFERENCE, and that is mine. It's not right or wrong, I just want you to realize there's more options than paying gw's bills.
  2. If you haven't started do yourself a favor and go with Vallejo's dark earth.
  3. That's why I use paste. Using sand can be made to look better, but when you start filing down the edges it can chip into the base in very ugly ways. Basing paste can be filed down and built back up in ways that wont look terrible. Its just the high end wont look as good as well, which given the fact these arent in a painting competition I'm ok with.
  4. Hey! I resemble that remark
  5. In Armada its "choose an objective from the 2nd players deck". So the second player selects his 3 objectives. So I would imagine that the person choosing the objective would get to choose from the narrowed down objectives of his opponents, same with deployments. The exception is terrain. Terrain comes from the deployment card so the person who provides the deck isn't "deciding" because the deployment card and random draw decides for you.
  6. We just talked about this while recording the podcast. Preview: I expect a similar system to X-Wing, but we cant wait to see how FFG does it.
  7. Especially since the end of the range ruler is notched.
  8. Start learning to play objectives and with terrain. Even in Skirmish. It will payoff later, in spades.
  9. Absolutely. It doesn't look right otherwise. I just file down the edges for fit.
  10. Honestly I dont expect much until elves get released. Everyone I talk to about playing says "oh yea once elves are out..." So either a) elves will come out and spark a huge growth in the game or b) every one is full of $#!+ and just want an excuse to dodge my recruitment efforts.
  11. If its anything close to my imagination, this must've been the cutest thing ever.
  12. In general they are a fantastic mid range cost option. they stand up to wear and tear really well and are a great playing surface for the money. My only nit is that I would like a 3x6 option.
  13. Medium gap filling super glue from a hobby store is what I use. Cuts down on the need for green stuff in the gaps.
  14. Next paycheck that muddy field is getting ordered! They just need a forest floor for my Elves!
  15. No worries!