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  1. Yea, NK-7 on Avenger seems redundant.
  2. If you use your grit (Han/Marek) as a focal point to get your opponent to ball up you can roll on them with a Raider and Flechette them to death. Or Mauler, or jump over them with your bombers. You can do any number of things to get your opponent to ball up with grit, and once they do ball up you can take advantage of it in a variety of ways. And if they don't ball up guys like Han and Marek can be death to a single squadron, so say they only use 2 squads to hold down a grit. grit kills a squad then moves on. Grit can be quite useful as a tool of murder.
  3. In fairness you did choose fire lanes
  4. Thank goodness for my IPad's autocorrect. If not for apple I might get a proper noun right once in a while. :/
  5. Only with Vader in command...
  6. This. Bitching and moaning about Disney taking over the EU is so ridiculous. And I was in the EU since Timothy Zahn kicked it off. Face it Lucas sold out. He let any half baked wanna be writer write Star Wars if it meant he got to cash a check. All the contradictory stories, repetitive plots, and when in doubt Luke falls to the dark side and gets redeemed... again. Seriously how many times did that happen? 3, 4? Has everything Disney produced gold? Absolutely not, but at least give a 💩 about continuity, which is a 5,000% improvement over the old stuff. *passes soapbox to the next in line
  7. Yes, in fact moves like this are the basis for my friends "troll list".
  8. Are you arguing that internet trolls ARENT worse than child murderers? j/k
  9. The other players should just start off with an alliance of 4 knowing that they will ally w/ each other from the get go. A few games of a 4 on 2 alliance should do the trick to let them know they need to start playing ball with other people.
  10. The "move" action can come across as confusing. To "move" what you are actually doing is trading an action for the number of movement points equal to your speed on your character sheet. You can spend those movement points whenever you want. The reason I'm specifying this is because is because many people confuse this. Trading fatigue for movement points is not an action because the cost is the fatigue and not the action. So you can trade X fatigue for X movement points spend them to move X normal spaces and attract twice. Or as another example interact to pick up treasure spend your movement points then attack. Rules reference: Descent core rule book page 8, right side. It even says in bold letters: A hero player is not required to perform a move action in order to suffer fatigue to move. Hope that's bulletproof enough for your group.
  11. Well both, but it ended up being campaign for a couple of reasons. 1st everyone got on board becasue we saw Star Wars flavored Descent. 2nd I was the only one who bought the game so getting others to play skirmish was kind of a pain since I would always win, then when I went to tournaments since I never played real players I consistently got crushed. 3rd when I saw the 1st worlds and saw the 4x4 which would require 4 core sets and I'm not going to lay that cash down. Long and short I'm always in for campaign and casual skirmish, but I'll never be able to optimize a competitive skirmish list or be savy enough to compete in a meta. So (B) but now ive resigned myself to (A).
  12. Because elves arent cool enough already.
  13. Crap. Elves. Now I might have to check this game out.
  14. Awesome thanks! we couldn't find a clear definition of leader pool so we've been abandoning missions to oppose, but this will add another layer of strategy now. question 2 is like I thought, because I had purposely been doing missions in high volume systems to trick my opponent into locking his own system down. We of course had a disagreement when he wanted to oppose then invade using that systems fleet. thanks!
  15. Great summary, very helpful! I do have two questions. Can a leader abandon their mission (I.e. I have that leader on a mission card yet to be executed), to oppose a mission by your opponent? If I send a leader to a system for a mission and my opponent opposed that mission, is that system activated? And therefore he cannot move units out of that system? thanks!