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  1. I am kind of sad with these first previews of the game. Sure they are informative, but to me the people who end up buying the game will probably end up being the OL so I wish they would have previewed that part of the game first. I hope they release information about the game play for the OL soon.
  2. In some of the previous messages in this forum was people talking about how the death aspect of the original game was kind of lame and that there is a possible change in the new game of the possibility of not being able to kill players and have them respawn.
  3. With this talk about not wanting to kill players or not have them die kind of saddens me. I am the one who plays Overlord for all the games that we have played so far (we have only played a few times). Without the ability of being able to kill a player what will keep me interested in the game if I am not able to have small victories such as killing a player? Yay I get to spawn monsters, but that is not something I would have to work very hard to do. Yay I spring a trap, but those traps will not always work on hurting a player depending on the roll. But putting all of these together allowing me to see that my choices achieved something. I feel that with a lack of being able to kill someone I will just be playing card after card after card with no end in sight until we would be well into the game or I just don't care any more because everything I have played makes me feel like nothing has happened. Not sure if I am explaining myself well for other people to understand.
  4. Mayek said: Sorry fellas I couldn't find a rules section here... AND i have a couple of questions and will probably ask for more help so please bear with me... (This was 2 years ago, so I don't really remember everything) We tried vanilla Decent and we all liked it, we did not finish the first quest (ran out of time), then the next time we played the game we jumped directly to the 2 quest and got annihilated by the boss. So my question is, are you supposed to keep the same heroes and items you find from the previous quest because the boss was just too strong for us or is every quest a "new" game? Second question (Mandatory idiot question) : We can't figure out what the pet does. How does he (or she) move? Can the OL kill him (or her)? what about respawn? Traps? Third question : When a Hero enters the town does he regain full health and fatigue tokens? Fourth question : Hero order tokens... I understand run, attack and advance but i'm not so sure about the ready command... Sorry and thank you all for any kind of help... EXCELSIOR :D:DD #1 You do not need to keep the same hero's. You can play each mission as a separate game. But there are some rules for keeping the same characters between each 'game'. #2 What the pet does is explained in the rule book. The person who has the character that controls the pet is the one that moves it. And pets can not die. (pg. 14) #3 Resting in town only heals a players fatigue (with use of the Rest order(pg. 15)). They would need to purchase a potion to get their health back up.
  5. I just looked in the Well of Darkness rulebook that can be found on the site and it says: "At the start of the overlord’s turn, before he does anything else, he must move all boulders in play"
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