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  1. I'd been toying with the idea of getting it for a while but was put off by UK shipping costs. But for $40 for the book itself - SOLD! Interestingly I placed my order last Weds 19th and I'm certain it still had all the details re the Writ of Execution up on the page - I even added my details in the order comments section per the ordering instructions. But I now notice it says the personlised writ is no longer available. Slightly poor form from FFG if so, but not a dealbreaker. It still looks great!
  2. Recieved my copy on Friday after it was lost in the warp for nearly 2 weeks (thanks post office ). Had a chance to start reading over the weekend. As usual I started the book mostly backwards with the world fluff which is great so far. Even though I enjoy to make my own tweaks to a setting I would still love to see a much expanded gazeteer of the vortex. Quick skim of the adventure and have to say it felt a bit forced. Artwork is fantastic as always. Hoping to find a bit of time to dive into the rules over the next few days. So... when is the next book out?
  3. ****! Every preview I read makes me want this book more! UK release please just take my money already!
  4. Can only assume a copy for that price includes a foreword written in blood by Khorne himself.
  5. So... anyone familiar with this? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4829 Apparently run at last years gencon now available for download. First I heard of it. The idea of being able to run it for the 4 different games sounds pretty neato. Thoughts?
  6. According to the upcoming section it's "at the printers." Not sure how long its had that status though. "Expected by Q2" would imply it should be with us by end of June latest. Probably cutting it a little fine. Perhaps if she creates a plague in Nurgles name the answer would be forthcoming.
  7. As someone who still has copy of Slaves to Darkness (roll D1000 for mutation table) I wholeheartedly agree with this.
  8. NICE! Archetypes: Plague Marine Writhing World Sorcerer-King Warpsmith Veteran of the Long War Rules for ascension to daemonhood - unexpected, but neato Details for the heart of the Vortex - sounds interesting too Adventure - not sure what to think, I've found the others pretty meh so far but then again I prefer to make my own "Later this year" ... heh not very specific so I guess they just want to keep all these people speculating on the forums quiet
  9. I can see the cover now... Papa Nurgle in a rickety rocking chair, some of his beloved Nurglings on his lap, reading them bedtime stories as they eagerly gaze at the pictures in his Big Book of Farts.
  10. Bit dissapointed that nothing has been announced still. Impatient? Maybe. But aren't all disciples of the dark gods wanting to take the fast road? Can only think that the whole DH2 open beta outcry was a devious scheme of some Tzeentchian cultists. Complain about the new direction. Force FFG to scramble the 40k team to rewrite DH2. Result - no-one left to finish the Nurgle book. Just as planned.
  11. I will go out on a limb and say that I don't believe the FFG 40k line is coming to an end in the near future. To my mind it would make no sense to invest in developing a new edition of DH if there was a question mark about whether the GeeDub licence would continue. Surely if they just wanted to make a bit of money whilst running the license out they would crank out a few more supplements for the existing games rather than invest the time and money in a new edition. That said, I'm not sure what the future holds for BC. Based on a general feeling and anecdotal evidence, I believe it's probably the least played of the 40k rpg range. I've no idea how well it's actually sold, and whether FFG see's any return in more publications for it. My personal feeling is that we will see the Nurgle book at some point, after all the OW, DH2, and Star Wars kerfuffle has died down. But I don't hold out a lot of hope for much more after that. Which would be a shame as I would glady throw my money at FFG.
  12. This dear playtesters... Papa Nurgle would not be mad with you. Of course FFG on the other hand...
  13. Personally for me as a player I enjoy the anithero. This mainly stems from one of my most memorable RPG experiences in WFRP many years ago, where my character (who was the nominal party leader) ended up using the power of chaos to save the day... and became more and more addicted to using it. Great fun to play the role, even to the point of insisting he was a "good guy" when he got to the horribly mutated stage. Then finally throwing in his lot with Chaos when he realised there was no other option left. That said I've also had a blast playing the OTT heretic for more light relief. As a GM the campaign I'm working on has the players start out as a fallen radical inquisitors retinue. Some will be may be corrupted already, others still believing they are basically "decent". Their challenge at first will be to stay alive as they have already been judged as tainted radicals who are too far from the emperors light. I really want to expose them to both ends of the chaotic spectrum, and see whether they can keep their principles, or just go off the deep end and wholeheartedly throw in their lot with the dark gods.
  14. Well ofc this thread was firmly tongue in cheek and I wasn't expecting an official response. Kinda dissapointed at the apparent lack of love for the line though. From my unscientific casting of my eyes over the various 40k forums I guess this line does appear to have the least players. Maybe that's just my bias though, as of all the lines it's the one I'm personally most interested in. I was really expecting some info on the Nurgle book by now though. Does make me wonder though if there will be anything forthcoming after the Nurgle book.
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