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  1. winteriscoming

    Let's Discuss: Luke Skywalker

    I'm sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but thinking of Luke combinations with other characters has me wondering: If your starting character value totals less than 30 points, do you get a bonus somewhere else (like an extra resource), or are those points essentially lost?
  2. winteriscoming

    Fellowship Event hosted by Guardian Games in Portland

    I'm definitely interested and would like to make it down. Looking forward to future news about the event.
  3. For anyone in the South Sound (or surrounding areas) of Washington State, I just started a Facebook group to help people connect with other LCG players. South Sound Living Card Games: https://www.facebook.com/groups/637391046328469/ This is a spin off of sorts from Lacey's Netrunners, a group that is now 33 strong and with regular meet-ups for games (and now tournaments): https://www.facebook.com/groups/493885424027622/ Hope to see some new faces! We usually meet up at Gabi's in Lacey, but it would be great to connect with anyone in the Northwest who would like to find more of the LCG community that is out there.
  4. winteriscoming

    Prospective Player

    With some faction specific expansions already out and more on the way, deck building just got a lot easier for new players. I continue to struggle finding a CoC community where I live (Olympia, WA), but it's an amazing game and if you have other people that are interested in playing it will be well worth your time.
  5. winteriscoming

    Weird question...but...

    I've never used one, but that thing is a beauty! If you can get some help painting it up like an Ancient One, you'll be set. "Excuse me while Shub devours my deck and spits it out completely randomized."
  6. winteriscoming

    Tacoma WA

    Hope everything went well today, Matt! I know that Hugo is interested in making it down for the tournament, so I'll get in touch with him and see if we can make some plans. Hope to see you all soon, Dan
  7. winteriscoming

    Tacoma WA

    Thanks, Yipe! I had the pleasure of joining you all for the regionals last time around (Dan from Olympia). I've been trying to make the time to go this weekend, but I have work responsibilities tomorrow that I can't escape. Hopefully, I can get it together for the tournament in December. For anyone reading this that can make it to Portland - the Mythos and Microbrews folks (cultists) are easily the friendliest and most welcoming group of gamers I've met. I know a lot of hard work went in to creating such an inclusive community. Have fun tomorrow!
  8. winteriscoming

    Tacoma WA

    Thanks, prune. I just might be able to make that. I've only really played solo before. I'll bring a couple of decks, but it looks like they may overlap with another player. The only deck I have that has given me much success is Spirit/Lore: Aragorn, Glorfindel, Eowyn. I have a Leadership/Tactics dwarf deck that I haven't had as much luck with - Thorin, Thalin, Balin. Anyway, I'll bring some extra cards to be able to swap out heroes. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. winteriscoming

    Top 3 living card games!

    1. Call of Cthulhu - my favorite theme, and best resource mechanics 2. Netrunner - the most intense 2-player card game out there 3. Lord of the Rings - great for solitaire, awesome artwork
  10. winteriscoming

    Tacoma WA

    I live in Olympia, but I'm looking for players for LOTR as well as Call of Cthulhu.
  11. winteriscoming

    Any Olympia, WA CoC players?

    This weekend is pretty well booked up for me, but I'd be happy to find a time for a future date. I usually play at Gabi's Olympic Comics & Cards in Lacey, and they have a really good selection of all the LCGs. We started a Netrunner Facebook page as a way to arrange games, so if you search "Lacey's Netrunners", you'll find us. Tuesday is the official Netrunner night, but the idea behind the Facebook page is that anyone can just post the days they are looking for a game and hopefully find one that way. There are quite a few new players, and we're always happy to teach the game. I don't have any Warhammer cards, but if you're interested in CoC you'd be welcome to use one of my decks if you're curious to see what a bigger card pool can do.
  12. winteriscoming

    Any Olympia, WA CoC players?

    Just a note - I've already used BGG's finder. Still looking...
  13. winteriscoming

    Any Olympia, WA CoC players?

    Any players in Olympia or nearby? I love this game but rarely come across anyone else that plays.
  14. I agree with many of the previous posts, but thought I'd throw my two cents in: If you're interested in solitaire or co-op, Lord of the Rings is the way to go. I also think the cards/art are some of the best looking of any LCG. If you're looking for the best two player experience, I find that Netrunner and Call of Cthulhu are my favorites. Cthulhu is dripping with character and theme, while I feel that Netrunner has the best two-player mechanics of any card game out, period. Netrunner is playable right out of the core set, and competetive with minimal investment, while Cthulhu has taken quite a bit of additional purchases for me to put together competitive decks. Game of Thrones shines as a 4-player game. If you have a big group that is interested, I would give this serious consideration, but if you'll likely be playing with two, I'd choose something else. I also feel that this game requires considerable investment to put together competitve decks. That being said, 4-player Game of Thrones is awesome. I have limited experience with Warhammer, which is a fun game, but didn't grab me the way Netrunner and Cthulhu did. I have also played a few games of Star Wars which is fun and the deckbuilding limitations keep the game interesting while making it a little more beginner friendly. The good news is that all of the LCG games are pretty fantastic. If you pick on theme alone, you're bound to enjoy the experience.
  15. winteriscoming

    Nikola Tesla Question

    I love the new Nikola Tesla card from The Key and the Gate, and I'm trying to build a deck around it. Can anyone help me clarify his forced response: "After you trigger an effect from your discard pile, put a success token on Nikola Tesla." Does this mean that the effect being triggered has to come from a card that is currently in the discard pile (like Yithian Scout), or could this relate to effects that effect your discard pile? I'm guessing it's the former, but I just want to be sure before I start building a deck that doesn't work