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  1. The sculpt on Elena's face is pretty bad. Given that, I think you did an excellent job. My Elena looks ok too except for the face. Plus I forgot to paint the eyebrows so it looks more like a swamp monster than an elf. Awesome work with the terrain. I bought a plastic bag full of scenic bases but I've been too lazy to rebase anything. Oh and good work with Legolas's boots and bracers. I really like those. The "straps" (or seams or decorations) being different color makes the figure stand out more.
  2. Wow, that does look bad. I mean this looks like the first Imperial Assault figures which required green stuff to fill the gaps. Since then, FFG has improved a lot. But this seems bad. Maybe they changed the figure manufacturer or something. The giant especially seems to have lots of mold lines and cracks. Since Asmodee is really, really, really bad at delivering products to Europe and it's going to be few more weeks before these are in stores here, I think I'm going to cancel my preorder on this. The extra cards alone are not worth the 18 euros this costs.
  3. Second cave troll painted. I wanted to use a more movie color scheme with this one but it turned out too ash colored. Also, I limited myself to just Army Painter paints with this one, except the base and washes. Mostly to just test them. Can't say I'm a fan but no Vallejo in stores here and Army Painter is a lot cheaper than Citadel. Plus it comes in dropper bottles. But in general I think it's nice that each troll looks unique but still have a similar theme going with colors and all. So, I'm happy with these.
  4. I've copied all the data when I got a new tablet. I did that using the Android's (Samsung's) data copying option when doing the tablet's first time setup. I was honestly surprised that it worked for LOTR since it lost Imperial Assault and Descent app data. I would probably use the Steam version otherwise but my 14" laptop is a retired business model which has Ubuntu-Mate installed so not possible to install LOTR on that since it doesn't support Linux.
  5. Finally managed to get another figure done. Been so busy lately. Here's one of the cave trolls: This one I went with mostly the same color scheme as the hill troll. For the second cave troll, I think I'm going to try more monochrome gray and darker leather and maybe try to get the bone club to have more contrast. I think that's going to be an interesting challenge. I think I could have painted few areas a bit better but overall I'm really happy with how this figure turned out.
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