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  1. Hera Syndulla painted: Ugh, with this closeup I can see that I didn't neaten up from under the gloves properly.
  2. I really like the clone trooper's face. It's just saying "I'm too old for this s`**t." But at the same time, you know he gets the job done. Nice work!
  3. Thank you for the tips. I didn't actually know about the White Balance function. My camera is an old Canon Powershot 240HS and it didn't have a manual setting for White Balance but it had presets. "Artificial light" was the closest thing that showed basic blank A4 paper as white. So I went with that. Here are a couple of shots: Hondo again: Death Troopers vs. Rebels: Pirates! I think I need a new desk light. Maybe a LED with a decent arm so that I can move it around when I paint and position it better when taking photos. The camera I'm actually fairly happy with it. It seems better than my phone at any rate. And it has a lot of other manual settings that I don't know how to use but I probably should in order to take better shots.
  4. Hondo painted: Also, got a new phone and decided to test the camera. Not sure if I like it.
  5. This is my storage solution. I have a large aluminium briefcase which is made for tools. And I have all the stuff except the rulebooks and the map tiles which are in the game box. The small figures are in a plastic sort box which is sold in stores usually in the tool section. They're probably meant for screws, bolts and other small things. The 2x2 figures (Nexus, Jabba) and Wampas are in a plastic box that's below the character sheets. It has a tray which is perfect for damage and stress tokens and below that is enough room for the figures. Jabba cannot be glued to his base though or the tray won't fit back in. And the large figures I have just somewhere in the box where there's enough room. Here's a closeup of a rebel figure box: Some figures share a "room". The varnish protects them well enough so that they don't stick to each other and rub off paint. I have similar boxes for scum and Imperial figures. And I have all my deployment cards in a collector's album to make browsing them easier. This is my solution and it's a compromise between space saving and protection. For better protection each figure would need its own "locker" or "room" where it would go. But my briefcase wouldn't be big enough then. And this is already bordering on what I'm willing to transport with me. The game box with map tiles fits into my backpack and then I carry the briefcase.
  6. We have a similar method to paint the stormtroopers, 54NCH32. I use a different kind of shade nowadays. >I prime the figures white (Army Painter Matte White) > Paint black areas (with Army Painter's Necromancer Cloak as I can't find Vallejo paints in the local store anymore but Necromancer Cloak is pretty close) > Cleanup areas > Shade with 1-1 Nuln Oil / Lahmian medium Or, more recently 2 parts Nuln Oil - 1 part Drakenhof Nightshade - 3 parts Lahmian medium. The blue will not tint the figure blue but it will give it a colder, less "dirty" looking look which makes highlighting easier as you can leave the shade in some recesses and it looks like a shadow. > Highlight > Matte Varnish (Army Painter's Anti-Shine Varnish) > Citadel's Ard Coat for the white armor pieces
  7. Ezra: Not a great photo. My phone doesn't have an awesome camera. Also...Ezra's right eyebrow seems to be gone in this photo but I checked. I have that painted.
  8. I'm an average painter but my advice for stormtroopers is: Buy Lahmian Medium or some other medium for thinning paint. When thinning white, use a little bit of the medium and as well as water and it'll flow much more nicely than with pure water. Also, when washing, mix in a little bit of blue into black wash and again Lahmian medium or some other glaze medium. It won't be as dark and you'll save yourself so much work highlighting. You can always darken some recesses etc. with added layers of the wash. It's way easier than using a darker wash and highlighting up. And finally, welcome to painting Imperial Assault! It's a fun game to paint.
  9. I haven't gotten to painting Sabine yet. I finished Ezra today. So next on my list is Sabine. Then probably Thrawn or Hondo. Also, I too found the Loth Cats annoying. But then again, since they are animals, the markings don't need to be consistent since I think they would be unique. But yeah, it does take some extra work to add them in. So, I hope at least you're happy with the loth cats you ended up with.
  10. We have a similar thing going on here. Played through all the campaigns (except the Lothal one) at least once. How close the missions are really depends on the Imperial player. We play the game very competitively and if I play as Imperial, then I tend to lose. Because I play against 4 Rebels who plot and plan and min-max all their moves. I come to the game night straight from work and I rarely study the missions before start. After a day of working, playing as the Imperial player against 4 min-maxing Rebels usually ends up going badly for me. But yeah, it's mostly my own fault for not preparing. And on the flip side, if one my friends is an Imperial player, then it's a different thing because he's ruthless and meticulous, studies the mission carefully beforehand and plays to win. He'll try to eliminate a Rebel player from the game because it's an efficient way to reduce Rebel actions and make the mission impossible for them. As Rebels it's also pretty "straightforward" to play against him because we end up seeing Trandoshan Hunters, Royal Guards, Riot Troopers and Nexu mission after mission in his optional groups. Basically anything that can potentially take away Rebel actions. These games tend to go 60/40 to the Imperial player. Depends on the campaign. But we have still to win a campaign against him. The app is also fun and we always play it in the hard mode because we like to plan and discuss our moves before committing to them. I recently bought Descent just for the app so that we have more co-op goodness to go through while waiting for more IA stuff.
  11. Death Troopers painted. I started to paint the red one meticulously putting in highlights but it became exhausting. So I started thinking what would be the easiest, fastest way to get something half decent to the table. In the end I just went with drybrushing Army Painter's Necromancer Cloak and then mixing in white and drybrushing again. Then a little bit of Nuln Oil+Drakenhof Nightshade+Lahmian Medium wash and then highlights to pure white. Looks decent enough and didn't take that long. And the red one doesn't look any fancier than the drybrushed models. So much for my highlighting skills Also, my Ard Coat varnish is going bad. I guess it's starting to dry in its pot or something. Doesn't mix nicely with water anymore and leaves an uneven shiny surface. It worked a lot better a year ago. Does anyone know if it's possible to revive that?
  12. Kanan and Zeb painted. Kanan's lightsaber turned out absolutely horrible. I don't know why but the glaze just didn't act nicely on the blade. I made sure there were no mold lines and the undercoat and white basecoat was neat and flat. But the glaze at one place didn't "stick" to the blade at all but always flowed out leaving the part white. And then when I tried glacing it over, the gradient effect didn't work and...argh. I ended up doing the lightsaber twice but it didn't turn out nice at all. I guess I should have switched approach to solid blue base color and highlight to white after the first defeat. Otherwise, the figure turned out pretty good. But anyway, I'll admit defeat and move to the next figures.
  13. The dewback looks so cool. I like the earthy tone transitioning into the vibrant green. Can't wait to see it finished.
  14. Thank you for your kind words. I didn't paint eyes for the longest time because I couldn't get it neat enough. Now, I'm finally getting the hang of properly thinning the paint so that it flows off a thin brush. While I tend to paint most of the figure with size 2 and 3 brushes, 00 is nice for painting the eyes. Working on Zeb atm. It's a fun figure to paint and I'm fairly happy how he's turning out. Still got some neatening up to do and have to paint the base but looking ok so far: Also, this is the third figure I've painted that I've used wet palette with and I love it. I often don't bother using it for small detail colors like the orange lights but the skin and the metal bracers...it helps so much with them. I've found it helpful to make a gradient onto the palette and then when painting it's so nice to go back when I mess up and clean up with darker color for example or feather up a highlight some more etc. In the picture though, some of the paint has dried up a bit because I forgot the palette open for a few hours when I went to the store. But with little bit of glaze medium, it was still good to go.
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