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  1. Oh man I have a Obi-wan Rey deck that I love. The key is to activate obi wan first and then use Rey's action cheating to make things go boom. What's key about Ben is that 2 focus side. When you double overwrite ambush upgrades on Rey it gives you a chance to roll out use the focus and resolve Rey's +2s with bens +3s. Additionally turn one you can sacrifice some of their dice to Destiny to plunk down some free upgrades like a force Training (more focus/mele) or force throw and then work towards having a one with the force with its devastating 3 focus on Rey. A mid game ambush Rey upgrade followed followed by an "all in" with obi wan already rolled out is a knock out punch, often times there is a vibroknife on the table so the big chunk of 7-10 damage is unblockable. Another reason to roll Ben out first is for early turn guard where your opponent will lose 3 dice and slow down their aggro to keep Rey alive into turn three when your combos start going off in Ernest. Force speed is a freebee on Rey too and helps exploit that focus combo. Make sure you stay ahead of your opponent in claiming the battlefield, they can't control you as well if you go first and get Obiwankenobi out and then follow it your next action with Rey's quick combos.
  2. How can I watch Worlds? (and the chance cube open) Are there any podcasts that are streaming it? Will it be on twitch? Is there an official and unofficial way to see results being posted or deck lists? Taking the day off Thursday so let me know.
  3. Oh good! Well that's one more thing to be excited for
  4. Ok I'm putting a positive guess on the table that FFG will hopefully release a FAQ update at the same time as SOR. I'm guessing this because I know they are wanting this to be a balanced game competitively and right now the strength of Hyperloop (if it can get going), and the stall option of an infinite combo would be real bad tournament experiences. On top of that this is when new players are getting into the game (right?), so we would want their first experiences to be veteran players using a wacky mechanic and never letting them see how robust this game is. A good FAQ with a few errata could nip that in the bud and provide some clarity to some of the new battlefield interactions. On the other hand my friend cautions me that new releases in card games often have players finding the crazy aggro before they find the control counters. It may be that the designers have already done an equally amazing job as they did in the first set and are having to painfully watch as we cry wolf when there are already great answers to the "problems".
  5. I was building this deck for my niece and nephew last week but building on the fly so I didn't optimize. Youre right about the characters. Matter that you don't have a large pool so 2 of everything that involves a die a two of everything that is already a two of in the deck. After that it's a matter of taking one of each card left and doubling up on the ones that seem stronger (good call on the flank for empire...rebels can stall with the BB8 though so flank isn't totally useless). You might consider one Force throw in the villain deck and a mind probe for Rey. It will feel more fair. you also might consider letting Finn have a tie fighter in his deck along the same lines. most consider Kylo the better starter but experienced players have said you can win with either...maybe give the rebels both force throws and a tie fighter to start and then balance from there.
  6. Ok interesting, I'm noticing no one said red. So what I'm sensing is. Baton (Fun) Krenic (Great) U-wing (spendy) Baze (underwhelming) Rocket Launcher (Fun) VS Palp (!!!) Force Speed (Predicted to change the game) Obiwan (Loyal Fans) Force Lightning ("Impressive") Hand Crafted Light Bow (Very Playable) VS Chewie (UUUUUrrrrrraaaaaaagggghhhhh!!!!) Bowcaster (shrug?) Maz Goggle (So usable) IG88 (Good and exciting) Slave I (Affordable and Iconic) Quadjumper (strategic) Blackmail (deck defining) I wonder which legendary will be the new Black One?
  7. Looking just at Spirit of rebellion which faction and color got the best legendaries?
  8. GamerGuy 1984 do you think quad villain will be at the top of the new meta or do you have a different horse you would bet on right now?
  9. Ok if disrupt is the meta maybe you can run it with a night sister and use premonitions to get endless ranks out of your hand early and trigger it for zero cost the fist time. Or maybe just lean into some other resource producing cards. Also the docking bay battle field will let me play after math and attrition from the discard for free with little benefit to my opponent...probably won't get to claim much though.
  10. Maybe Baze isn't a bad Legendary... Arguments now are that he and Poe fill the same slot and Poes special is better. It's a long shot but, the FF team made no bad characters in the last set. The weakest 3 were probably Finn,Padmae, and Grevious but all of those characters are positioned to become more playable as new sets release. So if they did their homework, looked hard at all the characters and still made one that is fractionally different from Poe then there must be a reason. My theory is that his special that deals 1 damage to each character might start to matter and for that to be the case 4 character decks must be a thing (other wise the special isn't that strong). So what I'm really wondering is if there is now a very competitive version of 3-4 troopers now and here is my theory deck so far... 3 troopers and a yellow character can get a couple of Aftermath down early and gain two resources each time any character on either side dies This lets them automatically get enough free money to pay for two endless ranks which they can fish out of the discard pile with Cheat On top of that they can be using two copies of Attrition To deal two damage every time a character goes down which is 10 free damage...so automatically killing off one of their enemies (more free resources from aftermath when that happens) So there is kind of a natural bank of money that keeps forming and along with their naturally good dice (and maybe some free rerolls from improvise that can turn their blanks into extra tries) they could be able to keep cranking out troopers (or pilots, because you can squeeze one of those in now too) and they will be dealing damage while they are standing or dying. Will second chance Han save you? Indulge me for a minute and think about this as an endgame show down. On one side you should have han with some damage, some shields and a second chance. On the other you should have two troopers, two redeploy weapons and possibly a vehicle if you've played your pennies right. Han does his thing and then claims to put whatever back on top of the deck. Troopers roll out and their vehicle is in the pool. They play Lockdown To gain control of the battlefield without claiming it and then play We have them now And spin their dice to damage sides. So assuming there is one natural 2 range showing and the other dice can be spun to twos and maybe the vehicle is a 3 or 4...that's 10-12 damage that can be thrown down in order to pop off second chance and take out han. Ok so that's all conjecture because dice mitigation and good claim tactics and quick kills of troopers will get in the way of this...but I wonder if an Endless Banks type of deck is somewhere in this new carpool. If there is a way to get solid money early and get that engine going early it could be super fun..... Until Baze and his Cunning Hired Guns use their specials to riddle through the line up all at the same time. Any thoughts on how to improve that deck or why it is just a pie in the sky idea?
  11. I squeezed my slave one and an astromech into my trooper deck (Bala Tik joined), but the heavy lifting was done by improvise ( the support that lets you use s blank to reroll any number of dice) which basically fixed my blank rolling storm troopers allowing me to save my cards for defense and trickery instead of rerolls. "We have you now" or whatever, let me turn 4 dice to damage as well. Troopers got stronger! Also maz googles are legendary but i don't know why yet. Yet.
  12. 10$. But a few places posted at the very last minute they were doing an event which makes me wondering if they don't want people to show so they can give s select few access to a lot of product....probably not, probably they are just unorganized or uniformed....but then how would they have been on the ball to get those kits.
  13. I've been playing every week for 5 months, I do very well at tournaments and I own the whole collection (which took a lot of gas). The game is not imbalanced if you have access to all the cards. if you have access to very few cards it will feel very imbalanced. if you have access to a fair number of cards it will play quite well. The most important thing to do for balance is to play players of similar skill level or exposure to the game. Players who have lots of experience can put up serious fights with non optimal decks and new players with borrowed decks will not get the same damage output as an experienced player. When I lose at tournaments it is to players who are experienced and know what to mulligan, when to reroll, and which characters to take out first. Last week I was beaten by a "poor mans Luke/Ackbar" that didn't use Luke but used Rey/trooper/ackbar. It wasn't lucky rolls either, they mulliganed well, put out the right upgrades and held on to key cards till they turned the tide of the game. All that said the minimum price tag for this game is $150. You'll need both started and a box of boosters and a few bucks to buy that one last cheap character you need a second dice for. Trading helps. The biggest obstacle is that you can't really play any yellow decks until you've gotten a good spread of characters and you need two copies of many of those characters. In one booster box of 36 you'll average 35% character pulls which means you'll get about 12 characters to add to your Finn Rey Kylo trooper from the starter. There are 24 characters in the game 18 of which you need two dice to optimize. So at one box and two boosters you will have variety but need to trade or snipe singles in order to get the characters you need and those couple of uncommons that are just so so useful that they can't be ignored. Last thought, there was a four trooper deck that made the top 8 in the huge TTS tournament,and is not an expensive deck (it also wasn't optimized and didn't need the two epics it did have if I remember the interview correctly). So a strong player and a thoughtful deck can go far. Don't get frustrated with early defeats, ask lots of questions and you'll have some fun break throughs. Also this game is just plain fun.
  14. Ah this is very helpful, thanks for saying "why", that helps me make decisions and knowing that the skirmish map is dependent on other boxes helps me make an informed decision too. Thanks for the link to boardwars...that was helpful to research all but the rebel rangers and captain terro.
  15. I played one skirmish game a year and a half ago and liked the game. My friend has just the base set and is bringing it to our board game retreat. I want to buy one expansion pack (cause they look so cool) and include that character on a skirmish team to make my experience of the game more fun (think of it like I want to experience the game from the point of view of one of the minis). I don't necessarily want something that is super powerful or super good for skirmish, I just want a pack that is way fun to play and will either be a hoot to see in action or have a cool scenario to play. I lean closer to light side than dark and currently I'm vibing off the new movies... ...but I love it all so WHICH PACK WOULD YOU RECOMMEND and why.
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