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  1. ****! Looks like you guys are gonna ruin my holidays ... Ok, i'll translate database and keep you informed as soon as the english version is out...
  2. Hi, everyone First, allow me to introcduce myself : i'm french, and I've been running a Rogue trader/Dark heresy campaign for about a year ( 2 groups, 2 tables, mixed PC backgrounds ). I'm quite new to the w40k universe, so accept my apologies in advance if anything i say sounds a bit heretic ( and for my mistakes in english ). I've been reading this forum for quite a long time without ever logging in, until today Now to the core of my post : I've quickly grown frustrated with the vastness of rules and pieces of equipment available in RT, and by my impossibility yo use them at their full capacity : My groups of goons often ended up with normal las-rifles, normal cells, mid-range, normal visibility, etc... Kind of sad when you know everything the FFG system enables us to do. So i started to think a bit, and, with the help of one of my player that knows a bit of codes and computers ( to say the least ), i created a program to help me handle my NPCs more efficiently and exploit more of the rules.... Well to be honest, HE created it, i only gave directions of what would be useful et typed the databases. You can find that prog here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/rpgfightmanager/?source=directory Bad news first : - It's in french... sorry... if you guys are interested, we will translate it later on. But hey, it's w40k french... a "bolter lourd" is a "heavy bolter", a "épée tronçonneuse" is a "chainsword", and a "multi-melta" is... well... a "multi-melta" - We only typed RT weapons... Again, if this thing works out, DH, DW and BC are two steps away. Good news : - It's relatively easy to use : 1°) Type your players names in the file 'joueurs.csv" 2°) Type your NPCs names, weapons of choices, talents and stats in "mobs.csv" 3°) Launch RPG_fightmanager.jar 4°) Add NPCs 5°) Check or uncheck boxes regarding weather/lighting. Enter distance between the npc and his target. Choose his weapon and ammo, method of fire, etc... 6°) Shoot !!! 7°) Launch a new round The prog will handle hits/miss, number of hits, righteous fury, number of hits, localization, ammo, jamming, etc... There are tooltips that summarize bonus/malus over several boxes I will comme often to check for bug report and suggestions, so don't hesitate to give some. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that we are not Memetix nor Bobh and our program is still young, so, no rage if your favorite weapon is missing and that something is malfunctioning. I promise we will do our best. And to conclude, if you really want to encourage us, don't hesitate to donate ( the link is on the sourceforge page ), it will pay pizzas and beers during our sessions I hope you will enjoy our little prog
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