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  1. There is a very real chance that unique surges are a type of surge in much the same way that turning marches are a type of march. Will require FAQ, but I expect it to be ruled the same way as the Aggressive musicians - permissively. As for Vorun'thul, without having played against him, I expect him to bring serious force projection to Waiqar. Death Knights sorta have it, Wraiths sorta have it, but overall it's tough for Waiqar to be very threatening on the board. Vorun'thul should be able to bully in much the same way as Kari can, preying hard on things that can't stand up to him, but also critically being able to get himself out of trouble with the flexibility of his shapeshifting. So what army can take advantage of that presence? Well, any that wants some relief from more mobile, aggressive foes I'd say. When it comes to fighting, Reanimates are pretty swell! It's just they're incredible slow. With Vorun'thul at their side, they're much harder to approach risk-free. Very interested in seeing him on the table.
  2. Ok so this is extremely relevant to my interests, so I'm doing some digging in the RRG. Disclaimer: it's all kind of pointless until we see the actual rules text on Vitality tokens, but speculatively: Assuming we're talking about picking out units with Accuracy results, this text is interesting: "2.5 - Each time a wound is suffered by a figure that has an accuracy (?) icon, one accuracy icon on that figure is spent." Now I assume that preventing a wound with a Vitality will count as the figure suffering that wound and therefore spend the accuracy, but that is not immediately evident in the rules. You can definitely spend the Vitality to prevent an Accuracy'd mortal strike on a figure upgrade, because it is its own step. If your opponent has multiple mortal strike results to spend AND preventing the wound somehow doesn't spend the Accuracy, then I see nothing preventing them from assigning further mortal strikes until you run out of Vitality. Damage seems to work the same way. You spend hits to cause the defender to suffer damage, and you can assign damage from the pool towards individual figures. If your opponent can assign multiple wounds worth of damage, whether through Accuracy or just it being in the back rank, there doesn't appear to be anything stopping them from simply trying again after the Vitality token is spent. All this to say, Vitality tokens will probably act to counter Accuracy results, which is pretty sweet and will make my Lance Corporals extremely durable.
  3. Can I see a shot with Maegan sitting on the moose in the tray? Something about the moose alone makes the whole sense of scale way off, as if this is for a 10mm wargame or something. I suspect the reason that Aliana looks so natural in there is she herself provides a sense of scale that the big lumbering moose can't.
  4. Ooh that is nice. Plays really well with their high Defense values!
  5. I have been collecting and playing miniatures games for something like fifteen years, and in all that time, I have been awful at getting things painted. My MO is to get weirdly anxious about paint schemes, try a couple test models, and then move on to another project. Well, Runewars has rocketed to being my favourite game, so this time will be different! Eventually. Anyway things are finally getting halfway presentable, so I may as well post them up! Literally my first time using flock. I bought a big container of it as a teenager, finally opened it last night. Stuff goes on pretty well! Also this fella is missing teal on sleeves and spear, but is otherwise more or less final.
  6. I think there's more room to explore Daqan's theme of using Inspiration tokens. Something like [melee]: Spend any number of your Inspiration tokens. Gain Lethal(x) for this attack, where x is equal to the number of Inspiration tokens spent. It might be too weak an effect since Inspiration tokens are almost always worth more than a single point of damage, but it does provide nice damage flexibility army-wide, and the more Lethal and Protected in the game, the more variety there is in damage math.
  7. Fortunately his skill ability is "up to" the number of runes, so you can always choose a more conservative number.
  8. True, at which point the discussion becomes "how do I go about maintaining that damage over the course of the game", meaning additional resources to support those numbers. However, especially in the case of Crossbowmen, my experience has been that if they get to shoot 3 or more times then you're in very good shape, so frontloading as much damage as possible into those shots is quite valuable. Especially with Marching Cornicen, Crossbows often lose nothing by rallying for a turn or two.
  9. There are three builds I'd like to try in the coming months: Outland Scouts [43] 3x2 Artifact Bearer [4] Moment of Inspiration [5] The Dawnblade [10] Total Unit Cost: 62 Quite serious damage - tosses out 12 or 15 without breaking a sweat, and although it's 62 vulnerable points, the Scouts' dial is pretty good. Might be good, might be good. Outland Scouts [32] 2x2 Kari Wraithstalker [18] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 54 BBB with 2 rerolls makes this deadly to be around. Scout should let it deploy across from something not particularly threatening and then proceed to shred anything within 5. Outland Scouts [32] 2x2 Uncontrolled Geomancer [6] Total Unit Cost: 38 If Vorun'Thul Reanimates and Berserker stars get too big for their britches, this should trade pretty well. Pretty much a suicide unit, but if it can get two or three Geomancies then it's probably done a great job. Meta call, pretty much. Could go nicely with a Golem army headed by Zachareth...
  10. I tried it once, worked alright. As Budgernaut says it doesn't address the majority of their issues, but I maintain that single Golems are solid support units, and working with other units they can usually earn their spot in a list.
  11. I'm definitely open to iterations of the same characters, and actually that might be a good way to sneakily buff those that under-perform. Ardus v2 could be a cavalry hero with a fairly different battlefield role, but you could include upgrades that are "Ardus only" that v1 could take. Effectively it's giving a whole new hero, with a bit of backwards compatibility.
  12. I have not, but it's hard to overstate how large the Darnati swords are. Between that and the Scouts having some pretty clear Daqan design elements (especially in the legs) I think they'd look quite out of place.
  13. RWM 8.1: A unit is allied to itself and can affect itself with any of its abilities that affect allied units unless those abilities explicitly affect “other” allied units. As for multiple conditions or tokens on one unit, no good. You pick them, and then those that are picked receive the bonus - if you picked one rune golem 3 times, it would still only receive 1 token. You're not actually handing out the tokens or cards, you're selecting targets for an ability to resolve, so you can't double or triple up. But yes, Baron Zachareth can start with a Vitality token and Kethra can take Unnatural Growths.
  14. Well duh, the watchtowers are to keep the undead OUT, silly.
  15. Yeah I think Waiqar stands to gain the most from it, because they have a lot of answers. Maro gets a lot better if there's no Kari or Aliana to prey on him, Death Knights are exceptional against the right targets, Executioner has serious value against the right targets, they can build for pretty extreme mortal strikes or blight control. Waiqar is kinda the toolbox faction, and I'd love to see them better able to take advantage of that toolbox. Daqan has some interesting stuff too - the Eagle Banner Bearer is a strong answer to high-defense targets, Rune Golems are pretty strong against the right target, and Uncontrolled Geomancer is pretty nuts against the right target. I guess you could make a list entirely of Defense 2(3)+ models which might be an interesting take. I'm no Latari expert, but I expect you'd find a list with lots of blocking to hold off the more aggressive armies and one with more aggressive elements to punish slow-rollers. Uthuk I have even less idea... a berserker star and msu rippers? Will be more interesting with the new releases later this year, I could imagine a board control list taking advantage of Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar and Viper Legion, with Obscenes to keep enemies where you want them. Basically if I can take two lists I get to bring more weird stuff, and I would love to see more weird stuff on the table.
  16. I have definitely felt the same way, but @Rattt has explained to me why it doesn't end up being the case (or at least, why it's better than single list). Looking at your example, if the auto-win is indeed strong in so much of the field, then we can expect to see lots of it at a tournament, yes? And likely some number of DDD, as meta calls (let's assume DDD is generally poor against non auto-win lists). In that case, pairings have a huge influence over the victor - maybe the ultimate winner is an auto-win that had the good fortune of never going up against a DDD. Anyway, if there are strong lists and strong counters, it is pretty random what ends up happening, but if a list is indeed quite strong then it will likely win. With two lists, you can play the sort of all-comers army you might ordinarily want to play but which gets stomped by whatever strong thing is out there, then also pack a list that does better against the outlier. This works especially well when factions have strong themes - if Uthuk are indeed over the curve right now, then they, more than a specific build for them, are the thing to build against. The details vary, but Uthuk aren't great at turning, have low defense/high wounds, and take great advantage of terrain. The more factions and lists have access to these counters, the more it keeps everyone honest.
  17. I think Runewars stands to gain from moving its tournaments to a two-list format. For those not familiar with it, it means that you bring two lists (of the same faction) to the event, and choose one each round. Specifics can vary, but you'll know at least what faction your opponent is playing before choosing your list. You might also get to know what scenario and deployment are being used, and/or what your opponent's lists are. So, why would it be good? It helps tame the meta. If there is a faction, unit, or build that is particularly strong, people can bring counters to it without having to stake the entire tournament on it. It helps counter skews. This isn't currently much of a thing in Runewars, but if armies featuring lots of high-Defense units (Baron Zachareth and Golems, perhaps?) become dominant, you can ensure that one of your lists aims to address it. It encourages wacky maverick builds. Imagine a list with a 6-tray unit of Golems - cool, right? Well right now you'd be crazy to take that in a list because of the number of pretty hard counters to it, but if you have another list that can handle opponents with lots of wounding tech, suddenly it's not so bad. So that's good stuff, really. Units' relative value gets smoothed out, list diversity increases, and it introduces another element to list-building. Although I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons, they're worth a look: It increases tournament complexity. There is already a fair amount of extra preparation required, so changing things even further from the rules packaged with the game increases the barrier to entry for inexperienced players. It makes the game more expensive. Although I think most of the time I would just tweak upgrades, it's certainly plausible that your two lists would look absolutely nothing alike. Not a problem for us die-hards, but it's yet another hurdle for new players. You can get into a "list chicken" scenario, in which each of your lists is countered by one of your opponents. It doesn't feel good to have a game so heavily influenced by what is essentially a coin-flip, but that's also true of single-list formats - two lists at least gives you the opportunity to mitigate it. @Rattt and I will probably try running any unofficial tournaments up here using two lists, but I'm interested to hear about the experiences and expectations of the community at large.
  18. The good news is you can only bring one to a tournament, so it’s not like you can rely on it. Probably best they continue that design.
  19. I think the most egregious thing is Scuttling Horror does it for 3 points. The other units have it baked into their cost in an obscure manner, so you can't really analyze the ability on its own, but with Threshers it's right there staring you in the face. @Budgernaut hits the nail on the head with it being a free action as well - with Leonx, they either fight or they end up 1 away from you. Threshers might fight, might shift out and still dial the attack, might shift out and move away, might shift out and reform, etc. Plus, as you've described, this is over and above its frankly abusive relationship with terrain. Plus, it's a free stun! As for flanking the Threshers being rare, the scuttle is a strong disincentive to go for the flank, even if it's open. Without it, the extra die and option to not close in if you kill the one you're engaged with are pretty strong, but with you suddenly face a coin flip on whether you get to do anything the next turn. Like, if Flank Guards read: "After the command phase, if it would engage or disengage you, you may perform a speed-1 shift sideways", how many points would it be worth? At least 3, I'd say.
  20. Heavy costing is pretty messed up in general. There's no way the Golem and Thresher should be so cheap, so it's clearly FFG's design that part of the cost come from the unit getting the slot at all, which means units NOT taking the upgrade cost way too much, and things like the Support Lancer get mysteriously hosed.
  21. Hm, Bonecaster is completely devoid of timing, which seems like an oversight: RRG1.5 "An ability that is not preceded by an icon is accompanied by text that describes when a unit can use that ability." Since it lacks timing, let's assume it's the most liberal "at any time," so you could certainly treat it as ranged as soon as you declare the attack, but that doesn't change the fact that by the time you have the opportunity to spend surges you're making a ranged attack and your surge ability triggers off of melee attacks.
  22. Ok, let's walk through it: Reveal Kethra's dial at initiative 3 with [melee attack] selected. RRG 10.1: her only attack profile is her melee with WW, so she must select that. 10.2 is select target, so this is our last chance to use Bonecaster, treating the WW melee attack profile we've already selected as a WW ranged attack. 10.6 is spend surges, at which point we are performing a ranged attack which cannot trigger the melee surge ability on her card. It seems pretty clear cut, honestly. By the time you have the opportunity to spend surges, you're already making a ranged attack, and there is absolutely no indication that Bonecaster lets you treat a melee surge ability as a ranged surge ability. Obviously relying on templating arguments with FFG is a mistake, but Sweeping Strikes and Th'Uk Tar already give us precedent for making melee attacks at range, and it would have been very simple to add a ranged icon to the surge ability.
  23. Yeah, that is very much a "for the points" statement. 40+ points gets you a whole lot more than one Thresher.
  24. Carrion Lancers ARE great, that's true. Their dial is one of the best in the game, rolling 3 dice is always strong, and you never can quite ignore the threat of those surge mortal strikes. They're clearly very good in multiple sizes and builds, and any Waiqar player that isn't making extensive use of them is doing themself a disservice. Rune Golems, maligned as they are, have their uses. Anyone forced to deal with their high defense will find them fairly durable, their damage is swingy but good, and although their dial is quite bad, white reforms are ALWAYS great. More and more, I think 2 defense/5 wounds is actually a very strong statline. My meta will of course be skewing my perspective, but I think there are enough sources of direct wounds in the game that relying on high defense becomes a serious liability. You can't really counter Spined Threshers, you just have to chew through them. I'm glad for the defense/health balance providing theme and gameplay, it just so happens that Uthuk are designed for efficient combat stats that perform reliably. I think calling it a minor difference that is made up for with upgrades or dials is pretty disingenuous, because that's either a significant investment or a serious limitation on gameplay.
  25. An excellent question to which we'll have no answer until (at least) the formal rules text for Vitality tokens are released. This is a very cool idea which is making me wish you could take an Artifact Bearer and Lance Corporal.
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