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  1. Hmm, you might be on to something. The Deathborn Legion have a thing for antlers, horn-crowns seem to be a status symbol in Latari society, and Kethra is very proud of her hat. Come to Daqan, Hawthorne is about as glam as it gets for the humans.
  2. Figure upgrades are neat, add some interesting utility. Darnati probably benefit the most from it? Leonx's charge is at +1, so they probably prefer that to his, but free turns and wheels are still good. Ventala already have a free turn, and the free charge is probably not much good (unless they have close quarters targeting...) Darnati get to charge further than 2!
  3. Having played against Vorun'thul a few times, he seems like an absolute pleasure to pilot. Mobile, dangerous, and durable. Waiqar players are in for a good time. I'm still trying to figure out Zachareth. I haven't played with Master of Subterfuge or Greyhaven Runelore yet, but Nerekhall Training is definitely great. Green is very much his colour - shooting AND marching/reforming/shifting is excellent action economy - but I've found him slow and clumsy to maneuver. In spite of his strong early initiatives, he's not very good at getting the charge off, and quite lousy at flanking. Casually dealing 10 wounds to defense 2 units in one swing DOES seem valuable though, doesn't it. He needs a lot more table time, that's for sure.
  4. It's next to worthless, but here's a folder for the promotional items I've been chipping away at making
  5. I'll agree that up to this point Uthuk have been ahead of the curve in some places - 2x1 Spined Threshers, Warsprinter, Insatiable Hunger, and Scuttling Horror all seem obviously too good for their cost - but the new stuff is way more technical. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's far from the straight forward combat efficiency they launched with. Th'uk Tar is not the one-man wrecking crew Ravos is, but instead a highly mobile independent harassing force or backline support that requires support and coordination to get even decent results out of (presumably, can't know for sure until we see everything). Viper Legion are cool, but their damage output is not spectacular among ranged units and instead they're perfect for a more control-oriented Uthuk we haven't seen yet, and Obscenes look to fit the same bill. In other words, I'd say Uthuk are getting more varied, not more powerful. Compare this to Vorun'thul, who is supremely mobile, is virtually guaranteed a flank, and can even shift his enemies around! Zachareth who I'm a little uncertain about but he is at least solid among Daqan's already excellent hero selection, and Prince Faolan who, if the previews are any indication, can face down almost any opponent head to head and emerge victorious (while being hyper-mobile). It seems clear to me that the designers are aware of the power discrepancy and are moving to address it.
  6. I love Hawthorne's dial, he is such a pleasure to play with, but man if WR no reroll isn't unreliable. He's one good artifact a la Dimodian Blades away from being an absolute staple in my lists. If there's a world in which he can't be ignored, the possibility of Zachareth making him invincible will be very interesting indeed.
  7. Dimodian is particularly good on Ardus, and not half bad on Death Knights. Lord of Subterfuge is very interesting, I wonder how often it will be good. Neuters the cat bounce, mitigates Scuttling Horror flank disengages, settles coin flips. Very interesting.
  8. Oooh they are a great Rallying Shrieker platform aren't they. I think the Trapmaster looks like a lot of fun, sad to see it's unique.
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/19/twisted-fearmonger/ 10 Uniques! Gorgemaw especially looks like you can really customize his battlefield role. Ok let's see here: dial is pretty great. Starting with red, fighting at 4 is nothing special, but good modifiers especially with the way he looks to be able to stack lethal/Thrashing Tail. His blue advances are pretty solid in Beastmaster form, excellent with Gorgemaw. Green is where it's really exciting, giving him heaps of really early mobility options. Very excited to see what Gorgemaw can do, slipping around enemies and thrashing about.
  10. Pretty sure Zachareth's infantry and cavalry upgrades will both read 'Before your activation, you may receive either "Saviour of Carthridge" or "Betrayer of Carthridge." Limit once per game.' Identical to his built in ability, no reason it wouldn't work on a unit. I figure 12, 15 points? Maybe more if they throw in a die upgrade. I'm hoping his other unique is melee focused to complement Nerekhall Training. Something like when you perform a blue maneuver you may increase its speed by 1 would be pretty huge, and make him a much more credible charging threat. Zachareth also has a mysterious sixth Daqan-only card shown in the preview spread, so third unique? Second artifact?? Vorun'thul I'm figure HAS to get some way to regenerate wounds. In fact Shard of the Shadow Rune would have been perfect for him, thematically. Having faced him a few times now though, if he gets rerolls or regeneration he's gonna be pretty insane.
  11. I think it's 2 2x1's you've really gotta worry about. The 2x2 is fierce, but at least it's a lot of points tied up in one place, not swarming over you like locusts!
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/17/brotherhood-of-kul/ So I'd say the dial is pretty standard/bad aside from that red reform modifier. Changing facing while firing is pretty excellent. More bane support is pretty cool to see, though that's... pretty strong. Uthuk will have access to a pretty good control game by the end of the year.
  13. Congrats on top 3 worldwide podcasts! Episode was great, though I'd say the intro music was a little too loud relative to the voice level.
  14. I would be very interested to read a battle report from that larger format!
  15. So far Vorun'thul is a dangerous predator whose dice live up to his "cursed" moniker, and Zachareth is a very interesting brawler/turret/army support. Definitely good stuff.
  16. It’d be a pretty huge change, but with nerekhall training and fortunas dice, there might be a good case for a 2x1 spearmen with rallying cornicen. Good at keeping blight and immobilize off the spear star.
  17. Maybe I've just had bad luck, but I find the spearstar is just too vulnerable to morale. If it's not flee in terror it's betrayal or uncertainty. You're right though, the synergy is there.
  18. Yep, it's a handy deadline to put some pressure on! I'm finally doing some basing.
  19. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/10/oath-of-horn-and-branch/ Warden of Horn and Branch is pretty interesting. Probably bad, but I do like that it promotes a bizarre Ventala MSU spam.
  20. Well, got two games in this weekend, with a list that is probably not very good: 200/200 Oathsworn Cavalry [34] 2x2 Raven Tabards [2] Total Unit Cost: 36 Rune Golems [28] 2x1 Visored Helms [7] Total Unit Cost: 35 Spearmen [40] 3x2 Lance Corporal [6] Raven-Pennon Bearer [5] Total Unit Cost: 51 Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1 Tempered Steel [3] Marching Cornicen [2] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 36 Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1 Nerekhall Training [4] Total Unit Cost: 42 I basically wanted to try him in a "normal" sort of list, to gauge his performance among elements I'm quite familiar with. I went Betrayer both games, though he didn't get attacked very much so he wasn't spamming tokens. Observations: Vitality on the Spearmen is pretty cool. Pretty much my opponent just ignored the figure upgrades rather than picking them off when the chance arose, because the choice of removing a full tray or a token was too punishing. Worthwhile, I think. Rune Golems got Obcasium both games, which was pretty much a fine trade but not exactly a time to shine. Visored Helms did save a wound in one game, but is probably too expensive to be worth it. Nerekhall Training is great, but a bit scary without Fortuna's. WB with a reroll has like 82% chance of rolling at least one surge, but that is not guaranteed. Immobilizing a charging unit is pretty cool, and going down to RR in melee is not a very big downgrade. Zachareth need allies nearby, whether to stun or give Vitality. Later in the game, when heavy casualties had been suffered, there was no one around for him to stun, so his damage dropped. Pretty solid combatant. RRR plus a hit is pretty good, it turns out, so although he's certainly not Ravos scary, he can cause a legitimate ruckus. His dial is kinda weird! His short moves are quite competitive, but he can't move more than 2 until I7. Great shooting options, 5 legitimate good choices. Next I will build a list that focuses on his strengths... once I better identify them.
  21. I hope it ends up being a valid way to build him, and I somewhat expect his other unique to be more Saviour based. As is however, I think he contributes far more to a game with Betrayer, which I’ll point out can still theoretically have him prevent 36-42 damage while also contributing decent damage.
  22. 200 on 6x3 definitely feels correct for tournament play, and things will have been balanced around that point, but I think 300 would play fine. Mostly I think you’d just use more of the table, leaving less room for interesting maneuvering. Certainly be cinematic.
  23. I think two crossbow units is too greedy. Especially without marching cornicen, they’re pretty helpless against a lot of enemies. Terrain can help, and I really like hiding behind a rock and shooting around it, but you’d want a bigger bid for that. Most melee units can cover distance 6-7 with a late move and an early charge, so without cover they might not even get a shot off. They’re surprisingly good in melee, but not THAT good. Corruption rune is also a pretty sweet buy on any spearmen without lance corporal.
  24. With Baron Zachareth less than two weeks away from release (!!!) it's about time we started taking a serious look at what he brings to the table. We don't have a full grasp of his upgrades just yet, but one thing we DO know for sure is that he makes three of your units just a little bit tougher. Things that seem interesting with Vitality tokens: Rune Golems, obviously. Still vulnerable to mortal strikes, but not so trivialized by them, and even more implacable against small-medium damage-dealing units. I look forward to trying the 2x1 with Visored Helms. Figure upgrades! It's impossible to know until we get the actual rules text for Vitality tokens, but they can almost certainly save figure upgrades from being picked out by accuracy at range. Also good for stopping that lone mortal strike from killing your Lance Corporal. Spearmen will be able to much more reliably get use out of their figure upgrades, which feels good. Selfishly, himself! Betrayer is quite a strong condition, so I think you're going to want him up front fighting. I'm basically thinking of him as a 5-wound hero that hands out 2 tokens. Oathsworn. Defense 3 isn't the most amazing use of a token, but it's not bad at all, and helps a reliable, self-sufficient combat unit stay in the fight longer. Other heroes: Kari is a wonderful bully who does amazing work, so if a token gives her another turn to wreak havoc then it's very well spent indeed; Hawthorne can make probably the best use out of any figure, and will be a true brick wall. What are you planning to protect with him?
  25. There have been successful lists that run things like 2x1 Berserkers with Fire Rune, so I think it's fair to say there is room in SOME lists for ranged support. You've specialized in Uthuk's aggressive nature, particularly with those Rippers, so you'd probably have to change the whole nature of your list to get dividends from the new stuff. Which is pretty cool! It's great to be able to mix things up. Also, @Church14 has talked in the past about his observation that it's tough to get really good use out of more than 8 trays worth of melee units. Obviously more don't go to waste, but I think it's reasonable to start thinking of 8 trays as a bit of an inflection point, after which further investment has diminishing returns. Maybe you pivot to something like this: Let's use Viper Legion: 197/200 Berserkers [37] 3x2 Warsprinter [3] Aggressive Shrieker [5] Total Unit Cost: 45 Flesh Rippers [38] 2x2 Dead Sprint [4] Total Unit Cost: 42 Spined Threshers [28] 2x1 Devouring Maws [3] Total Unit Cost: 31 Spined Threshers [28] 2x1 Devouring Maws [3] Total Unit Cost: 31 Viper Legion Archers [33] 2x2 Dispatch Runner [7] Wind Rune [6] Simultaneous Orders [2] Total Unit Cost: 48 Now that's just something I threw together, but it's freed up the modifier dial on the Berserkers and reduced the crowding on the frontlines in exchange for a unit that can be firing and repositioning while handing out dispatch runner attacks. Between wind rune and warsprinter's army-wide ability, the archers should have no trouble keeping up, and especially on units near a Thresher, they put out pretty respectable damage. Maybe you find they're not for you, but additional options are always good. As for Obscenes and Beastmaster... they bring a weird, technical style of play to the Uthuk that is extremely difficult to analyze without considerable table time, never mind dials.
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