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  1. Pardon the quality, but @werdnaegni here's Greyhaven Runelore: And @Budgernaut is it you running the wiki? Here's his terrain:
  2. Sounds like Faolan and Ventala will in fact be legal for Worlds!
  3. Do you get much use out of Lessons of Seragart? Seems like a 2x1 Spearmen with Rallying Cornicen is generally a better buff bot in the back lines. Well not better, but cheaper for similar effect. I've been off the Hawthorne train for a while now, I'd love to hear your experiences with him.
  4. I agree that it sets a curious precedent, but as far as I can tell the line of sight rules are unambiguous. You draw a line between two points in your front arc, and you have line of sight. Work of art to demonstrate: Since there is a gap between the trays, there must be line of sight. Accordingly, there is a place for his tray, as such: That being said, I think the FAQ is clear that you couldn't place yourself so far over as to align two trays away. UPDATE: ok so the only line of sight restriction is that you be placed at range 1 and in line of sight. At requires only some portion of the tray, so this becomes perfectly legal:
  5. Metered march is cool and good, BUT Marching Cornicen turns their I5 3-charge into a 3 turning charge, which usually doesn't happen until I7. Give them Raven Tabards for even more exceptional charging. Good build if you want to be surprisingly aggressive with them. Scouts with Kari seems good, but it's definitely swingy. You can lose those 54 points in the blink of an eye, but it's probably a pretty good way to get big wins in the early rounds of a tournament. Could be cool. Seasoned Pathfinder is super strong, but with two of the three deployments having only two pieces of terrain, I think it's an option best left to a later date. With an aggressive bid to ensure you get to deploy two pieces, that presence will be super powerful and oppressive, but with only one... not full potential. More crossbows more good, so you really can't go wrong with that last option. Forged in Battle kinda wants you to delay things a bit, Metered March gives you the option to stall well, and Crossbows are excellent ranged damage, so you have the makings of a solid defensive list. Scouts sorta work against that plan by being up front early, but board control is never bad. edit: for what it's worth, we'll probably see lots of double crossbow lists, and opponents WILL be considering that when they're list building.
  6. That's right. By that ruling he should be able to shift over one tray as well if he wants to, though that part hasn't come up yet.
  7. We briefly wondered about this before deciding to use the permissive ruling that you can draw line of sight to the tiny sliver of space between your tray and theirs. Do you have reason to believe that you wouldn't have line of sight there? I know they FAQ'd out the triangles to either side, but I can't think of a reason that should apply here. Similarly, if you engage his flank he can use a skill to teleport onto YOUR flank.
  8. **VIRTUALLY NO ACTUAL PLAY EXPERIENCE AGAINST IT PLEASE IGNORE** I do like looking at the two effects separately, though it's tough to compare to other upgrades because it's a Unique slot. Ritual Venom (which looks extremely strong, if you ask me) costs 3 points plus 1-3 wounds. Those wounds will be worth something like 1-2 points each, depending on what it's on (this is not how scoring works, but it's the best way I can think to evaluate it), so you could think of it as a 6-7 point upgrade that you can probably only count on getting two banes out of. Looking at it that way, it's pretty comparable to Blackthorn, though I think Immobilize will generally be stronger, and certainly the ability to choose mid-game is great. 1/2 statline on a figure upgrade is pretty strong so it's not at great risk of being sniped out, but neither does it offer much extra durability. Also, critically, there is steep competition for Champion and Equipment upgrades. So, what would I pay for an exhaustible stun on attack for a melee bruiser? Maybe 3 points, probably not 4, certainly 2 (sometimes). Looking at Rune Golems, using their skill to stun is half of what they do when I play them, but that's as much to do with initiative and the defense modifier as the value of the stun itself. The shift doesn't have as many contemporaries, so it's harder to get a baseline. 6 points, like Wind Rune? Not nearly as powerful, but doesn't require a Skill to use. Perhaps 4, like Lay of the Land? 4-6 certainly feels like the right range, for 6-9 points total. Seems more reasonable. That said, I'd be happier if it just didn't exist at all because it fundamentally breaks the action economy of terrain. I really like terrain in this game: it works as an interesting speed bump/springboard/obstacle, but when you can enter or exit it without ending your activation, it becomes really powerful. I like what terrain does to the decision-making possibilities in a game, but I'd be crazy to bring anything with capacity, as a non-Uthuk player.
  9. It's quite disgusting. Here's a little diagram I put together a while back:
  10. This is extremely relevant to my interests.
  11. Hmm, one of the podcasts recently touched on hints for future units from Descent and other Terrinoth games, and pointed out that for Daqan it's mostly heroes. Daqan has 3 infantry units with command upgrade slots, so a command pack featuring 4 infantry figure upgrades that are famed adventurers could be neat. Leoric of the Book: 2 Def 2 Wounds, 13 points, infantry champion While defending, exhaust Leoric of the Book to remove 1 die icon. While performing a melee or ranged attack, discard Leoric of the Book to choose one enemy unit at range 1-3 (ignoring line of sight) to be the defender. Jain Fairwood: 2 Def 2 Wounds, 8 points, infantry champion While defending, you may receive 1 stun token to gain Protected (2). After you reveal your command tool, discard Jain Fairwood to resolve your modifier dial before your action dial this activation. Grisban the Thirsty: 2 Def 4 Wounds, 16 points, infantry champion Before you reveal your command tool, Grisban may suffer 1 wound to remove 1 bane (limit once per round) After the command phase, discard Grisban the Thirsty to perform a melee attack. Tomble Burrowell: 4 Def 1 Wound, 7 points, infantry champion Other friendly units at range 1-3 gain Protector. Damage cannot be assigned to Tomble Burrowell if there is another model that it could be assigned to. For most of these I wanted a way to do a "once per game" effect that would probably be better handled with a condition card, but "discard" is both a more costly mechanic (losing the persistent effect) and easier to type out. That said, give me and Aggressive or Marching upgrade for Oathsworn (heraldry???) and I am happy forever.
  12. There is absolutely room for more units and heroes for each faction, and I expect them to continue to populate the existing factions. However, where we are now (or will be later this year anyway) gives a pretty good amount of list building variety to every faction, so I'd like to see them put out a fifth and sixth over the next couple years. As for wishlist, as a Daqan player another cav makes sense, but Oathsworn are already fairly heavy, and I'm not sure what light cav wouldn't step on Scouts' toes. Maybe a horse archer, but they may want to keep that design space limited to Latari. Ironbound are neat looking so I'd be all over them. @Church14 makes a good point with another command set, those are great ways to create tons of new gameplay opportunity with largely existing models. Cavalry command would be... very cool. Yes, I want that.
  13. Alright, filled in a few more blanks, still a bit of work to be done for some of the newer stuff. Won't hurt to increase visibility every now and then.
  14. On the smaller end of things, a 3x2 with just blighted vexillum bearer is a totally solid fighting unit. Cheap, ok durability, swings for about six damage and sometimes spikes for nine.
  15. Yeah Betrayer doesn't have an effect for gaining the condition, but Savior is a big rally, and because it's before the activation you could for example use it to ready Lord of Subterfuge and remove an immobilize token in order to use Lord of Subterfuge and then charge, when otherwise you might not be able to do either. Similarly, if you have another unit that desperately needs a bane removed, you'd need to ensure you activate Zachareth first in order to trigger Savior.
  16. Thankfully it takes at least 4 Obscenes to push so many Reanimates, so at least if they want to disrupt you so much it's going to take considerable investment.
  17. The limit once per game is to prevent him from gaining both Saviour and Betrayer. With this wording, he has to commit to one or the other each game, but it continues to be useful to him throughout.
  18. The good news is if they spend the stun that way, by the time you perform your rally action you'll have no banes, so (assuming you have no exhausted cards) you'll get an inspiration token, which CAN be spent before your opponent can spend the bane.
  19. So far, our experience with Vorun'thul has been that he is a Big Deal. The transformation is a bit tricky, and it's still quite possible to get him killed to burst damage, but as long as he can engage favourably he can stay very safe while dealing strong damage to vulnerable targets. I expect to see him in Worlds top 4. I've also been pretty impressed by Wraiths. They're not durable, they don't hit very hard, but they are singularly maneuverable, and being able to float through terrain means it's much harder to control/disrupt Waiqar's deployment with terrain. Board presence and battlefield control were things distinctly lacking in Waiqar lists, and these provide that. With or without Zachareth, I've had Rune Golems perform well too often to dismiss them. Their dial has a lot of problems, and we've all had rounds with zero unstable runes spoil an otherwise great plan, but the reform modifier, small footprint, and situational durability bring a lot to the table. I'm honestly not sure how much Zachareth cares about them at this point - one vitality token is nice but not crucial, and I haven't yet tried him with Saviour. Mostly I've been giving his setup tokens to himself, a Spearmen unit with Lance Corporal/Raven Pennon Bearer, and a unit of Golems, and that's working fine. I've gone Betrayer every game so far since the increased damage seems much more useful than a rally, but as a consequence my opponent has focused damage elsewhere so his vitality tokens aren't being put to great use. I must try Saviour.
  20. I'd advocate for 125-130 points, force a bit of decision making and differentiate builds a bit. Poor Waiqar gets hosed, Ardus and Ankaur need support terribly (and are probably bad even still) so Vorun'thul will have to try to carry. Daqan is probably best focusing on ranged attacks and control, hoping that Nerekhall Training and Hawthorne can create an unfair fight. Would be interesting. Maegan's AoE is much less useful with so few targets with low defense, but Aliana is a killer and Faolan is a solid brawler. Etharyon of the Ailatar becomes pretty clutch. Uthuk have Ravos who is excellent at killing heroes, Kethra who probably wants Bonecaster and dialing in a mortal for probably 2 wounds per attack, and Th'uk Tar... probably on Gorgemaw? Tough to say until we see more.
  21. It's either harmless future-proofing (an excellent sign) or they have a specific unit in mind (even better).
  22. Lifting the usual restriction of 2 unique units per army?
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