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  1. In a perfect world, you're probably right, but we don't live in a perfect world. More data would be great, but we're not going to get it if the perception of poor balance drives players away. Worlds HAS to be our most significant case study because it's all we've got. The fact that it corroborates stories from countless local metas is telling. How many indicators does it take? I'd be very interested to see how you compared them. As far as I'm concerned, siege units in particular bring too much curious utility to bear direct numbers comparisons - how do you assess the value of making your opponent worry about a speed 4 charge next turn? Slithering 3 at 3 to block a charge lane? Seems to me that Spined Threshers compare more directly to non-siege units - white skill modifier, fight at 4, fairly normal maneuver options.
  2. Kari's on my hit list for a reason. Her surge ability is way overpowered, and poorly designed to boot. Maegan hasn't been throwing up red flags that I've seen. Insatiable Hunger IS a sensible target for balance patching though, good point. You're not wrong, but the thing is we're already in a bad spot. We've all seen the anecdotes of Uthuk sweeping local metas and drying up interest, and Vorun'thul is primed to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Daqan gunlines aren't very interactive, and largely come down to "did I break the blockers in time". Poor health at the competitive level has implications all the way down - the game is going for the niche of mechanically sound fantasy rank & flank, but in its current state I have difficulty recommending it to locals. The turning charge is better in most cases than a straight charge would be anyway, so I agree that the -1 on the straight is pointless. Dial changes, however, seem virtually impossible, so we're probably stuck with them. That includes, to a lesser extent, the printed health and defense of each unit. When I say "design rules" I mean a set of guidelines that keep the game interactive. Charge 7 and reform+charge at I3 are the things that break my imagined rules, though fight+charge is also a contender. Not relevant to Warsprinter, but disengaging from combat before I5 is another line that is increasingly being crossed and quite bad for the health of the game. Obviously you're better at the game than I am, but I really think you're being disingenuous when discussing the Scuttle's power level. It abuses terrain, is a vastly better Flank Guards than Flank Guards is, provides minor general positional utility at the best possible timing, AND has the stun. It needs to be gutted. Once that's done, Devouring Maws' relative power goes up, and it is already head and shoulders better than every other healing option in game. Threshers are also the only siege unit that attacks at 4, the only siege unit with a double icon enhance modifier, the only siege unit with a skill bonus action. Why should they also have a very powerful AoE panic engine? The point cost increase is speculative, but keep in mind that they're still singularly efficient, especially at 2x1. 2/4 would be pretty cool, but health and defense is printed on the dial, so I consider it verboten. Upgrade slots are an interesting one, and seem semi-random, at least for core set units. Spearmen have no Training slot, so can't do neat simultaneous orders builds, Oathsworn have no musician, etc. Equipment is one of the worst to miss out on though, and Regenerate gets real juicy with defense buffs. Good consideration. An extra wound WOULD be sweet, but with Vitality tokens out in the wild I don't think it's an option. Overall I like their design, and they're pretty powerful in a defensive blocker role - their body is decent and needs to be chewed through, and sometimes they go crazy and punch way up. Dropping two stun tokens before they die can be amazing as well. I think the thing I like least about them is how vulnerable they feel when they attack, and how often it forces you to just skill. Another quality idea from @Rattt is a sweeping change to the RRG to prevent anyone entering or exiting terrain outside of their own activation. The cat's out of the bag on out of activation moves, and it frankly breaks terrain, turning it into a convenient little gravity well to hop through rather than a genuine obstacle. Terrain has a lot of good stuff going for it, and the going through slowly vs going around is classic wargame design, and creates good, interesting gameplay. Even if all factions get equal access to these sorts of effects and the game is perfectly balanced, terrain not acting like terrain is bad.
  3. Ok, I'm gonna make the bold claim that the balance in this game, both internal and external, is getting to be on the mediocre side, and I think it has and will really strangle the game's future if it's not addressed! Here I will go over my vision of how to fix it! I don't expect any of this to happen because FFG's style is to balance by releasing new units, but Tie Defender style fix upgrades certainly aren't out of the question. No reason this game couldn't also have Titles. I'm staying away from dial changes, because they're simply too logistically difficult to expect. Daqan: Kari: shooting at I2 is unique and incredibly powerful, and the white rally makes her a natural fit for Fortuna's. Her ability to know knives out of combat can be unreasonably oppressive, circumventing most defensive tech and affecting a huge area. At the same time, her dial is quite clumsy for an agile scout on foot. Suggestion: reduce the range of the daggers to 1-3, give her a free reform when she performs a march or shift. Might still be too strong, but feels like a good way to smooth her out. Hawthorne: lessons of seragart was probably a mistake to print, fundamentally changes the math of the game. His tanky build is cool, but he's simply too easy to ignore. Suggestion: limit the tray reconfiguration to ONE unit, give him precise or the ability to spend inspiration for rerolls or lethal or something. He needs some kind of teeth. Zachareth: complicated, kinda hate his dial, probably doesn't need changes, I wouldn't touch him. Oathsworn: feel a little under the curve right now, but are probably fine once the stronger stuff is brought down a peg. Attack at I3 with defense mod forgives a LOT of sins. Rune Golems: lamented as they often are, I kinda like their design, and they are useful to a certain extent. I could see a reroll if the target has a stun token, but probably just a cost reduction is the best bet, especially on the 4 and 6 tray, which are insane. I also have some spicier ideas. Spearmen: the dial is kind of a masterpiece, and lots of strong upgrades. My ideal fix would probably come as a new upgrade that introduces a minigame of alternating increased defense and offense, but generally speaking I'd like to decrease the cost of the 4 and 9 tray, while increasing the cost of front line Rune Golem. There is no world in which you take a 9 tray without also taking the heavy upgrade, and maybe there should be. As for the 4 tray, I really don't think they properly appraised the marginal value of those two trays. I'd also take a slight decrease on the 6 tray, but that's way less crucial. Heavy crossbowmen: too op, please nerf. The 3x1 is a perfect wishlist unit, and simply too efficient for its cost. They have a lot of cool and fun gameplay that I don't want to take away, so I would just make the 3 tray cost 3-5 points more. Easy. Or maybe take away the Equipment slot, I could get behind that. Scouts: I haven't yet played them much, but they seem a little on the expensive side. The Scout keyword is very hard to appraise, and white reforms are always great, but 21 points is a LOT for two trays of infantry. Probably best to leave the 6 tray alone because of weird champion synergies, but I think the 2 and 4 tray options could drop a couple points. Waiqar: Ardus: host of crows is another delicate one, but he himself is too bad on the table to be worth bringing, ever. Dimodian was a very cool start, but without a fresh dial... Drop him down to 32 points, then he can actually be worth bringing in specific upgrade heavy builds. A commander-style unique would also be cool. Ankaur Maro: too expensive, too squishy, too bad at summoning, shooting at six is uniquely bad. Dropping him to 34 points goes a long way to fixing things, but also changing the wording of his summoning ability to make elite waiqar infantry a future option would be nice. Vorun'thul: lord op indeed. Waiqar needed the help, but goodness gracious he's oppressive. I'm not even sure what to suggest; hitting the lethal and protected to just be 1 always would help, making the transform out of cursed form only range 1 would make him way easier to counterattack, requiring line of sight to the unit he jumps on would be a very sensible reduction to his offensive power. Reanimate archers: I don't have strong feelings here, they could probably be a little cheaper or get regeneration, but they're not on my priority list. The Raven Banner in an interesting unique faction strength, which I like. Carrion lancers: pretty much perfect in my eyes. Maybe let them spit into combat? Reanimates: probably lingering dead should just be baseline. Maybe a points reduction, I dunno. My waiqar opponent tells me they under perform and I trust him, but they also fight pretty well at 3x2 for fairly cheap? Death knights: strong, expensive, inefficient against low value targets. No changes needed. Wraiths: seem great so far, wouldn't touch them. Latari: Aside from Darnati, Latari units seem to be designed with a specific task in mind, and mostly they do them very well. Maybe the 2x1 deepwoods are a hair too cheap, but I do not have real complaints here. Are Darnati good? They don't seem very good. Hedge Shroud sure looks like it's great on Darnati, golly. Uthuk: Ravos: where do you start. Make his melee surge ability hit ALL units at range 1 and force the automatic wound at the end phase to happen before insatiable hunger, and we've gone a long way towards mitigating the worst of it. Make the wrecking ball a little more indiscriminate! Kethra: probably fine, interesting utility, infinite range on her skill makes me a little nervous but it's not reliable so whatever. Th'uk tar: way too early to tell! Out of activation movement sure is a red flag though isn't it! Berserkers: the warsprinter+aggressive combo is a problem, I'm saying it. Charging seven, charging 360 degrees, it's bad, and breaks core design rules. Probably make warsprinter exhaust, cost more points. Flesh rippers: seem pretty fine, why is the 6 tray so expensive? Drop it 55-58 and see what happens! Spined threshers: we've been over this, they do way too much for too little. Make scuttling horror exhaust to shift, not be able to enter or exit terrain, not be able to disengage, then make devouring maws 5 points, THEN take away their AoE panic, and they might be ok. 2x1 may still need a points hit, but I'm willing to take it slow. Viper legion: I'm a little worried about ritual venom, but it's certainly too early to tell. Obscenes: I like the design, don't foresee any issues. Probably a good candidate for buffs if the above changes knock Uthuk down too hard.
  4. Probably needs FAQ. At worlds, Brooks ruled that it WOULD stack with modifiers (so 2 natural runes plus the defense modifier on their dial results in defense 3), but he VERY INFORMALLY said that it wouldn't affect the defense of figure upgrades, because he didn't want to punish their higher defense. Again, this is not a binding ruling, just his feeling at the time, so it needs official clarification.
  5. We asked about this at worlds, and although the answer was not definitive, it was not encouraging. The X-Wing 2.0 app has caused them serious problems, so it's hard to imagine them justifying taking on ANOTHER outsourcing nightmare for such a minor product line.
  6. I'd certainly be happier with some point cost errata, but that doesn't seem to be FFF's MO. @Ratt had a good idea to just change the RRG - something like you can never enter or exit terrain outside your activation. It's a bit crude and heavy handed, but it certainly deals with all the mobility creep abusing terrain.
  7. 1x4 knights is cool, but unfortunately it is a huge liability in deployment - you only get to deploy with your back edge touching the back edge if you don't fit in the deployment zone, so on most deployments you have to deploy sideways. With no shift, oathsworn take ages to get out.
  8. Yeah that's pretty cool if you can pull it off, for sure. I've been kinda down on Spearmen damage output, but you really can't argue with those numbers. I've been brainstorming more aggressive Daqan builds to take advantage of Scouts, probably gonna steal this idea! Another interesting build is Spearmen with Raven Tabards and Marching Cornicen. At I4 they get to do a 3-speed turning charge, which actually goes a little further than a 4-speed straight charge. Doesn't get the skill use on the first turn and doesn't get to wait as long, but it is a crazy early engagement.
  9. So in a perfect world, each 3x2 charges with Corruption Rune, gets dispatched, then attacks at I3 with another Rune plus another dispatch. 2.75 average hits per attack, four attacks, 36-odd damage each, plus the banes. That's not bad... and if they kill their initial target, they can just as easily charge 2 at I3 into something in the backlines. Taking two seems a bit greedy, but that module as an offensive striker is quite interesting!
  10. 55.3 If a unit would overlap an obstacle while moving, that unit’s movement is halted. Then, the unit slides backward along the movement template until it is touching the obstacle, but not overlapping it. The unit collides with that obstacle. This pretty clearly provides an alternative way to get a collision. Pretty sure Brooks was just wrong. It would be a very bad rule if it were otherwise. Further polarize the use of terrain between units with additional mobility options and those without, very gamey and counter-intuitive.
  11. They do seem like mostly horizontal options that introduce new options rather than directly boosting the existing stuff, but more choice can only be a good thing, you're right.
  12. Turns out 600 points worth of gunlines and 200 of tough mobile units is pretty tough to approach! Despite the 3 vorunthuls, there were just too many overlapping fields of fire to risk engaging. Silly, but fun.
  13. Yeah, the game at the highest competitive level has... some issues. Obviously church is a very sharp guy that made excellent use of every tool at his disposal and executed on his plan without errors, but the disparity in options and power between Uthuk and the other factions is staggering. Certainly the latest wave helped, but they have more work to do and not a lot of time to do it. Also, congratulations everyone! It was great to meet so many of you!
  14. It... Doesn't seem to work? All static after the intro.
  15. NA champs IS the more prestigious event, so it's hard to argue it makes you the 2018 favourite. So far though I might have to put my money on a fellow Vancouverite dark horse...
  16. Chip damage is very weak against him, so your Latari players may need to change their lists quite considerably if they've been enjoying Archer/Fire Rune MSU. Direct wounds and non-attack damage are great, so Deathcallers and Obcasium's are strong, Uthuk heroes, Latari heroes, etc. He walks a fine line with banes. He badly wants to transform at I4 with a rally to store up the Inspiration, so even so much as a Panic token interferes with that. Stuns are death. Corruption Rune is probably quite strong in general, and exploits a very real weakness in him. Still, he is VERY strong, and has an incredible ability to disengage even if you make a mistake with him.
  17. Gave it a go once. It's going to be an inconsistent unit - with average dice, there's virtually no way to get enough value, but the spike potential is huge. For me, it worked fine - I tried greedy Rank Discipline over Close Quarters Targeting, so when my blockers went down it was doubly bad - no ranged attacks AND no one to stun with Betrayer. Pretty sure it's a bad build, but neat to keep your opponent on their toes.
  18. You can count me among the people that have submitted lists but are too cowardly to post them for all to see.
  19. Xelto pretty much covered it, but at this point you only have synergy, not strict theme bonuses. There are some things that almost qualify, like Prince Faolan giving inspiration to nearby units with Champion upgrades at the start of the game, but that really is just more of a list building incentive. I'm not strictly opposed to the idea, but I'd say the factions need a deeper roster before it has much chance of working well.
  20. I mean, if you split three core sets with another player you're off to a great start. If a person enjoys the game at that level they will surely want to get new stuff, but you can make a fair variety of solid armies with three core sets. At $150 for two robust-ish forces, pretty hard to argue.
  21. Definitely a good move, removes the incentive to buy 4 heroes and lets you build a tournament legal terrain deck from a single core set!
  22. ... Jaws doesn't line up with Hawthorne's multi-attack ability text. I'm gonna say "During the second melee attack you perform during your activation, gain Brutal 1 for this attack." ...aging Terror is definitely impact, and looks like nothing else. To be worth 3 points I think it'd have to be more than [stable], but then with his panic synergy maybe not. @Xquer is spot on again with Gra(sping)... I wonder if that would prevent you from triggering Uncertainty... Cavalry champion looks to have two clauses plus Precise. First one looks like a free action of some sort ("perform a") maybe before the activation? You'd think it would combine well with Flesh Rippers. Second part "This unit may spend Inspiration tokens when it performs a [march] or [shift] and..."? Unit GAINS tokens for colliding with an enemy maybe? Siege champion appears to be different text based on the spacing, so I'm thinking a keyword first, let's say impact. That's strange though, because in every case I can find (including Th'uk Tar's cavalry champion) keyword abilities come at the end! What's short enough to account for that gap between his name and rules text? [Melee attack] Add a die maybe?? As for the rest, something to do with someone's command tool, something to do with panic and shifting.
  23. Just a note, I don't believe Vorun'thul can use his transformation ability to enter terrain. The only way to enter terrain is by resolving a collision, and the only way to resolve a collision is with a march or shift.
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