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  1. Yeah it's a cute idea with Close Quarters Targeting to shoot twice in one turn, but probably much too hard to set up. I think you're better off with the Lance Corporal, get that red hit on ranged attacks.
  2. Could probably get away with dropping close-quarters targeting on one or two units. Maybe do a 3x2 with shield wall and greyhaven channeler? Getting more of those 4 unstable rune turns could be killer.
  3. All of my experience is in the context of playing Daqan against Waiqar, but it seems to me that MSU (multiple small units) will be superior to large blocks. Having more units to deploy helps you engage on your terms, and several units activating at the same initiative can be very useful. Terrain is another big one, since it can shut down whole patches of the board, and also because smaller units can use it to run circles around the large unit and get flank charges. Dispatch Runners can help the issue, particularly of blight, since you can Rally it off at initiative 3 and then use the Dispatch Runner to make them attack before 5/6 when the blights come out, but then you're another 36 points deep for support. In the end, is it worth it? A 3x3 Spearmen with Golem should roll about two hits on average per attack, and let's assume we can add a hit modifier to that and call it 3. With threat 4-5 that's 12-15 damage from a 66 point unit, which could buy you 3 minimum size units of Oathsworn Cavalry. If their average hits is also 2, then in one turn they're doing 4 damage each, for 12 total, 18 if they get to dial in their hit as well. Now obviously there's more to it than just damage output - the Spearmen are going to soak up considerably more damage, their average damage doesn't drop a whole lot as they take casualties, etc, but with all the drawbacks of a big unit, is it worth it? The next debate is IF you're taking a 3x3, how much do you spend on upgrades? The banner than lets you activate +/- 1 initiative is a great flexibility tool, several of the musician options give extra maneuver control, an extra red die is a big deal when your threat is so high, and treating modifiers as white opens up possibilities as well. I look forward to hearing people's experience!
  4. There is precedent for upgrades from the Core Set being available in expansions. Shield wall has been shown to come in the Oathsworn Cavalry set.
  5. Daqan definitely have flexibility on their side. Their dials come with good options, and allow you to approach a situation a number of ways. Their previewed upgrades also show some neat ways that you can tune a unit to fit a battlefield role. They don't have much specific synergy so far, just Lord Hawthorne handing out Inspiration and the Greyhaven Channeler to help the Rune Golems do their thing. Waiqar on the other hand is all about synergy. Blight is their core mechanic, and without it they simply underperform. However, if you can protect your archers while getting mortal strikes on valuable targets they're very rewarding. Dials are not as well-rounded as Daqan, so you need to plan ahead and make sure your units support one another. Latari are unreleased so obviously we can't know too much yet, but they have a clear mobility and positioning theme. If dictating the terms of engagement and using speed to stack the odds in your favour appeals to you, they're probably a good choice. They also have the closest thing we've seen so far to a pure crowd control unit in the Aymhelin Scions, so I'm imagining their units will be pretty specific tools.
  6. Have you been getting much blight out? My experience was that in core set games the Waiqar player just didn't have the resources available to blight effectively, but additional archers and ESPECIALLY the upgrade Combat Ingenuity really tipped the scale and made the whole blight engine do work.
  7. Alright, let's talk about our favourite (edit: melee!) infantry! Please note, I'll be looking at unreleased content here. So, first thing's first - if you're looking for a pure attrition offensive combat unit, the Oathsworn Cavalry are basically a better pick. Faster, harder hitting, and white defense modifier cast them as Daqan's premiere hammer. So, when would you choose Spearmen? Their defense modifier is more effective. Spearmen on the defensive require 8 damage or 4 mortal wounds to destroy a tray, compared to 6 and 2 for the Cavalry. They're more mobile in close quarters. The Cavalry go plenty fast in a straight line, but lacking a Shift and Wheel on their dial means they're more likely to need to spend a turn Repositioning. Upgrade synergy. This is a big one, so I'm going to break it down further: The Infantry Command expansion introduces some very interesting options that are totally unavailable to the Cavalry. Presumably with time this will balance out, but for the short term if you want a Greyhaven Channeler or Artifact Bearer then Spearmen are your only option. This means they have more tools to fill battlefield roles. The Spearmen's Special Ability modifier is white, so they're the kings of getting use out of those. More wounds per tray mean defensive upgrades, such as Shield Wall, scale better. Alright, enough of Spearmen vs Oathsworn; each has a different role to fill. Now, what are some particularly good uses of Spearmen? I look forward to hearing your contributions, but here are some I've found: Premium tar pit. Rally on 3 with defense modifier clears banes, refreshes upgrades, and acts early enough in the turn that it's likely to do real good. Combine with Shield Wall and they're really quite tough. Of course they're not attacking in this case, but if the rest of your army can make good use of the time they buy, it's well worth it. Deathstar! I'm pretty dubious of this being a good idea largely because of the Blight mechanic, but for raw numbers they can't be beat. Front Line Rune Golem increases their threat, and all the upgrades can greatly increase their flexibility and output. I really look forward to hearing how units like this perform, because they look like a ton of fun. Best value target for Dispatch Runner. Lion Standard Bearer helps shore up the weakness to Morale results. Support units. A 2x2 with Dispatch Runner or Greyhaven Channeler is the cheapest way to get those abilities on the table, while being attached to a competent little unit. Rallying cornicen fits right in here as well - a unit as small as two trays can act as support to clear bands and refresh upgrades. Unstable Geomancer looks very weird and hard to evaluate, but this is the unit for it. Particularly notable things: Rallying Cornicen on a 2x1 is so handy. Removing banes is quite useful, and there are a ton of great upgrades that exhaust. Plus they do a little damage in the late game, very useful unit. Eagle Banner Bearer, with some support, is very dangerous. To stack a reasonable number of tokens you'll need Hawthorne in the list, and maybe a Rallying Cornicen nearby to avoid having to use the tokens for anything but murder. Could also reconfigure to a 2x3 to help protect the banner, but that's probably overkill. Not much use against infantry, but makes siege, heroes, and cav think twice before coming close. Visored Helms is costly at 7 points, but with the late melee attack can be virtually guaranteed to go off. Remember, it only needs to save (slightly more than) one tray to pay for itself, and if it's going against a heavy hitter it will do that in a single use. 9-tray units might get away with Shield Wall, but the more casualties you take the less useful it becomes. Visored Helms puts you (mostly) in control. Long story short, Spearmen are a toolbox. With the right upgrades they can do just about anything, so you're best off asking what you want them to do when putting them in a list.
  8. Using just two core sets, you don't have a whole lot of choice. I would say that you're probably spending too many points on upgrades, but without more models to work with it's tough to do anything about that. I'm eager to hear how big spearman units work out on the table though, so let us know if you get some games in!
  9. Also nice for a big deadly spearmen unit with Rune Golem and/or Citadel Arms master, this way if an opponent throws chaff in its way to slow it down at least you get to reform towards your next target. Also if you can an enemy in front and on the flank, if you destroy the one on flank you can immediately reform so that next turn you benefit from ranks and the enemy doesn't get the bonus. It competes with the very nice, generally useful Marching Cornicen for cheap movement utility.
  10. As playnwin said, single Golems for 17 points are nice deployment options, and they give you additional threat vectors to work with. Two red with 2-3 threat is decent damage, and if you can get off a flank charge then all the better. Their mobility is poor, but reform as a modifier is quite nice. They can also tarpit decently well. Their special action to stun at initiative 3 combined with armoring up means whatever they're engaged with needs at least 5 damage to inflict a wound, and without modifiers. 5-6 armor and 2 wounds is squishier than it sounds, but if they can tie up a unit for a few turns it just might be a good trade. Attacking at initiative 5 means your enemy will frequently get to hit you before you reveal your dial, rendering your armor increase useless. I'm interested in trying larger units, but haven't so far. A 2x2 with Wind Rune could be interesting, though they come with the option to shift 1 and reform on their dial. Doing it further and at initiative 3 may or may not be worth 6 points. So far none of the banner upgrades seem very useful, but that will surely change with time.
  11. Note though that this denies the golem the Inspiration token it might be eligible for otherwise.
  12. Can shifts be modified by charges? I was under the impression that was only advances, so shifting into a unit would still engage you but you wouldn't get to attack.
  13. Wind rune specifies that it can't be used to disengage.
  14. Yeah, good point. A white die increases their expected number of surges per attack pretty nicely too, so it helps to fuel itself. Lord Hawthorne and other Inspiration synergy effects will help, too. Now something like the Aggressive Cornicen for Oathsworn Cavalry, that would really be something.
  15. I've been experimenting a bit, looking for good combos. So far: Fire rune is pretty interesting. If they don't need to charge or turn then a ranged attack is a nice option, though it's probably too volatile for the points it costs. Did 8 damage and wiped out a unit of Reanimate Archers turn one of one game, but that's far from typical performance. Wind rune gives a shift and reform as a modifier, both of which ordinarily take an action. Opens maneuverability up nicely, but requiring a blue is more restrictive than I'd like, and the shift length being tied to Natural runes is also a bit wonky. Probably worth taking on a big enough unit, if a big enough unit is worth taking. Moment of Inspiration, Rank Discipline, and Tempered Steel are all nice damage buffs. Rallying to refresh slows them down quite considerably, but if you're looking to hit hard and fast to break through an enemy line, frontloading the damage might be good enough to get access to the softer backline. Although they're fast in a straight line, they have a pretty miserable time coming about and maneuvering in tight areas. I think that terrain idea is going to help with that quite a bit. The next thing I mean to try is several 2x1 units running very lean on upgrades, to hopefully present enough threats that they can get around behind Reanimates and Carrion Lancers to attack the Archers.
  16. Archers shooting into combat is going to be pretty essential, and I think the combat ingenuity upgrade is going to serve extremely well (reduces surge requirement on abilities by one).
  17. Does the first case model the base unit, or does it include moment of inspiration? It looks to be just the base unit, so column tactics is only slightly better than no upgrade at all? And moment of inspiration will be the clear winner?
  18. As far as getting mortal strikes with the Lancer's surge ability, the best way I've seen is to shoot the archers into melee with either Ardus or the Lancer. They all have an attack at initiative 5, so you can activate the archers first, land a blight, and then attack away. This does cause a morale check, but hasn't been very punishing in our experience. The trouble with the Lancer spitting and Ardus charging is the initiative order - Lancer spits at 6, latest Ardus can charge is 5. The Rune Golem is an odd piece. When it gets Brutal 2 it's obviously quite dangerous (even more so in a unit of two) but Defense 4 and 2 wounds is surprisingly fragile. Its red defense modifier is great, but if you wait until initiative 5 to attack then it comes late enough in the round that most opponents get an opportunity to attack first. A much more defensive option is using the special action at initiative 3, handing out a stun token and armoring up. Modifiers often help with damage output, so canceling that and increasing your armor extends survivability considerably. They might be extremely useful as individuals specifically to act as speed bumps, though of course I'm going to test a larger unit because they're incredibly cool (and the smaller footprint makes them easier to maneuver than the spearman deathstar).
  19. Geomancer is quite bizarre, that's for sure. A hero with an ability like Ardus's for Daqan would be VERY interesting - 2-tray units with a geomancer is easier to get use out of. Runes also apply to Wind and Fire Runes, as well as to Ankaur Maro's ranged attack and ability to add trays to units. I think having influence over them is going to be consistently useful, will just come down to fitting in a list. Cool support piece.
  20. Desperate for more news, I was looking at the Infantry Upgrade expansions again today, when I noticed some upgrades I hadn't seen before! In this image there are three figure upgrades: Artifact Bearer, a unit champion that gives the unit access to a Unique upgrade (that dies when he does!) Lion Standard Bearer? a standard bearer that probably gives them steadfast: fear (Baffling? Battling?) Cornicen, a musician that has an action ability that I can't make out. Something like "Each (enemy? friendly?) unit at range (1 to 3?)..." can anyone make sense of it? The Waiqar equivalent only has one other shown, and I can't parse it. Interestingly, this means there are likely three of each figure upgrade in the box, rather than the two I had assumed. Rejoice for more choices!
  21. I'm pretty skeptical of the effectiveness of big deathstars like this. Between terrain redeployment, chaff units redirecting charges, and especially blight tokens, it's going to be difficult to get consistent value out of them. Obviously they'll smash anything they touch, but I foresee frustration against a canny opponent.
  22. I wouldn't read "ignore" as "check the next rank" but it's certainly ambiguous. Something for a FAQ I think. Although that's a very reasonable interpretation (and probably how I'll play it for now), it's not actually what the rule says. "If the contacted edge is shortened by a partial rank, calculate the number of trays as if the partial rank was not present." - which does in fact call to ignore the whole rank.
  23. You're right, when the contact edge is the one that's been reduced it's pretty clear. What if you have a unit on each side? Are they both reduced? Ultimately my question is what it means for the contact edge to be "shortened by a partial rank". I'm thinking that there being a tray missing means that the bank rank qualifies as shortened so they'd both be reduced. Interesting point about back charges! So if you have an enemy in contact with your partial bank rank, does that mean your threat is 0 attacking that enemy???
  24. I'm having trouble parsing the language on determining your threat while attacking an enemy that is flanking you. RRG 82.1 When performing a melee attack, a unit’s threat is equal to the number of trays that comprise the contacted edge. (second bullet point) If the contacted edge is shortened by a partial rank, calculate the number of trays as if the partial rank was not present. So if I have a 2x2 unit that has lost one tray from its back rank and now looks like an L, and I attack an enemy engaged with my long flank, what is my threat? My contact edge has 2 trays, but that contact edge consists of a partial rank. Do I calculate the number of trays with or without the partial rank? The contact edge itself is not shortened, but if it doesn't apply in this case then I don't see what the second bullet point accomplishes, since 82.1 would be sufficient on its own.
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