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  1. It's possible I have an out of date file, but the Lord Hawthorne contents look to have some issues. The man himself has champion and equipment upgrades instead of artifact, the shield of margath shows 0 points instead of six, and the dawnblade is a unique instead of artifact upgrade.
  2. As far as figure upgrades go, a ranged hero with Fortuna's Dice makes an excellent scalpel. Removing a blighted vexillum banner or citadel weapons master before they have a chance to do anything can make the whole unit much easier to deal with.
  3. Dang, getting some real cavalry envy looking at these. Base 3 defense PLUS mortal wound resistance makes them considerably more durable than Oathsworn, plus slightly better impact and Steadfast (fear) which is a nice bonus. I like the dial considerably more as well - they're a bit slower overall, but very similar speed while charging, and they have CONSIDERABLY more flexibility with the reform modifier and access to a shift maneuver. Mortal Strike vs Hit modifier is a bit of a wash, and the attack initiative is consistent with the Spearmen-Reanimate comparison, so I wouldn't call that an advantage either way so much as a style difference between the armies. Artifact upgrade is quite interesting. Currently I'd say it's better than equipment, but that's obviously subject to change. They will surely be fearsome.
  4. That's a very reactionary, and thus far tacitly false, title. This conversation has occurred a number of times already, and although there's no knowing what the future will hold, at this point every indication is that every upgrade an army can use will be available in one of that faction's expansions. Now, maybe you want Column Tactics and Piercing Strike for your Oathsworn Cavalry, but absolutely never want to use Heavy Crossbowmen. In that case you ARE still paying for models you don't mean to use just to get access to the upgrade cards, but at least they're in faction.
  5. Wow, thanks for including so much analysis! These numbers back up the feeling I had - 2's and 3's suck for everything, but Doubt has no 1's. In my experience, really bad morale results come as a result of big draws - 3 or more - which mostly come after a Rising Panic result. Turning that one especially into a 2-cost should help prevent the snowball effect that ends up with your large units being punished. Ultimately in my mind one of the greatest strengths of a unit of Spearmen is how tanky they can be, ASIDE from morale, so an upgrade to mitigate that weakness might be better than it first appears!
  6. Yeah they're softer than their Waiqar and Daqan equivalents, but the mobility they bring is truly absurd. I think as you say, archers kiting with support from the Scions while the Leonx hunt soft targets is going to be the way to go. If the archers can find a piece of overgrown terrain that they can see over/around that the enemy can't enter they're going to be a NIGHTMARE to catch. Their low defense looks like they'll be weak to shooting however.
  7. So as I play more games, I'm starting to develop preferences in the units I take, and this list is basically just made up of those preferences. Kari Wraithstalker x1 (32) --Artifact: Fortuna's Dice (6) --Unique: Wraith Step (1) Oathsworn Cavalry x4 (34) --Equipment: Wind Rune (6) --Training: Moment of Inspiration (5) Spearmen x6 (40) --Champion: Lance Corporal (6) --Equipment: Shield Wall (5) --Heraldry: Lion-Standard Bearer (5) --Music: Triumphant Cry (3) Rune Golems x2 (28) Rune Golems x2 (28) Kari is always a terror, and with Fortuna's Dice becomes an extremely flexible threat. Being able to guarantee an accuracy or mortal strike at range means she can scalpel out figure upgrades like nobody's business, and once she gets stuck in it's still a nice throughput increase. Cav I've had a really hard time maneuvering so far. They're fast, but they do NOT change direction particularly well - hence the Wind Rune. Plan is to fish for a juicy flank for RRRBW, but with only 5 units I wouldn't be surprised to find myself badly outnumbered and outflanked. The spearmen are my attempt at an "intermediate" unit - a force to be reckoned with without the price tag of the full deathstar. I've also been burned by Betrayal one too many times - threat 5 is great until it's hitting you! I really like the added flexibility of the Lance Corporal, and Shield Wall is of course great, but I'm less sure of the Lion Standard and Triumphant Cry. Morale is pretty punishing on large units, so helping to mitigate that IS great, but 5 points feels like a lot. As for music options, there are a bunch of really good value choices available, but I'm thinking the free reform just might end up being an extra useful action: each unit only gets 8 per game, so saving a turn late-game to get another charge off would be great. The rune golems are just good threats. They're slow to move up the board, but with reforms are able to project themselves pretty well in an area. I'm hoping they will also stretch the blight supply thin - they're real tough to deal with without mortal strikes, and every blight that goes on them ISN'T going on the spearmen, cav, or Kari is good. I'm also considering dropping the golems down to 1 tray each and adding a 2x1 of spearmen with the Rallying Cornicen. I'd intend to use them as a flank guard for the 3x2 spears. I'm not sure how many upgrades they'd have to ready for me to consider them worthwhile, but it's certainly an interesting option.
  8. Daqan Infantry Command: https://imgur.com/a/3WXaE Waiqar Infantry Command: https://imgur.com/a/RHZKt#HpxHd9z Also, very minor quibble, at the army selection screen you have "Waqar" which should be "Waiqar"
  9. I don't know of a good quality picture, but I'd like to request adding Fortuna's dice.
  10. Definitely. With it and Shield Wall, you can frequently be Defense 2 (against one enemy, anyway). Attack at 3 and LC into defense, next turn attack at 3 and shield wall, then rally +1 defense and start over again. Lets them maintain reasonable offense while being pretty sticky (8 damage per tray is the same as Rune Golems, and MUCH more resilient to mortal strikes). A Rallying Cornicen and/or Lord Hawthorne nearby only improve matters. With that kind of durability, a Lion Standard Bearer might be essential to mitigate the morale side of things.
  11. Of note, morale results tend to be more punishing against larger units, and Reanimates are better at inflicting and resisting it. If both units are big enough to last a few turns slugging it out, a devastating morale result for the spear men becomes increasingly likely.
  12. Do you recall in rough terms what the third wizard does? The one that's not the unstable geomancer or greyhaven channeler.
  13. Between it and the necromancer, I think Kari with Fortuna's Dice is going to be really useful. Snipe out figure upgrades on the approach then resume blending duties as usual.
  14. A cav version of marching or aggressive cornicen would please me greatly.
  15. 81.4: • When a unit exits a piece of terrain, that unit cannot be overlapping or touching any other obstacle. A somewhat similar question came up the other day, in which I charged a piece of terrain that an enemy model had just exited. We ruled that the charge failed, but the charging unit still occupied the terrain and became engaged with the unit that had just exited the terrain. Can anyone weigh in on that?
  16. A 2x1 of cav has really solid offensive output for its cost, especially with Rank Discipline. So far I'm not very good at maneuvering them, but three dice base is great.
  17. Red dice have only a single surge result, so the Front Line Lancer is of very little use beyond being a tougher tray than the 4 reanimates it replaces.
  18. Yep, rune control looks to be an important aspect of the game. With Daqan and Latari both getting some form, I expect Waiqar to get access to some kind of ability. Kari with Fortuna's Dice (6 point artifact, exhaust during a ranged or melee attack to change a die to a face of your choice) may become standard kit to deal with high-value figure upgrades like this.
  19. The thing about the Weapons Master to me is that it's a lot of points to get the offensive output that the Oathsworn Cav come with. Now, obviously they're different units and a comparison is not so easy, but if pure offensive punch is your goal, I'm not sure the Spearmen are the right choice. Now, it does combo nicely with the extra threat from the Front Line Rune Golem, but now you're in for a minimum of 74 points. I think a 3x2 with Lance Corporal is going to be more versatile. Also the Lance Corporal is quite good on the Heavy Crossbowmen, since he allows them to dial a hit on their ranged attack (excellent for a 3 threat ranged unit)
  20. Well that's definitely a good case for the 2x1. I guess it comes down to use cases - as you say, against a higher-defense target like Kari or Golems the extra threat really shines, whereas for fighting Spearmen and Cavalry I maintain the singles are more efficient, especially as screens and tarpits. The most reliable way to put blight on your target is to shoot it with Combat Ingenuity Archers (I realize this is a core set balance thread, but we've been playing with all revealed upgrades). Their ranged attack and the Lancers' melee attack both take place at initiative 5, so there is virtually nothing your target can do to clear the blight before the Lancer gets to make use of it. A few other observations: On the advance, you're likely to have an opportunity (maybe only once per game) to spit with the Lancers. Splitting the two into their own units means more blight tokens, eating up precious Inspiration tokens and Rally actions. Single trays have slightly better flexibility to get flank charges since their base will never be fully on either side of the range ruler. Two separate can block more board real estate if you're trying to, say, screen Archers. Can be more survivable. If you imagine an enemy unit that reliably spits out 6 damage per attack, they'll kill a 2x1 in three attacks and two 1x1's in four. Wastes overkill, I mean.
  21. This is really handy, thanks. The only issue I see is that I think you have the Rune Golems' threat wrong in the efficiency tab - Brutal adds either 1 or 2 threat, where you have it adding 0 or 1.
  22. I agree with everything in your post except the 2x1 Lancers - it seems to me that two solo Lancers will perform better in almost all cases, since blight spitting and mortal striking don't benefit from the increased threat.
  23. 1 - Yes, but everyone here is going to be biased! 2 - I would say yes, but I've also been playing miniature games for years. Do you have any experience with X-Wing? The overall game flow and complexity is fairly similar. The finer points of the rules are easy to mess up, but in general pushing your force around and fighting with it is pretty simple. 3 - Latari Elves are coming probably Q3, and Uthuk Y'llan sometime after that. So for the next several months it's just humans and undead. 4 - 3x3 is the correct size for the core box, which comes in at just under 100 points for each side. 200 point games definitely want a 6x3, but with one core set all you need is 3'. Of note, the undead are generally considered to have a more difficult time in core set games, and rely more on synergy in general, whereas the humans tend to be more self contained and flexible.
  24. Moment of Inspiration only applies to melee attacks, so the archers get very little use out of it. Rank discipline is a pretty good damage upgrade, and Combat Ingenuity is great for maximizing blight. Re: Carrion Lancers, I think you'll generally be better off with two individual lancers than a unit of 2. Costs more points obviously, but spits out more blight and mortal strikes. Also, Inspiration tokens can only be spent when a unit activates, so if you apply the blight and attack with Carrion Lancers both at initiative 5, your target generally won't have an opportunity to use the Inspiration to clear the Blight.
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