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  1. Vancouver, BC. Playing at Magic Stronghold, they're starting to stock it (but having some trouble getting it in)
  2. That clause describes the effect, not the condition. "At range 1" is a specific rules term, see RRG 64.3. It is no more conditional on your front edge than Ardus's ability to gain surge effects from allies. They both describe an effect and a condition, and the condition for each is a unit "at" range x, the measurement for which is clearly described and has nothing to do with facing.
  3. Speaking of Dispatch Runner and Lance Corporal, is there any reason a revealed modifier wouldn't count for the bonus attack? As far as I can tell the only limitation for resolving a modifier is that it needs to be triggered by taking an action in the activation phase, which the attack from Dispatch Runner SHOULD fulfill. And in fact, it doesn't look like canceled modifiers have any "memory" - a stun token cancels that resolution of the modifier, but another later in the turn should be fair game. Am I missing anything?
  4. How are you guys refreshing the Lance Corporal? Banked Inspiration tokens? Rallying every now and then? Cornicen nearby?
  5. How damaging have you found morale on that deathstar? I've only played it once, but in that game it attacked itself for like 12 damage and was forced to reform, offering up a juicy flank. The Lion Standard seems like a good investment to keep it operational.
  6. I do find I usually leave my golems naked because there just aren't that many affordable synergistic options. I like the 2x1 best, for 28 points it's a good combat presence, and although they're slow the white reform does make them very maneuverable in some situations. Their dial does generally force them to choose between going offensive or defensive which isn't a bad thing, but they DO feel pretty squishy. Generally I fight until I'm down to 1 wound and then go into tank/stall mode, which means a pretty limited offensive combat life.
  7. Yeah that's an interesting idea. I'm doing a little looking at the Crossbowmen, and there are few builds that seem good. I'm planning to try a couple of 3x1's with rank discipline and tempered steel with a 2x1 Rallying Spearman unit to back them up. Each of them can spit out 6-9 damage per turn pretty reliably thanks to our support spearmen.
  8. I see no reason that it should need to be measured from his front edge or have anything to do with line of sight, unless we're putting this under the problematic "ranged effect" category, but let's ignore that possibility for now. Let's break it down: "Your front edge is treated as touching the front edge OF..." - this is the effect of the ability. It does not change your position, it just lets you treat your front edge as touching the front edge of whatever meets the condition during a melee attack. "...OF all enemies at range 1..." - Since we have no indication that this ability requires line of sight, here is the relevant rule: RRG 64.3, second bullet "When measuring range for a game effect that does not require line of sight, a player chooses the two points (one on each component) that are closest to each other—this will ensure that the measurement determines the shortest range between the two components." "...that you are not engaged with." - This prevents Hawthorne from being treated as if he's touching multiple sides of an enemy, which probably isn't necessary but does keep the rules cleaner. The condition for treating your front edge as touching the enemy's front edge is just that the enemy be at range 1 and not engaged with you. There is no facing limitation in any of the rules surrounding the interaction, so you are in fact required by the rules to measure from the closest point which could VERY plausibly be on his side or back edges.
  9. Trip report with two configurations I've been considering. Disclaimer, I've only used them in a couple games and only against Waiqar, so they bear more testing. 3 x 2 with Eagle Banner Bearer and Shield Wall (not essential to the build but I had the points) (Hawthorne was also in the list) This unit Rallied and received an Inspiration token from Hawthorne first turn, and actually got another from him around turn 5 (he had 1 wound left and 4 blight tokens, so it was the best use of his last activation). As it was coming about to flank the enemy line, my opponent put a single Carrion Lancer in its way as a speed bump, a favourite tactic of his. Dialing in defense, the worm would usually take 2-3 turns to kill, but the Eagle Banner allowed me to pop it on the charge. Gives the Spearmen much more reach against worms, heroes, and eventually Death Knights. As far as I'm concerned they're wasted against Reanimates, so increasing their output against their prime targets seems worthwhile. I don't think it's a great fit on the full deathstar. This unit doesn't really mind losing a die to blight or the modifier to Stun, so it can afford to use the Inspirations on those mortal strikes. I think the Deathstar would rather use them to stay at 100%, and besides does huge damage to begin with. Plus, probably wants the Lion Standard to reduce the chances of a lucky morale hit. The Banner has no interaction with threat, so the unit remains deadly throughout the game (unless of course they snipe it out, which ain't too hard). I simply didn't have the points for a Champion, but I'm not really sure who I'd take if I did. Lance Corporal is pretty generally good, War Crier would let it get rid of Banes without spending Inspiration tokens, Kari's blue die really increases their chances of generating Inspiration tokens with surges, Artifact Bearer can bring Reaping Blade which supports the mortal strike theme. I dunno, it really doesn't NEED anything to do its thing, so it will depend on the list whether there are points for something. 2 x 1 with Rallying Cornicen The list with this unit had Tempered Steel, Shield Wall, and Lance Corporal, and my usual opponent is Waiqar so there was always going to be good opportunity for blowing the horn. In the Daqan/Latari matchup it will mostly be refreshing upgrades, so it probably needs a few of those to be worth it. It acted like a flank guard for another block of Spearmen, tooting a couple times to help keep it combat ready. This was somewhat useful. It also got an opportunity to flank charge a unit of Reanimates engaged with the Spearmen. Threat 2 RB with no rerolls is nothing to write home about, but still puts out some decent damage on the flank! For 22 points, it provides an additional threat vector and deployment option, which is valuable (though it wants to be within range 3 of friendly units so it's not like it's much good for faking out your opponent with deployment). Overall, two reasonably successful configurations.
  10. Wow, warsprinter makes them seriously fast. They can take it on any size unit of berserkers, so I'd expect one in virtually every list. Assuming berserkers have the same white action modifier that all three other basic infantry have, that means they can advance up to 4 as a bonus action. Even if their left dial only has a 3 speed advance, that's 7 in one activation, which can benefit from aggressive shrieker. Serious speed. The more I think about it the more I expect this one upgrade to be faction defining.
  11. I've been meaning to get some games in with this unit now that Lingering Dead has made Reanimates so sticky. What I really want is a way for the unit carrying the Geomancer to be +1 defense so it doesn't wipe out a tray the first time you use it, but so far that's not an option. Keeping your cav away from the unit shouldn't be too bad. Restricts your deployment and makes you more predictable yes, but it's manageable. As far as supporting units, Rune Golems are a natural fit as you say, and with that level of dependence on Unstable Runes a Greyhaven Channeler would be pretty nice... It's going to be a difficult list to build. Maybe some Fire Runes? As for usage, I think TallGiraffe has it dead on - the special action taking place AFTER a march means the threat range on this effect is really quite far - especially on those 4 Unstable turns. If you're dialing in an action frequently then your modifier dial isn't as much use, so either Marching or Aggressive Cornicen can help the unit perform normally while still using the Geomancer. A speed 4 charge followed up by the Geomancer is a pretty effective tool, that's for sure. Another way to increase their Geomancy coverage is to park them in terrain, since you measure from the edge of the terrain it effectively makes your base larger. Of course there aren't that many terrain features that can hold 4 trays, but they'll be down to 2 in no time.
  12. I'd say you're MUCH better off with Fortuna's dice - the chances of rolling at least one blank on two white dice are about 16%, so you could very plausibly never trigger it in a game. The Dice on the other hand are almost always useful, letting you tune your result for exactly what you need. Plus, mortal strikes aren't always particularly good - worse than a hit against 1-defense targets. Good call on the flanking die though, it's much better when red dice are being thrown (it's gonna be great on Death Knights)
  13. It seems like it depends whether a unit can transition from 'edge collision' to 'corner collision' during the squaring-up process. The steps, in order, should be: Pivot around the point of contact with the Oathsworn until you touch the Spearmen Slide the Reanimates along the edge of the Oathsworn, towards the front corner of the unit Continue pivoting the Reanimates towards the Oathsworn, sliding as necessary Once you reach the front corner of the Oathsworn, you either a) give up, move the Reanimates back to their original position, and treat them as touching or b) slide the Reanimates along the Oathsworn's front corner until they clear the spearmen and can successfully pivot into contact I imagine b is the correct interpretation, but technically the Reanimates did not collide with a corner so it wouldn't apply.
  14. RRG 5 Activation Units are activated during the Activation Phase. When a player activates one of his units, he resolves the following steps in order: 5.1 Step 1—Reveal Command Tool: The player reveals his unit’s command tool by tipping it over so the icons on the dial are faceup on the play area. 5.2 Step 2—Perform Action: The unit performs the action selected on its action dial, applying the effects of the modifier selected on the modifier dial. 5.3 Step 3—Perform Bonus Action: If the selected modifier is a bonus action, the unit performs this action after the first action is resolved. You always resolve regular actions before bonus actions. I would argue that the two units compete with one another, so a person should choose the better value. For pure simple offense that means the Oathsworn, though it's certainly plausible that upgrades might tip the scale towards the spearmen, depending on what you wanted them to do. In this case I'd always choose another unit of Oathsworn over the Spearmen, based on their individual strengths.
  15. In general, I'd advise the Marching Cornicen over Trumpets. Wheeling at speed IS pretty nice, but I prefer to maintain the defense modifier as often as possible. I tend to agree that the Weapons Master is the better fit in the deathstar. Kari's surge ability IS great, but it doesn't use the unit's threat so it's a bit of a wasted opportunity. Wind Rune doesn't quite work the way you'd like it to, or more specifically the Spearmen's dial doesn't. You resolve the two actions left to right, so they'd have to advance 3 before activating the Wind Rune. Further, I think Oathsworn are just a more natural fit for the 4x1 - Artifact Bearer with Dawnblade is a whopping 14 points, and the damage from the Dawnblade is actually pretty close to an extra red die (generally it's a bit worse, but it pulls ahead slightly when you get a flank) so you can go with the cheaper Weapons Master, but for the same price you can get Oathsworn with Rank Discipline. That reroll is precious.
  16. I don't really understand what you mean? In my experience, the big morale tests come from stacking a couple panic tokens on the target, usually from a Rising Panic result, so in that respect morale tests have a way of snowballing - the big ones come from the small ones.
  17. Now that we've had some more time to get actual games in, what specific builds have you been using? I've mostly been trying to refine a mid-sized general use combat unit, which has been variations on 3x2 with Lance Corporal and Shield Wall. It's 51+ points, so a healthy chunk of the army, but it's performed... ok. It has pretty solid mobility options, decent damage output, and great survivability. I really really like attacking at initiative 3 with the defense modifier. Generally though I've used it poorly, letting it get matched up against big Reanimate blocks (Lingering Dead really changed the attrition game in their favour) and/or flanked, and that's one of its big weaknesses - RB with 2 threat is not impressive, and as soon as they kill a tray it drops down to a dismal 1. The idea has been to find an effective general purpose block without the deathstar pricetag, but I'm still not quite happy with it. Better use may be the key, more than the build itself. Everyone thought of this one as soon as it was previewed: 2x2 with Unstable Geomancer. Very matchup-dependent: fantastic against big blocks of infantry, next to worthless again Siege and MSU. However, with the introduction of Lingering Dead big Reanimate blocks look good, so I think this will frequently have good targets. Keep it away from your own squishy infantry, support with Golems and heroes, and let it do its work. Very much looking forward to testing. 2x1 with Rallying Cornicen. A 22 point support unit, use it to guard flanks and pseudo-inspire nearby units. I'm not sure whether I like the minimum unit to get the horn on the table as cheap as possible or if it's going to be worth it to bring on something a little sturdier, but it's definitely making it into lists. Share your own!
  18. I'm moving more and more towards the 2x1 option for Golems. Generally I reach for them when I want to increase my unit count and support my other units, so a single Golem is ENOUGH, but the second is just so cheap! And increases the health pool - 2 is just a little too easy to burst down, whereas 4 takes much more effort to remove in my experience. My greatest frustration with Rune Golems has been the lack of rerolls! And actually, looking at the numbers, a 1x2 under Hawthorne has pretty similar expected damage to a 2x1. A little lower on turns with 1 stable rune, a little higher on turns with 2, but more predictable in general. I might have to try that.
  19. I've been trying to put together a list with both Kari and Hawthorne. Idea being that in certain circumstances, Hawthorne thorns build (Might of Daqan and Shield of Margath) is a really good answer to big blocks - basically anything threat 4 or lower that can't dish out mortal strikes - but there are a number of upgrades that help deal with him: Mistlands Saboteur, Executioner, Eagle Banner, Citadel Weapons Master, etc. So, Kari with Fortuna's Dice to surgically remove problem pieces, then Hawthorne to tank up and do his thing. At 82 points though, it's really hard to get a satisfying batch of other models to round out the list though. Neither of them deal particularly well with receiving mortal wounds, and can start going down pretty quick. More experimentation required.
  20. This is a cool idea, and I'm glad to hear it's getting some work done, but also surprised. Front Line Carrion Lancer struck me as being not very good because Reanimates roll 2 red, which have only a single surge each. Blighted Vexillum to guarantee the blight is really cool, but even if you're rerolling specifically for surges you'll get one less than 50% of the time. I guess I'm just curious where you were getting enough surges to find it consistently useful. Note, swapping the drummer for moment of inspiration was going to be my first suggestion, and it does bring up their chances of getting a surge pretty considerably. Further, with the banners being your only source of blight, once you've spend your blight on a unit you have no way to get more... unless you were disengaging? Do you think you could drop one of the three units for a pair of Combat Ingenuity archer units? With two 3x2's and terrain you should be able to protect them reasonably well, and they'd give you a massive edge in the attrition game.
  21. I was originally a big fan of single rune golems as general flankers and problem solvers, but going up to a 2x1 is also great. 65% more points for double the health and one more threat, pretty sweet against anything that doesn't have access to mortal wounds.
  22. The citadel weapons master is funny. He brings the spearmen's dice up to 2R1B, the same as the oathsworn. The cav are faster in a straight line, but between dials and the current suite of upgrades I would rank the spearmen more maneuverable (I really hope the cav get access to a marching or aggressive cornicen equivalent). So when do we take one over the other? Well, I guess it depends what you want. If you want any of the infantry command figures then spearmen it has to be. They're also better defensively, as an anvil. Last, the rune golem figure attachments make them the go-to for deathstars. As for oathsworn, that leaves smaller "missile" units and maybe not much else right now. The classic two trays with rank discipline always does good work, though I've had trouble steering them on the flanks. They can also take the powerful moment of inspiration, though with rerolls as valuable as they are I'd be inclined to save that one for a 2x2. Bigger than that? I don't see it right now.
  23. Left to it, the deathstar does lots of work, there's no doubt about that. My main concerns are: having the arms master sniped out; morale; blight. Not much you can do about the arms master. A ranged hero with Fortunas dice can take him out pretty reliably, so it wouldn't surprise me if a canny opponent rarely let you roll that third die. (I expect Daqan will get something with protector sooner or later, which will help here) Morale can do serious damage to a deathstar. Making it flee costs precious activations, reforms give your opponent the edge, and attacking yourself... brutal. On a unit this expensive, I think there's a real case for the lion standard bearer. One of the few ways to improve its defence. And of course blight. If a Waiqar player can protect their archers (and with so many points in one unit I think that's likely), you can reasonably expect 1-2 blight on this unit every single turn, which cuts its damage output HARSHLY. I think a supporting unit of spearman with a rallying cornicen is just the thing - 1 fewer bane per turn won't always be enough, but it just might be the thing that tips the scales and lets you break through the tar pit into the archers behind. They also make a fine flank guard. If you want to really go all in on the deathstar, you could even put a dispatch runner in this support unit, but that's harder to find room for.
  24. Yeah, I've found it's difficult to get a sense for relative strengths when the big turning points in a game are so often "I deployed poorly" or "I was outfoxed in the planning phase".
  25. Yeah, everything except the geomancer looks good, but in such a large unit (and one that wants to stay close to another medium sized unit) it just seems like a bad call. I'd much rather include the Lance corporal for better dial flexibility.
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