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  1. It's a definite maybe. Ardus in particular seems pretty expensive for what he brings to the table, and I suspect they overcosted his "host of crows" army building ability by a few points. Maro as a support piece works better as a figure upgrade, but solo he does bring some really powerful damage to the table, admittedly at quite a high cost. Heroes are also one of the few ways to get artifacts on the table, so if there's one you want then they're an option. Daqan fares better in my mind. Kari is on the fragile side, but she's great at range and great at melee, and can very reasonably expect to recoup her points. Hawthorne's individual output is worse, but reconfiguring trays is QUITE strong, giving out inspiration tokens can be really useful, and in the thorns build he can go toe-to-toe with some pretty serious targets.
  2. Legit not being a **** here, but have you played any games? On paper your objections make sense, but in motion I've had VERY little issue with the templates. They have their foibles, such as the far side of a unit swinging out during a turn and navigating between terrain being tricky, but they're very quick, very clear, and interact nicely with the pre-planned actions.
  3. It's a choice that makes blight stronger. As it is, getting enough blight on a target to remove all their dice (difficult to do consistently!) completely nullifies their attack. As pointed out above, there are ways (also a charged-up Eagle Banner) to inflict considerable damage without the results on dice, so clearly they wanted to make that threshold of blight more effective. Or it's a weird oversight, but the outcome is the same.
  4. Two reds is also a great candidate for Reaping Blade!
  5. As long as things don't get any taller. Models that occupy multiple trays seems like it would be pretty easy to handle and a pretty natural way to get big monsters on the table, but if they're taller than a Carrion Lancer then they'll be a huge pain to store and transport. All these massive models turn me off from games.
  6. Big fan of Fortuna's Kari, though I'm like a tiny bit resentful of the points she takes up because I love including her so much. It is a strange feeling.
  7. Sorry, I was talking about your ability to 'reach out and touch' a target at range, not needing to get into melee in order to deliver the mortal wounds. You're definitely right that it's no good against figure upgrades, but it's harder to avoid than a unit of Carrion Lancers for things like Hawthorne with Shield of Margath. Eagle Banner is pretty cool, though really wants Hawthorne to get good use out of. Cool idea, but Heraldic Surcoats is "to a minimum of 1" so unless you have a bunch of panic tokens it has very little to offer in this case. My experience has been that the morale check from firing into combat almost never has much of an effect on the game.
  8. Carrion Lancers attacking blighted targets is probably the best way to get lots of them. Requires some setup, but notably they attack and archers shoot at initiative 5, so if you can get the engagement right you can have archers apply blight and then immediately take advantage of it, preferably before your target gets to attack. Deathcaller is definitely great for doing wounds at range on exactly the target you want, but doesn't have the same ability to drop so many at once.
  9. Analyzing loadouts seems like a fine job for the tactics forum! The Bloodrage Conduit does straddle things a little though. So I clearly do not understand the timing on the Berserkers' ability. You are correct that it triggers when making an attack, and when is defined as occurring at the moment the specified event occurs, but that's tough because an attack has so many steps. The best interpretation I can think of is right as you announce it? But that creates some strange possibilities. For starters, we don't have the full wording of the Lethal keyword, but right now the only time you actually do damage is during step nine of an attack. If, during step three, there are no dice to roll, the attack is cancelled, so by this timing you could add damage to the "damage pool" only to have the attack cancelled before getting an opportunity to assign that damage? In fact there is no point at which the rules allow you to spend damage in the "damage pool", and depending on the wording it might in theory be in a separate bundle than damage from hits, meaning it wouldn't interact well with Defense. I very much expect this not to be the case, but it's finnicky. Hopefully the expansions that introduce Lethal tell us more. I'd love to hear more insight on the timing side of things.
  10. I think the Golems are probably much too expensive for what they bring to the table, but I would absolutely LOVE to be wrong in that. They're pretty tanky against targets that don't inflict mortal wounds which is nice, but their damage output is only good, not outstanding (~7.2 average, 16 max). Dependence on Unstable Runes is frustrating, and 75% of turns your max speed is 2, though Wind Rune does admittedly help a bit. I'm still stuck in a Daqan vs Waiqar mindset, but although you can deal reasonably well with Reanimate blocks and you have the cav to keep archers honest, the only thing in your list that can efficiently dispatch Carrion Lancers are the golems, and that is a recipe for extreme-value mortal strikes. Let us know how it plays!
  11. The condition was revealed on the french website apparently. I couldn't find an image, but here's the post from a while back
  12. One imagines they'll be in the next "wave" of releases. So far it looks like Heavy Crossbows and Death Knights are more or less contemporary to the Latari, so whatever they get at roughly the same time as the Berserker expansion should have it.
  13. Yeah even if File Leader can be played around, it forces the enemy to be more careful in their approach. Considering how bad the Reanimate's dial is, anything that prevents the enemy from moving freely and engaging on their terms is useful. Besides, if they're charging you before initiative 4, that means you still get to attack them when you reveal your dial.
  14. I also spy an Uthuk only equipment called Serrated Spines that gives Lethal (stable?) for melee attacks at 4 points, which is pretty decent, and a generic Corruption Rune which APPEARS to read: Action: choose an enemy at range 1-(natural?) and discard the top card of the morale deck. That enemy suffers damage equal to the number of morale icons on that card, then receives 1 bane based on the card type: confusion - stun?; doubt - panic; fear - immobilize
  15. Do you find Fortuna's Dice is worth putting on Hawthorne? His lack of rerolls does suck, but it seems like the Shield of Margath is going to do more work over the course of a game. I'm hoping for more generic damage artifacts as time goes on to use with Sweeping Strikes - parking him in terrain makes for a pretty huge attack area. I've found a 3x2 of Spearmen with the Eagle Banner Bearer works great with Hawthorne. Jamming Carrion Lancers are the bane of my existence, and being able to instantly delete one is really nice. Outside of the full deathstar, spearmen get pretty outmatched by Reanimates point for point, and the Eagle Banner helps them perform well against other targets. I'm also a big fan of the 2x1 Spearmen with Rallying Cornicen. 22 points lets you support your combat units by refreshing Tempered Steel or removing banes, and if they get a flank charge they can do some decent damage. Also make decent terrain holders, if they rally and armor up it takes 16 damage to remove them which is pretty decent! Uncontrolled Geomancer is definitely strong, but sort of wants a Greyhaven Channeler in the army, and I've been fairly disappointed with that guy. 6 points is pretty steep, recasting runes is far from a guarantee, and to top it off he exhausts. So far in play it's been a large investment for very little payout. This one is kind of a no-brainer, but Kari with Fortuna's Dice does a ton of work. Her ranged attack can pretty reliably do 6 damage, or she can dial in the accuracy to assassinate figure upgrades. Then once she gets into melee she does her thing, very dangerous.
  16. Bear in mind that the Golems come natively with the ability to shift one and reform, which is as good as a wind rune half the time (aside from the very relevant facts that it comes much later in the turn and prevents you from also rallying).
  17. He may still be too expensive overall, but keep in mind that his army building ability is part of his cost. He can quite plausibly save you 30+ points on unit size to access upgrades, though of course those points would still buy you more trays etc. Definitely feels like they priced him conservatively based on his army synergy to future proof him.
  18. Rank Discipline is probably too strong for its cost. Going from zero to one rerolls is such a huge damage upgrade, and only 4 points.
  19. Yeah, only Hawthorne has much chance going head to head with a proper unit, and even then he's probably taking a wound every turn of combat.
  20. Going 1x2 does in fact increase their average damage very slightly compared to 2x1. Also consistency, which is nice. Of note though, it means that half the game they'll only be at threat 2, which is much worse against most heroes, Carrion Lancers, and Death Knights. Also worth mentioning the increased danger with Greyhaven Channeler - he can virtually eliminate turns with zero unstable runes, so no longer do you have to cry when you set up a sweet 2-distance flank charge and then have to wait until initiative 8 to do it.
  21. Yeah I'm still not quite sure how I feel about them, but there are some perks. The white reform modifier is excellent for setting up flanks, so they're not fast, but they always go the right direction. They're allergic to mortal strikes though, so keep them the hell away from carrion lancers (and death knights). Other than that they take a fair bit of effort to shift, and are dangerous even at a single tray. No rerolls definitely hurts their consistency, but the fact that a single golem on a flank CAN spike 18 damage demands respect. Same thing with the unstable move, it's always a threat. I've been liking the 2x1 so far. The second golem comes at a steep discount, adds a threat, and doubles the wound count. Since I usually go into defensive mode when the unit gets down to a single wound, this usually doubles the number of offence rounds they get out.
  22. Nope, doesn't exhaust on use, so triggers every time you're attacked. Not a good one on one for Kari to get in to!
  23. How about this one: you've got a 3x2 with lingering dead and it suffers enough damage to lose the entire back rank. Later in the round, Ankaur Maro adds 4 trays to the unit. What happens at the end of the round?
  24. Thankfully RRG 60.1 covers this situation with another condition for a collision. As far as I can tell, RRG 18 is only good for preventing you from resolving a collision while EXITING terrain, and perhaps also in the incredibly rare case that you manage to touch but not overlap an obstacle with your movement. It's definitely strange though, and we recently ruled in a game that you'd have to back up to enter terrain in this fashion because RRG 18 seemed quite clear and we didn't want to spend too much time scouring the rules.
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