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  1. Host of Crows is tough, because it enables builds and saves points. At present, I believe you're always better off spending Ardus's points on the larger unit when you want those higher upgrade tiers, because he personally is so weak. He should be at least pretty good in specific builds. If we assume the dial is off-limits, these are my favourite ideas: Plain old points drop. If he started at 32 or so, he would feel much better. A commander ability in the vein of Prince Faolan (Etharyon of the Ailatar) or Th'Uk Tar. His skill is on his left dial so he's worse at it, and it feels a bit silly to have a similar ability in three of four factions, but it is thematic. I do not think it should violate initiative order so severely as having the unit activate next. Make him tougher! He can't outmaneuver anyone, so he may as well be able to take a hit. Plus, if he gets +1 defense flat, he can take Shield of Margath, and that's an interesting item and role. An aura buff. He already has a strong theme of army synergy, so imagine "other friendly units at range 1-3 gain Lethal 1." Makes bunching up around him more rewarding, changes the calculus of list building (MSU takes advantage of the lethal better), and suits his theme. I should also note that I think Waiqar as a faction is a bit weak, and being propped up by Vorun'thul.
  2. This is a good point! I suspect that if Aggresive Warsprinter were nerfed, we'd basically stop seeing Berserkers. I would want to redistribute some of their power away from that specific combo and into the core unit itself. I still want the unit to be good, just randomly game-winning charges and 360 degree threat projection are very unhealthy for a competitive maneuvering game. Do you have any suggestions to improve the unit outside of those two upgrades?
  3. I've thought a lot about Golems. They do feel weak, but I have used them to good effect, and I really like a lot of their design. It forces fairly unique gameplay, which is cool and interesting. Some things: They have trouble moving across the board. Three out of four turns, they can only move 2, so they simply can't cover ground well. One thing I have considered is along the lines of "when you reveal your dial, if you have a charge modifier selected, you may cancel that modifier to increase the speed of your first march this activation by one." Doesn't increase their charge range, just lets them get across the board more reliably. They are awkward to move, but reform modifier is always strong. As support units, they're good at setting up flank charges, and the initiative 7 shift + reform is an excellent defensive tool. The choice of stun vs attack is very interesting. Attacking usually means not having your defense modifier active when you're being attacked, which often means taking an additional wound. It can feel bad to be forced to play defensively, but I do like the mechanic. Between their speed and the above offense vs defense, getting them into a favourable position to attack is pretty challenging, and should probably be more rewarding. Their average damage is good, but very inconsistent. A straight damage buff is on the boring side, but it might be the best way to improve the feel of their play - if you can navigate their shortcomings, you will be rewarded. The easy implementation is "if [natural runes] is 2 or more, gain Precise (1)" but I'm still thinking on this. I don't think they should get any more durable without a points INCREASE. 4/3 with the possibility of 6/3 is incredible, and having played with Vitality tokens, feels great. It could be a reasonable way to get them to feel more elite though. I've also considered Protected, but I think it's actively bad for the game to lock smaller units out of being able to damage things. A unique slot could also introduce lots of very cool and thematic stuff, but we should just ignore that for now.
  4. It's a tough call. I've also been thinking about one of the easiest expansions to make, the cavalry command, and how sweet (though potentially unhealthy) it would feel to charge Oathsworn 6. My issues with the Aggressive + Warsprinter are: The unit has a lot of hitting power, so being able to charge 7 can swing games HARD. I like how lethal this game is, but that much impact relying on a toss of the runes feels bad. I suspect we might start seeing the same thing if Golems become good - currently, Golems have a fairly limited impact, so that surprise clutch charge isn't devastating, but the Berserker star is another matter. Just too swingy. Three turns out of four, the unit can reform and charge 2 at initiative 3. Charging 2 at 3 is pretty much the gold standard in this game, and doing it in any direction (maybe even picking up a flank!) means they virtually cannot be outmaneuvered. One design principle that shows in Uthuk is "fast in a straight line, clumsy in turns" and this violates that badly. It's one thing if a powerful unit can plow ahead full speed, but outmaneuvering should always be rewarding. Similar to my issue with the scuttle disengaging from a flank charge.
  5. 19 responses so far! A few pretty obvious frontrunners, but a couple surprises too!
  6. Hello all! With all the talk of community errata going forward, I put together a survey to help identify the problem spots. Hopefully it will give us an idea of the absolute worst offenders out there so we can figure out exactly what to do with them! https://goo.gl/forms/j8C5zm23US0NGQLe2
  7. Oh don't worry, those are all in my crosshairs! The root of the issue is that being able to put yourself in even just one or two really good spots at such a low cost is a really powerful ability! Your opponent properly identifying those spots doesn't change the fact that they then have to plan around this additional utility. If I get my way, no one will be able to enter or exit terrain outside of their own activation, and suddenly a lot of the problems the above models cause goes away. Yeah I really like the sequencing change. Makes him feel more like a dangerous wrecking ball that you've really gotta manage. I'd also like to see Fear Incarnate buffed a little bit to make that a more competitive choice. What do you see as weak options in the Uthuk lineup? To me, the 6-tray flesh rippers seem weirdly expensive.
  8. This strikes me as disingenuous. Coming out of terrain for free (granted, with limited facing) is still a huge advantage for three points, as is entering it. Schrodinger's thresher is simultaneously in and out of the terrain, so it occupies a huge quantum portion of the table. Whether you know it's coming or not doesn't mean it isn't hugely powerful, and you can only plan for one of the many places the thresher might appear. I don't actually know a **** thing about quantum mechanics so you'll have to forgive my presumably wrong use of the term. edit: you are 100% right though that shifting sideways out in the open is pretty worthless (aside from disengaging which is another thing I have big problem with)
  9. Scuttle happens well before their activation, so this wouldn't help. I will continue to bang the drum for a blanket change to the terrain rules that you can only ever enter or exit terrain during your own activation. Hits scuttle nice and hard, helps slightly with Insatiable, and caps Faolan and Th'uk Tar's ability to warp the meta. Heck, Waiqar and Daqan players might start bringing something other than rocks!
  10. We go to war with the golems we have, not the golems we want. I mean, unless they get buffed!
  11. Best way to address terrain abuse that I've seen is a blanket rule preventing entering or exiting outside your own activation
  12. I basically like the game's objective/deployment system. Kaffis's suggestion of lengthening the seasons, maybe rotating completely seems very sensible. Would be nice to see a mix of aggro and objective based play. New scenarios are fairly easy to write, too, and it's not like FFG set a very high bar for comprehension with some of them! I've never tried 225, but I do find that most games barely make use of the full 6', so there's almost certainly room for more. I'm open to it. I'd also advocate for two-list formats, but additional complexity is maybe not the correct direction for a game that struggles so hard to fill seats. I think another FAQ/Errata is the more pressing concern, honestly. There's a pretty long list of unresolved interactions that I believe @oda204 was curating, and balance needs to be addressed. I realize that's a much bigger ask, but as long as the best answer to the question "why wouldn't I bring Uthuk to a tournament" is "because I dislike their minis more than I like winning" we have a very real problem. Plus, with this being almost assuredly all the options we'll ever get, each and every one needs to have a role to fill. No freeloaders!
  13. It's a pretty regional game, and it's currently in a bit of a release lull, so at least locally people have shifted their attention to other projects. If you can find a few people locally to play with then it's a great game, but it will never pull the kind of numbers that X-wing, WM/H, or 40k do.
  14. Alright so this will basically be another wishlist/chat thread, but I'd like to focus more on overall themes (mechanical and fictional) more than individual units. Obviously there's lots of room to look at the fine details in these discussions, but the broader sense might be interesting to look at. As I understand it, the factions fall very roughly into these themes: Daqan - heroic defenders of the realm. They probably have the most widespread access to high defense values, can make an excellent gunline with crossbows, and have two fairly support-oriented heroes. Now that worlds is over I'm starting to sink my teeth into what they can do when built for pure aggression with scouts, oathsworn, and offensive spearmen builds (3-speed turning charge at I4 is real) so they are definitely not a purely defensive faction. Units tend to operate pretty well independently, with support being a cherry on top more than an essential part of the gameplay. Waiqar - inevitability, decay, spookiness. In my mind Waiqar should have access to strong attrition and morale builds, and to some extent they do. Wraiths, lancers, and Vorun'thul actually give them pretty good "weird" mobility, so they get to break some rules too. They sort of have morale game, though it's somewhat poorly supported at present, and can aim for control gameplay with blight. Latari - mobility, specialization, fragility. For the most part I love Latari design, and I think it feel the most cohesive of the factions. Each unit (bar perhaps Darnati, they're a bit weird) excels in its role, and the army supports itself very well. Good mobility options feature heavily, and terrain control with Overgrowth may or may not be a big deal. Collapsing under pressure is the classic elf tradeoff, but hedge shrouds may be a bit nuts. Uthuk - aggression, cruelty, terror. Prior to the latest wave, Uthuk had in-your-face melee combat as their primary strength, with strong morale game. Also, incidentally, excellent terrain control, but that seems like an oversight more than their intended strength. Now, however, they get some pretty interesting control options - flexible blight generation, good blockers, position control, it's interesting to see how successful this side of things can be. Self-harm for additional effects is also a thing. As a Daqan player, I'm interested in seeing more runic magic, and some kind of cleric unit (hero? figure upgrade? whole unit?). Buffing nearby units seems pretty spot on for Daqan, and magic and golems are cool and interesting. What general themes would you like to see focused on?
  15. Yeah there's no reason to take the (incorrect) worlds ruling as official rules text, especially when the RRG provides a clear way to resolve it. The game would be significantly worse for it. A rule to let you enter terrain if you're touching it and destroy the unit inside would be interesting, wouldn't it.
  16. Those numbers are already adjusted for defense, so "HP" is shorthand for "wounds multiplied by defense". As you point out, it's far from a perfect measure, but it's interesting to start with.
  17. I'd be happier with no specific faction language at all, but certainly it seems like all four should be on even footing, yes.
  18. Small reanimate units are also exactly as scary as large ones. The morale modifier doesn't scale with unit size, so in theory a small unit to flank is a good panic threat, but... Reanimates, flank... Armoring up at 4 is also so much worse than 3, and carrion Lancers are superb blockers. I dunno.
  19. Probably best to assume all cases of "or" are intended to be "exclusive or", but you're correct that it's unclear. Good find, add it to the FAQ list! @oda204 Unhallowed wind is the only one I can imagine being ruled as having both windows available, the intent on the movement modifications seems fairly clearly exclusive. For those that aren't aware, in english logic, "or" is actually equivalent to "and/or". Technically speaking, if someone asks you "do you want fries or salad?" you could answer "both" and be completely within the acceptable bounds of the question. Of course, you could also answer "yes", but that's much less helpful.
  20. The topic of "changes FFG might actually make" is an interesting one, and although it's probably a waste of time to speculate so specifically, here I go. I hear Armada had a campaign release, so let's imagine we get the same for Runewars: a $40-60 box full of cardboard. Give me 3-4 new pieces of terrain, a hacked-together campaign system, a bit of lore, and a pile of upgrade cards. Heck, make it legacy style, with sealed packs of upgrades that unlock over the course of a campaign, that would be quite cute. New upgrade category - Titles. Each unit may be equipped with one Title, regardless of its available upgrade slots. edit: yes, upgrade bloat bad, I suppose there's nothing to stop them from just being a slot the unit already has with "xxx only". I still prefer the title solution, but I am very plugged in. Patches aren't pretty, but they hold things together! Vengeful Stalker - Title, 0 points. Kari Wraithstalker only. Unique. The initiative of your red actions is reduced by one. After you perform a [march] or [shift], you may perform a [reform]. Ranged effects measured to or from you have a maximum range of 3. This guts Kari's power as a ranged piece, but makes her a much more interesting melee striker. It's halfway towards making her a whole new hero at this point, which I think is neat. She's much better at getting up close and taking out targets in a select area, but much much worse at shooting and throwing knives. Legion Commander - Title, 0 points. Ardus Ix'Erebus only. Unique. [Skill]: Choose another ally at range 1-3. That unit may perform a [shift] or [reform]. This [shift] may not be used to enter or exit terrain, or to disengage. If this [shift] results in a collision with an enemy unit, treat it as a charge. Pretty basic, gives Ardus the battlefield control of Prince Faolan or Th'uk Tar, but with sensible restrictions on terrain and disengaging as well as a neat little way to cheat some charges. I've advocated for about a five point drop to Ardus's cost, so a free 5ish point value works too! Lord of Death - Title, 0 points. Ankaur Maro only. Unique. Your [skill] can add a maximum of two trays. When your [skill] targets a unit of Reanimates, do not suffer wounds. Friendly Waiqar units at range 1 gain Protector. This would need some testing and might be horribly oppressive, but he doesn't kill himself while raising Reanimates and makes his own cover. Protector is an interesting keyword, and I've long wondered if a unit of Reanimates with the Profane banner would be a good wingman for old Ankaur. This grants that, and also some interesting positional game to protect your other units! Border Defenders - Title, 0 points. Rune Golems only. Unique. When you perform a [march], you may cancel your [charge] modifier to increase the speed of the [march] by 1. I've thought a lot about what I really want out of Rune Golems, and one thing is certainly the ability to move across the board with any kind of reliability. More and more I think the games they do best for me have less to do with clutch 4 speed charges and more with actually getting up the board to participate. This, in large part, adds a 1 march blue bonus action modifier to their dial. I think I like it, because it mostly keeps their interesting weaknesses and doesn't specifically amplify their strengths. Sunderland Veterans - Title, 5 points. Spearmen only. Unique. When you reveal a [defend] modifier, each unit touching your front edge suffers damage equal to your threat. While you have a [defend] modifier active, enemy units that collide with your front edge suffer damage equal to your threat. This is basically a vanity project, and maybe shouldn't be printed. Effectively adding a hit to the already strong defend modifier is very very good, and probably cements Lance Corporal as the correct Spearmen champion. It's fun to dream though! Thirteenth Dread Host - Title, 0 points. Reanimates only. Unique. When you Regenerate, place one additional Reanimate figure. When an enemy engaged with you suffers a morale test, draw one additional card from the morale deck. That enemy suffers damage equal to the severity of the test. Buff Regeneration a bit, and lean into their weak-ish morale enhance modifier. Wraiths introduced more morale stuff to Waiqar which is good, but they should at least be contenders for the scary faction! Also strengthens the unit's attrition game which should be Reanimates' theme. These, plus a couple targeted nerf erratas (insatiable, scuttle, and vorun'thul probably) would make me feel much better about the state of the game.
  21. The fact of the matter is, there is a cost. Getting good results on the roll is nice because it lets you bank an inspiration token, and every hit is two damage. Sometimes you get hit blank after the reroll and have to make a choice. Sometimes it's the difference between scooting up and killing a whole tray, reducing the rerolls of a unit that's about to charge, or a tray engaged with another of your units to free it up for a charge. Shooting at I2 has a ton of utility, so I think it's fair to say she does more than just snipe figure upgrades. When you get right down to it, you're paying six points to trade damage or utility for mobility. Sometimes worth it, but it's not like it's free.
  22. 83.6 A “while” effect is in effect for the entire duration of the specified event I could see the argument that that only applies to the window to trigger the ability and not the ability itself, but it seems a safe bet that it will only last for the one attack.
  23. Best Hero: Vorun'thul. Absolute predator, unparalleled ability to escape. Worst Hero: Ardus, but Ankaur sure gives him a run for his money! Best Infantry: I'm gonna say Spearmen. Berserkers probably outperform them right now, but the Spearmen dial is really quite strong, so I think they have the edge looking to the future. Worst Infantry: I'm probably wrong, but Darnati! Gosh they're expensive. Hedge shroud may make me hilariously wrong. Best Archer: They have pretty different roles, but it's gotta be Crossbows for that 3x1. Worst Archer: Viper Legion? The upgrades look good so I expect them to see play, but the chassis itself is kinda meh. Best Cav: Leonx. I'm constantly amazed they don't show up more, which probably means I'm wrong. But they're so affordable! Worst Cav: Flesh Rippers. They're good, just a little too costly. Best Siege: Spined Threshers. Hardly even a siege unit. Worst Siege: Rune Golems. I still defend them a little bit, but they just don't compare favourably.
  24. 2 damage per surge is good by any standard, it ignores line of sight, can be bunched and split as you see fit, and ignores defensive tech. Getting good use out of it can sure be difficult, but she exerts huge board pressure - if your opponent ever puts anything non-threatening near her, she uses it as a lightning rod. The Baron and embedding in Scouts are good ways to deliver the ability, for sure. I hate this upgrade because every time I take it it's halfway useless, then when I don't have it I want it. At 3-4 points I'd probably staple it to her card. There's certainly something to be said for different metas. If nothing else, it can create a REAL bad experience for new players.
  25. I mean, I am literally wishlisting, so it's not like I expect to see these changes. I consider ANY card errata extremely unlikely, which means we're probably stuck with new release power creep to balance things out. It bums me out. RRG updates thankfully ARE something they can do quite easily, so I really hope they make terrain less prone to abuse. Cat bounce is actually one I have no problem with! It is (was) fairly unique to Leonx, and takes their whole activation to end one unit away from where they started. Etharyon, Entrancing Gaze, Th'uk Tar, and Vorun'thul aren't so restrained. Let us hope that Daqan never gets anything like that, or they could plausibly fight and then escape at I3. Almost exclusively. Took Nationals and two Regionals with them (pacific northwest is a pretty small meta, so I don't read much into this), and placed best in faction at Worlds (6th overall, and by the tiniest MOV difference). I'm not amazing, but I spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about Daqan units. Kari is starting to struggle a little in the modern environment because of her very "core set era" dial, but she can spike so hard and so flexibly off of her surge ability. I want to see her power redistributed.
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