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  1. Yeah, most of the system mastery really comes from knowing what your opponent can do, which a simple printout of their dials helps a great deal with. Once you know what you can do and what they can do, it's pretty much all down to risk management. Good list building and deployment are certainly important, and understanding where the templates will put you (especially in cases like 4-tray wide units) takes some getting used to, but the double-dial system keeps most interactions pretty accessible. A new player will be more likely slow than bad.
  2. If you like the Wood Elf style of controlling engagements until they're exactly in your favour, the you'll LOVE the Latari. Their Archers have a built-in ability to shift after shooting, ensuring they stay on the move. Their melee infantry is surprisingly slow in a straight line, but has excellent maneuverability, making them premiere defensive knife-fighters. Somewhat similarly, the Aymhelin Scions are control pieces that hand out banes (harmful status effects) to deny your opponent their full range of action. The real experts though are the cav - Leonx Riders are fast, nimble, and can legit hit-and-run. They have the tools to choose their engagements, and it will be VERY difficult to catch them off guard. Even more impressive is Aliana of Summersong, the apex predator. She's a bit squishy as heroes go, but has SO MANY movement options at any given point. Where generally units have a fairly predictable set of options to approach any given scenario, she just has so many tools. On top of that, one of her upgrades makes her untargetable by ranged attacks until she makes a melee attack, so you can rely on her hunting down her prey. Looks like a ton of fun on the table. In addition, several of their upgrades rely on proximity to terrain, so they're very much rewarded for controlling and dancing around terrain. I've only played a couple games against them, but shiftiness and vanishing in puffs of smoke is very much their identity.
  3. I mean, Warmahordes has done pretty dang well for itself. It seems to me they're sort of shooting themselves in the foot with a few things right now, but that game is all about pushing the system to the limit and going for the throat.
  4. The only thing I see to worry about is the horns on the crossbows. Getting a surge on RB is far from reliable, so dialing it in makes Tempered Steel perform better. I suppose you could still do so selectively, but it muddies the roles a bit.
  5. Yeah, Crossbowmen's access to mortal strikes is interesting, but I think they're better off just focusing on maximizing hits at threat 3. With Tempered Steel and Rank Discipline they're semi-reliably putting out 9 damage, which is just beautiful. Rune Golems may not have a CHANCE of going toe to toe with Death Knights, but they can stall them reasonably well (though the Reaping Blade is pretty nasty with those two red dice)
  6. By efficient I meant average damage per point spent on the unit. The white die is definitely better, but the four points keep the ratio pretty similar.
  7. BB with a reroll averages 1.5 hits, so 3 damage average, but they're only 17 points. Point for point, that's actually very close to 3x1 Heavy Crossbowmen with Rank Discipline, undeniably one of the scariest ranged threats in the game. It may not be uncommon to see 4-6 2x1's of Latari archers across the table. Interestingly, Hunter's Guile actually decreases their damage efficiency a tiny bit, depending on how you value the mortal strike. The advantage is of course in force concentration, but that was interesting to see. How are Scions working here? With the Stun and Immobilize they seem like the ideal speedbumps (though a bit on the soft side compared to other siege units)
  8. Naked 2x1's of Archers have quite good average damage per point actually. Precise baked in is better than it sounds.
  9. For support units, how are people's experience with Spearmen vs Crossbowmen? Rallying Cornicen fits in either 2x1 Spears or 3x1 Crossbows. It costs the Crossbowmen the surge on their dial to use, but that might not be such a bad thing. More points obviously, but the argument would be that you wouldn't want a 2x1 Spearmen unit without the horn, so just spend the extra points on something a bit more useful. Champions are the other one to consider. Not an option until the expensive 3x2 Crossbowmen, but if you want to include something that doesn't need to be on the front lines, here's the spot for it. Currently only Greyhaven Channeler really qualifies.
  10. Rank-and-flank is a niche. Good as the game is, I don't expect it will ever be as big as 40K or the upcoming Legion. However, the people that want it are likely to be pretty dedicated, so I have no concerns over it vanishing. It won't excel with general appeal, but by being the best game available in the style that people want. I think FLGS firesales have more to do with core sets being vastly better value than expansions than the game being dead. I split a third core set with my roommate despite only REALLY wanting the Oathsworn because it's like 3.5 expansions worth of minis plus dice and terrain for the price of 2. Spearmen are sitting on the shelf at my FLGS too, but that's hardly the consumer's fault.
  11. Probably the toughest thing about Waiqar right now is how little threat projection they have. With Oathsworn across the table you have to consider whether they're going to rush you at any given moment or play more conservatively. Carrion Lancers have that option to some extent, but Reanimates do NOT. Death Knights will provide an unknown element for the opponent, forcing them to be more cautious in their approach.
  12. Have you looked at Tempered Steel? Competes with Wind Rune which is kinda the theme of the list, but it's a pretty strong upgrade. RB with one reroll averages 1.78 hits, so getting one from an upgrade is pretty huge. Maybe try one of the three? And with the points throw a rallying cornicen on another? Remove banes, ready tempered steel and the wizard. Not as focused as the original list, but pumps out some extra damage.
  13. For starters, I think you'd be really well served finding two points to upgrade Hawthorne's Reaping Blade to a Shield of Margath. The Blade pretty seriously ups his damage against hard targets, but the Shield totally changes his game. Against a lot of targets, attacking him becomes a bad idea, so he tarpits and blocks like mad. I'd be interested to hear how the Wind Runes treat you! If they can help stay within range 3 for the mortal wound trigger would be real neat. Ranked Discipline on the 3x1 Crossbows would be nice.
  14. Well, units are made up of trays that simultaneously act to define the footprint of the unit and act as wound markers. In the case of basic infantry like spear men and reanimates, they're really just pretty tokens. I think the point is "if you want to use a bunch of miniatures, what's the best and/or most convenient way to move them around" and the clear answer as far as I'm concerned is trays.
  15. Not having seen the gameplay demo yet, I think we can quite confidently say they will play VERY differently, with absolutely no thematic overlap, so certainly there's room for both to exist. Will there be people that only have time, money, and attention for one and choose Legion over Runewars? Yeah, gotta figure so, but I have to imagine the Imperial Assault die-hards are more upset than we are.
  16. I think there's a definite case for taking it on Spearmen. Going from one to two defense is a huge durability increase, and there are only three ways they can do it on turns they want to attack: Lance Corporal - attacking early with armor is pretty cool, and so is charging 4 etc. The Champion slot IS pretty competitive though, especially if you've got a rune golem along for the ride. Shield Wall - bit cheaper, but if the condition isn't met there's nothing you can do. Sketchy on a 3x2, but not exactly reliable even on a 3x3. However, plays nice with low-initiative actions. Visored Helms - the cost makes me frown, and deliberately attacking later in the turn can absolutely cost you rerolls/threat, but it's about the most reliable way to get that defense buff.
  17. Worth considering is that both Spearmen and Oathsworn have a late-turn, more powerful attack. So far, in a straight fight, they can just about assure attacking after their opponent. This upgrade is clearly about weathering an attack and then hitting back hard. So, does it work? It needs to save at least 5 Spearmen or 2 Oathsworn to pay for itself, which probably means two uses, maybe one if it's a big hit. So who wants it? Well a unit that wants to activate late, mostly. For Spearmen it competes with Shield Wall, but that's pretty risky on anything smaller than the full 9-tray option. I've been playing with a 6-tray Eagle Banner unit to hunt worms, and this would fit them pretty well. I was using the Lance Corporal mostly to get the defense modifier, so I can probably save those points now. Cav are a bit trickier because of that white Defense mod. Attacking early and going to Def3 is a pretty great move, especially for smaller units whose threat stands to be reduced for every tray they lose. If we imagine that Visored Helms is equivalent to getting the Defense mod AND adding a hit to their attack (it's not that good, but it's similar sometimes) then you're really paying 7 points for an upgrade that you can exhaust to add a hit. I think I prefer Tempered Steel.
  18. Hm, I was prepared to say that 3x1 crossbows will have better damage output for cheaper, but they're REALLY similar. Even Protected vs 4 extra wounds could go either way for value. I guess it comes down to dials and frontage - 4x1 is better able to see around things, but harder to maneuver. The Latari have better maneuverability, but lack that range 1-3 mortal strike trigger. It's a toss-up!
  19. And they can concentrate force much more easily than 4x1. Two 1x4's can quite plausibly charge the same target. Rank Discipline is a STEEP opportunity cost though.
  20. "Shortened" is not a defined game term, so although your interpretation is almost assuredly correct, it is not the only one. Also, if it doesn't apply to A, what does it do? Does it only apply from the rear? Then why word it that way? It's not a good bullet.
  21. It's ambiguous. 82.1 is nice and clear, but then the second bullet point introduces all manner of uncertainty. 82.1 reads: "82.1 When performing a melee attack, a unit’s threat is equal to the number of trays that comprise the contacted edge." That's easy. However many trays the unit has on the EDGE contacting the enemy (regardless of how many are actually touching enemy trays. Looking at this, the answers would be 2, 1, and 1. However, "If the contacted edge is shortened by a partial rank, calculate the number of trays as if the partial rank was not present." is difficult to interpret. The first question is what does it mean for an edge to be shortened? Most likely, that clause applies only to situation B, but I could definitely see an argument that it also applies to situation A (one of the trays on the contacted edge is part of a shortened rank). Next, in situation C, if you ignore the partial rank, do you then superimpose the contact onto the next full rank? Is the number of trays zero? I've resolved to just ignore that second bullet point until it's clarified.
  22. From the Latari Box: During the "spend hits" step of an attack, the attacker spends hit icons to cause the defender to suffer damage. Before the defender suffers that damage, it is added to a damage pool. Some game effects, like the "lethal" and "protected" keywords, can modify damage in the damage pool before it is assigned to the defender. If both the attacker and defender have effects that can modify the damage pool, the attacker resolves his effects first. The damage pool only exists in the "spend hits" step of an attack. So it ends up working very sensibly and within the rules framework. Unfortunately, as written, it seems you need to use the Berserkers' ability before rolling dice. Now a distinction I hadn't thought of is that using their ability only gives them the lethal keyword, it does not directly add results to the damage pool. That happens later, when the lethal keyword takes effect in step nine (since it is a while effect).
  23. Yeah that's pretty sweet. Still pricey, but a pretty efficient way to add damage to the unit. Aliana looks super fun to play solo though, so I guess that's the opportunity cost.
  24. Yeah, I'd have to really focus to finish a game in 60 minutes, but I do like how fast action resolution feels. Largely I credit the threat system keeping the number of dice down, and doing away with the defense roll/armor save side of things. I'm sure as the game ages we'll get more bloat to drag things out, but at its core I really like the system. Gotta say though, removing trays from a unit is definitely finicky. Also, it can be tough to accurately reform a unit, small units have too easy a time getting flank charges, and the squaring up process can provide a surprising amount of "free" movement. These are all basically consequences of a good, clear, and concise rules core, and I accept them gladly for the game we've received.
  25. For what it's worth, the rules for upgrades on out-of-faction units are unambiguously tied to ARMY faction, not unit faction. They might decide to change that with errata, but for the moment it's clear in the rules. Organized Play documents are well overdue though, and the sooner the better, but it's plausible they'll just issue something the day of.
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