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  1. Thanks for the posts! As far as I'm concerned, Crossbows are probably THE defining faction strength in Daqan. Their dial is great, they get the perfect upgrades, and the 3x1 is extremely efficient. Kari, despite her flaws, is also a very powerful ranged threat. I would be extremely careful about giving Daqan any more ranged effects, or they could tip into that horrible gunline zone. Personally, I was always more interested in the aggressive elements of the list: Scouts - I didn't get all that much play in with Scouts, but my experience was they're more cool than good. The 2x2 and 3x2 have some very cool options for champion upgrades, and their dial is ostensibly good, I just found they got clowned on by Wraiths. Oathsworn - good at charging straight ahead and fighting a fair fight. Something that changes the way Impact works could be neat, or maybe an upgrade that gives them panic if they're not engaged and inspiration if they are. Really emphasize that impetuousness. Spearmen - sort of count as aggressive. Their dial is incredibly strong and flexible, especially with the infantry command upgrades, but they don't really DO all that much. I always felt like they should have something more specific to their spears - free attack when being charged, immune to Impact, perhaps +1 threat if they have two full ranks. Hawthorne - could use a unique or artifact to make him more fun to use. The thorns build is neat, but doesn't have the teeth to not be ignored. His dial is incredible and feels amazing to use, but then he gets in combat and... not much. Rune Golems - generally not aggressive, but certainly dangerous looking. I've written at some length here. They're pretty all over the place, but a lot of fun with the theme of golems. I'd definitely like to see a Daqan artifact that rewards front-line hero play. Something like spend an inspiration token during a melee attack to give all friendlies at range 1-3 Lethal for the rest of the round? Some sort of challenge blade perhaps, that lets you peek at your target's dial and if they don't have a melee attack dialed in you get bonus damage? It doesn't need to be as powerful as Dimodian Blades, but something in a similar "generally useful offensive item" vein would be cool.
  2. With heavily discounted starter boxes, anything not in them is going to feel bad. At $36 per expansion, it's in line with Runewars (3 trays instead of 2 per box) so if you want to field a big unit of new unit, it's going to cost.
  3. The loss-leading starter and expensive expansion plan kinda rubs me the wrong way. Feels hard to justify getting a couple boxes of Steel Legion or Marksmen Clones when that's the same price as a whole starter. Decent chance I pick up a box though, $68 is pretty nuts.
  4. 3x1 is certainly the most problematic, which is why I've focused my attention there. In addition to high damage it gets protected, niche mortal strike power, and amazing positional flexibility with marching cornicen. I think the 2x1 could probably use a boost of some sort, but that's a problem for much later. As for Ankaur's champion uprade version, the change would probably be fine and low-impact, but it doesn't register as important right now. I think lots of heroes in units could use tweaking, so we'll do a pass later on once the high priority items are sorted out a bit.
  5. I almost suspect you've fabricated this story to make me feel good about myself, because it is exactly what I was going for. Two points of bid is pretty cool but not game breaking, four points is kind of a big deal when you need to really think about whether you'd be better off with a tempered steel, etc. Golems I often find a similar thing, they amble around for positioning, blocking and threatening lanes, then get to attack once or twice. It feels really bad when they whiff one of those attacks, so boosting the lower end of their damage is just what I want. Thanks for the lovely feedback!
  6. I do think she's too strong (or at least too polar), but not a high enough priority to worry about at this stage. Ultimately I'd like to make her more mobile to reflect her being a scout on foot (free reform after march or shift seems good) in exchange for power from her less interactive knife throwing (reduce range to 1-3 for a start). Shooting at I2 is such a uniquely powerful ability. Not everyone responded to every question. It says how many did below each question - 44 responded to Daqan overperforming, 45 to underperforming, etc. Oddly, no single question has 50 responses.
  7. Hello community! Pursuant to my balance survey, I've put together a package of suggested changes to improve the health of the game. Some are small, sensible, and crowd-sourced, others are larger and more controversial, reinforcing my perceptions of design intent and unit theme. This thread is meant to be a place to share playtest experience more than suggestions for ways to change units, but I'm not a cop, follow your heart. I am concerned that I'm trying for too many changes all at once, but I feel pretty strongly about them all. Outside of Latari, any given list is likely to encounter one or two of them, plus the blanket change to terrain, so I feel it should be manageable. Realistically, we need an impossible amount of feedback to get a real sense of certification for any changes, but I'll take whatever you feel like giving me! As a rough guideline, here's a format to help figure things out: Army List #1: Army List #2: Deployment and Scenario used: Something that really stood out by performing well: Something that really stood out by performing poorly: General impressions:
  8. And we've hit 50! Check out the results here.
  9. It certainly does slow things, and in many cases the attrition rate is insurmountable, but there are a whole swath of boutique minis games out there, some whose parent companies are long dead, which continue to see regular play in many areas. Epic 40k, for example, for which official models have not been available for years, has an oddly thriving worldwide playerbase. Obviously that's partially due to its strong IP, but the fact remains that minis games exist in a weird intersection of game and hobby, so when people invest time and love into an army it can gain legs beyond its actual support. I'm not trying to argue that the end of official support won't hurt the playerbase, but existing metas will be able to weather it to some extent.
  10. Great stuff. Errata: Entering terrain when already in contact RRG 55.3 already provides a way to resolve a collision for cases like this, so technically this should be more of an FAQ item than an errata, but it being pointed out is definitely good. FAQ: Assigning accuracy to a one-rank unit I'd prefer to be able to target models without accuracy in these cases, simply because it works more like you'd expect. If it 1) is in the back rank and 2) wouldn't split the unit then you're good to go is the simple explanation, though I guess 2) is in a tray that, if removed, would split the unit isn't THAT much worse.
  11. Let's just say that although your friend's perspective isn't quite unique, it's pretty close.
  12. We're creeping up on 50 responses, so I figured I'd wait to hit that.
  13. Yeahhh the theme of it really doesn't appeal to me, but in terms of helping him survive in a world with a terrible dial, it's pretty good. I will continue deliberating, see if inspiration strikes.
  14. 22 points and 4 trays of archers, you mean. Getting access to the upgrades is nice, and being able to fit in smaller terrain can sometimes be a big deal, but the fact remains that you're spending points on Ardus instead of on boots. That 2x1 unit is 4 damage from dropping to threat 1 and virtual irrelevance, which most ranged units can manage quite handily, whereas the 2x2 can weather anything but a spike from a 3 threat unit with Tempered. This is more true of melee units than ranged since they'll be up fighting, but certainly the feeling locally has been that the points are better spent on trays than on Ardus (outside of niche builds like double deathcaller).
  15. A source of dials and trays (with slots for common industry bases) would be a big help in getting people to play. A conversion kit for other fantasy armies to work in Runewars.
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