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  1. I know this may be a bit off topic, but I couldn't find any completely "General" forum so this seemed like the best place. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some more insight on the monthly raffle. Is it still happening? What kind of prizes are handed out? Do you know anyone who's won? And how do you find out if you've won? Thanks.
  2. Well, just ordered my copy of Arkham Horror from Amazon a few days ago! It'll be here soon. Now I'm wondering about what the best expansions are. I heard people mention Dunwich Horror and King in Yellow... what about the others?
  3. I was interested in this game but after watching the introductory video on its main page, it seemed a little too similar to the actual StarCraft RTS. It kinda just seems like the videogame turned into a physical board game, instead of a board game based on the StarCraft universe. My cousin mentioned that often with board games based on other intellectual properties this occurs, but I was wondering what actual fans of the game have to say.
  4. Yeah, those rules seemed intriguing. For the sake of confusion, I'm probably going to play through all the core scenarios once, and then replay them with the optional rules as Lannister. I'm ordering Wardens of the West this week, so I'll have a couple new scenarios and those extra gambit card rules.
  5. That's good to know. Shelling out $59.99 for a couple more scenarios seems a little silly.
  6. This may seem like a dumb question to some of you hardened vets out there, but I was wondering if anyone remembers an older Star Wars card game from the 90s? It was kind of like Magic: The Gathering and had actual photos of the original trilogy on the cards instead of artwork. Does anyone remember what it was called, and how does this FFG LCG stack up to it? Do people still play that old game?
  7. Hmmm... that certainly doesn't make Mansions of Madness sound very good.
  8. Is the Call of Cthulu RPG made by Fantasy Flight Games? I couldn't find it on the website.
  9. Can anyone tell me how many scenarios included in the Battles of Westeros expansions require two core sets to play? I know one of the three bonus downloadable scenarios require a second set, and the Brotherhood Without Banners instructions imply that it too may require more than one set.
  10. Also after reading that battle report you posted, I was wondering if you agree that both regular forces and commanders can take markers in the Green Fork scenario? My interpretation of the rules was that any Stark unit could take a marker, but a Commander could only take one, and if he was killed after taking it it was removed from play and the Stark player lost a point.
  11. Think I'm going to start with Arkham Horror and check out Mansions of Madness if they tweak it a bit. I heard there's errata for that game though- does that help make it more balanced? I do like the idea of trying to stop an Ancient/Old One from appearing from a portal though, but MoM has some cool miniatures.
  12. It does seem like a lot of these scenarios are balanced more towards Stark than Lannister, particularly as the Stark heroes are just so ridiculously powerful. Robb's King in the North variant is impossible to catch, Greatjon (in Greatjon form) is a beast in combat, and Karstark is also impossible to kill. Addam Marbrand is good, but not when facing other commanders and the Mountain is very powerful, but incredibly slow. It could just be that I'm a lot better at this game than my girlfriend, but I feel Stark may have the advantage in a number of the core scenarios.
  13. I posed this question in the Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign forums and wanted to get everyone's take- in your opinion, what is the best H.P. Lovecraft-inspired game in Fantasy Flight Games' catalog? I'm trying to decide which one to try first. Arkham Horror sounds pretty cool, as does Mansions of Madness but I hear it has some balancing issues. How's the Call of Cthulu LCG?
  14. Man, this is gonna be a hard decision. Both games sound great!
  15. I asked this question in the Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness forums and wanted to get everyone's take- in your opinion, what's the best H.P. Lovecraft game in Fantasy Flight Games' catalog?
  16. I posed this question in the "Arkham Horror" forum and now wanted to give the "Mansions of Madness" fans a chance to respond- I'm trying to decide which of FFG's H.P. Lovecraft-themed game to start off with- Arkham or Mansions? I'm also intrigued by "Elder SIgn" and the LCG.
  17. Thanks for the info! Arkham Horror sounds pretty great, but I'm drawn to Mansions of Madness because it has the same kind of plastic miniatures as the first FFG game I've played, Battles of Westeros. Arkham has those investigator figures, but they're a bit expensive. And yeah, maybe I should have just posted this in the general chat. Thanks again!
  18. Which H.P. Lovecraft game is the best? Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness or Call of Cthulu: The Card Game? Big Lovecraft fan trying to decide where to start.
  19. Has anyone ever tried playing this scenario with the Lannisters placing the Strategy Tokens and knowing their locations instead of the Starks? My girlfriend and I played it the way it was written in the Scenario Book but it seemed plausible to do it the other way as well.
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