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  1. I have only played one game through but here is a question that I didn't see answered in the rule book. If I lose an edge battle with a character who has the "white" strike icons and no "black" icons, do I still have to place focus token on them even though they cannot strike? Thanks.
  2. I can't believe I missed that in the FAQ. And I meant can Meera blank an event after it has been played. Thanks for answering. -Taylor
  3. Does Hidden Chambers reduce the cost of Meera Reid to come out of shadows when her ability is initiated? Also, can Meera be used to blank event cards? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!
  4. If I use The Iron Throne (ASitD) as my location with House of Dreams; does that make it immune to its own restriction of having to be the only Iron Throne to activate its ability?
  5. I just like hearing that I was right. thanks.
  6. When Narrow escape is played after a Valar does it bring back all of the characters killed that round or just the player who played Narrow Escape? This may be a dumb question but the reason I ask is because of the wording "…their owner's dead piles or discard piles all characters that were killed or discarded this phase." It doesn't say "your" it says "their" which seems to refer to the who table? Thanks in advance, guys.
  7. Thanks for the ruling you guys. I thought it felt weird when I let him get a power. Props to dcdennis for the first reply and of course, many thanks to ktom.
  8. I don't play burn very often so I never really thought about this occuring but…. Can someone declare a character as an attacker if they have 0 strength? The siutation was that someone attacked with a 0 strength character with the Deadly keyword. The opponent chose to unoppose and therefore the person who did the attack got one power for winning an unopposed challenge. Is this legal? I'm not too sure and I couldn't find it in the FAQ or rule book. Thanks!
  9. However, Parting Blow says you must kneel an oponents character. Not your own.
  10. Ktom comes through with another detailed and accurate answer. The 3 gold to stand, initiate, stand again and then raise the claim makes perfect sense but if I stand him after I declare a challenge isn't he now out of the challenge? The way I understand it he would just be a standing attacker. Correct?
  11. Who doesn't love The Red Viper? Personally, I love the APS version of him. It has helped me suck up power quickly with Taste for Blood attached to him plus his renown. Oh yeah, and those abilities kick ass. However, there was a wording that caught my eye the other day and made me fear I was using the card incorrectly. The wording states. "CHALLENGES: Discard 1 gold token from The Red Viper to stand him. Then, you may discard one additional gold token from him to raise the Claim value on any player's revealed plot card by 1 until the end of the current challenge." The wording that catches my eye is the "current challenge", does this mean that to take effect a challenge must have been declared already or can I stand the Viper, declare a challenge and then discard an additonal gold to raise the claim? Do I have to delcare a challenge and then discard a gold to stand Red Viper and then discard another gold to raise the claim? I also realize that the Red Viper does not have to participate in the challenge but he does need to stand first for me to take advantage of the "Then" ability. Anyone wanna ring in on this? Thanks in advance.
  12. The wording on the Martell Attachment 'Taste for Blood' came up in a game the other day for our meta. Would the character only recieve power if a challenge is defended (by any character I control) or does losing an undefended (by me the defender) challenge also count as a loss and a power on the character? Thanks!
  13. Hello Does a challenge including claim need to be satisfied before Lannister Pays His Debts is played? Example: Lannister player has one character up. Opponent does military. Lannister player loses. Claim satisfied first? Or can they kneel their character to initiate the event before killing their character? Thanks.
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