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  1. Has anyone tried running this on a Microsoft surface?
  2. With each book comes various new art pieces that look amazing and tell a story on their own. What is your favorite piece? (Funny or serious) One of my favorite is on page 274 ... Except I picture her holding coffee.
  3. Good stuff! I like how you have organized your material. Easy to read, good summary.
  4. Thanks everyone for the reminders and ideas! In the one we have going, some of the PC's are actually the slaves. Some of the other PCs are the guards that are going to free the slaves. The ideas I'm thinking of are: 1) the guards (some) had known the slaves, prior and are freeing them out of friendship. 2) the guards were hired by an outside agency that is trying to prtiect the slaves 3) guards are hired by an unknown organization and the slaves also do not know either the slaves or the organization that is backing the attempt. (My favorite, since it can lead to other events down the line.)
  5. Hi all, I am starting a new campaign and am stuck on next step. Here is basic plot: slaves are being held captive by ??. The guards find a way to free them (somehow hired to release them), they flee ?? together. I am stuck on the who. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  6. I am going to admit that my Star Wars experience is limited to movies and tv (don't be hatin') For this RPG, what books would be good to read to help me better understand this "edge of the empire" experience? Thank you.
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