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  1. I haven't played a paper rpg in a looong time, but this x-mas, a buddy of mine got me B/C because I'm a new father, and new fathers need other ways of spending time with the boys rather than at the bar. Bars it seems, require money... But I digress. I was very excited to receive this book, and quickly set about planning my own campaign to GM. I have encountered several problems, but have managed to find the answers to most of them here in these forums. However, I have two questions I cannot find any material on, and I hope that someone out there can clear these things up for me. 1.) I cannot find any sort of means to gauge a character's strength. On the char/sheet I have, it has a spot for rank, however I can find no mention of rank anywhere in the book. What then, is the purpose of experience? Is it just a form of currency for the players to spend, or is there an actual structured level system I'm somehow missing? 2.) And on a similar note, how does one gauge enemy difficulty when creating adversaries? In the book, a Bloodletter is described as an "Elite" difficulty enemy. Is that for a newly created character? Does a bloodletter become a "Troop" type foe versus near-princes? What about created enemies? How does one gauge their group rating? Any help or direction one might provide would be most appreciated! Thank you, FNGM
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