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  1. Unless there is errata I'm unaware of, you don't need a Talisman to enter the Crown of Command. You need a Talisman to enter the Valley of Fire.
  2. I'll try & swing by. I sent a request to the fb group. Thanks.
  3. How would it be best to coordinate with others to meet up on Sundays? I was quite sad when there was just Star Trek CCG going on there last Sunday.
  4. It seemed like a valid question to me. The only reference I've seen regarding the Grim Reaper & the Inner Portal is the conditional rule listed in the The Grim Reaper rules insert. If the Inner Region has a bunch of dragons running about instead of the Grim Reaper, one would suspect that the Grim Reaper's presence isn't infinte, as the rules insert states. I'm normally not one for house rules (house rules = not following the printed rules = cheating), but it brought a lot of joy to the 5 of us when we sent the Grim Reaper up to the 6th player who was cruising through the Dragon Tower, courtesy of "There has been a mistake!".
  5. Please solve a rules debate we ran into last night, regarding the Grim Reaper & the Dragon overlay board. The rules for the Grim Reaper state "The Grim Reaper will not cross the Portal of Power, as he is already present in the Inner Region." We're assuming this is due to the Dice with Death space. If the Dragon overlay board is used, the Dice with Death space is no longer present. Since the condition that prevents the Grim Reaper from entering the Inner Region is no longer applicable, there is no reason why the Grim Reaper shouldn't be allowed to enter the Inner Region, correct? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all of the imput. I'll forward it along. Pastimes is considering applying for a Regionals event. I would also be pleased to play at Chicagoland Games & Lexx would be thrilled to have some of the old SW minis players show up.
  7. Hi, Pastimes in Niles, IL, is planning to start having a monthly event for the Star Wars LCG. In the meantime, I thought I'd post here & see if there were people interested in playing. If so, post what day would be best for you. Hope to hear from you soon!
  8. tofubones said: I recently talked to Games-Plus about doing a regular LCG Game Day. As far as regular days go, Sunday seems to be the best day, at least with my group. Saturdays could work for specific events/days, but often there are other events that would bump any regular group. Certainly it would be harder to have enough room for more than 6 people on most Saturdays. They seemed open to the idea of doing the organized play kits, but I have not heard back a definitive ya or nay. If you're interested in AGoT and other LCG/Boardgames I'd recommend joining: http://www.facebook.com/groups/dawolfpackagot/ We have been doing monthly gaming at GP and other locations. I'm just trying to get into the game. From what I've read so far, Games Plus seems to have gotten a lot better to the non-paint-your-minis-gamer. I've avoided that place like the plague because of the rude behavior management has had in the past to the card gamers & the pre-painted minis gamers. I wonder what changed their attitude?
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