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  1. I wrote this article in early December. A lot has changed with the game since that time. I think the article has a lot of good information, but the deck probably needs to be changed. The character suite is interesting. I would probably change the following. I would add 2 Force Training, 1 Kylo Saber, and 1 Backup Muscle. I would remove Speeder Bike Scout, Gaffi Stick, Reversal, Flank, and perhaps Crime Lord. With these changes, it would still play as a late game Dooku deck, but with some of the more powerful cards in the game. Funny enough, it would remain as a budget deck.
  2. Episode 3 of The Smuggler's Den has been posted to Youtube and should be available on Itunes now or very soon. This week Jay from the Knights of Ren stops by. This week's show is a bit different. It is more of a conversation. Jay and Tiny discuss their pre-release events, what decks they can make now, if you should try to use characters with the same type of damage, and of course a quiz.
  3. There is a newer, higher resolution version of the video available - It's still upside down though. This was my first pack opening and I learned a lot from it. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. This is going to be a deck specific question. Are you running a deck that really needs to have one character live? If so, you probably want to win to claim those early shields. Are you running a Poe/Finn deck that desperately wants to keep getting back the AT-ST. Then you probably want to win so that you can choose your battlefield. As more cards get spoiled, I think more decks will be built around having their battlefield in play. So the bottom line is that winning that initial roll can be very useful now, and may be critical for some decks.
  5. Would like to know this myself - is it worth buying 2 of each starter set? I would say start with 1 of each and some packs. If you decide you have to have one of the cards then you can either trade or buy another starter. I'm going to end up with 2 of each starter, but that is only due to the launch events. I preordered one set, and I'm going to get another at the events.
  6. Of the rares I would say Force Throw and Mind Probe are really good and are one ofs. However, they are also really expensive. So I'm not sure if decks will want 2 of each. Right now they do because so few cards are spoiled, but that might change. The big one would be Finn. You might want 2 dice on him.
  7. I think it will be very accessible to that age group. My daughter is a smart 8, and she should have no problems. What's great is that decks can be made that are incredibly simple to incredibly complex. This works great for both kids and casual players. Here are some aggressive characters and cards. Go roll big damage and win!
  8. There is a big difference in these games. At least with IA much of the information is on the table when you start. However, for myself I have been studying IA quite a bit to understand what command cards my opponent might play, what lists are popular, and how certain matchups work. With card games this is amplified because less information is on the table. You need to know what cards your opponent might be using and based on the meta what cards are likely to be used. Having said that, with just the first set, this shouldn't be too daunting.
  9. Interesting questions. I think the hardest thing during a round of play is considering all of the cards your opponent could have. It gets pretty easy to start putting plans together. But most people struggle with playing around what cards you could have in hand. I think this skill will improve with experience, it certainly has for me. The rule that takes most the longest to fully get is overwriting upgrades and only paying the difference. This is huge. You can play a 2 cost upgrade turn 1, and then pay 2 next turn for use for force next turn overwriting the old upgrade. Other crazy tricks are things like overwriting cards with comlink for rerolls. Then overwriting comlink with something and getting it back with the Graveyard battlefield.
  10. Did you feel like the 60 minute games were caused by inexperience, lots of difficult decision points, or number of turns?
  11. Originally I was sure there would be time for best of 3. But games are taking much longer now. Lots of games go about 40 minutes. There can be a ton of actions and back and forth on each turn. So while the amount of turns might be low, the amount of time taken is not always low. However, as people get better at the game, I imagine the game will speed up. So final answer is maybe, but I am guessing bo3 won't work out. Keep in mind you're playing on TTS which is significantly slower than playing with the physical game. If a game is lasting an average of 40 mins on TTS, I would imagine it would take closer to 20 - 30 min on the table. Which puts you in a funny spot cause it might be tight to do a best of 3 but seems to short for a one off. From a tournament stand point best of 3 is a way better option so I hope they go with it. I'll have to disagree a bit with the slower on TTS. At first it was much slower, but now it is nice and quick. It might be a hair faster in person, but then again it might not be. I would think bo1 with 45 min. round times would be good. I played in a few bo3 Dice Masters tournaments and they were disasters. Against quick players like myself it worked fine. However, I got timed out a few times by people thinking a bit. Also, I just had what seems to be becoming more the norm a nice long 8 round match that took well over an hour, and it didn't feel slow.
  12. Definitely have to give the caveat here that we only know part of the card pool and some of the characters. But let's first look at other games. Is it ever the case where every faction or faction combo is perfectly balanced? Now to answer your question. Here is my ranking of character combinations in this very limited pool. Even this might be wrong because I haven't explored everything. 1.) E Kylo and E Jango - This is an amazing combo. Jango and Holocron are the two best cards in this limited environment. Therefore, it's not shocking they would be best. 2.) Dooku Phasma Stormtrooper - I might be wrong here, but this lineup is my favorite. There are so many high skill plays to be made. I love guardian. 3.) E Luke Rey - This is an interesting deck that can be a rush deck or a combo deck depending on how the dice fall. 4.) E Han E Rey - This is a fun ramp deck. Han can do a lot of damage or push resources to get stuff like Falcon out. As more ambush cards get spoiled this will move up 5.) Finn Poe - This is a crazy fun deck that is pretty RNG heavy. Those are just the lists I have focused on. I've seen a ton of other interesting lists such as Vader and 2 Stormtroopers, E Jango 2 Stormtroooper, pretty much everything 2 Stormtroopers. While the characters aren't completely balanced right now, and most likely wont be when the full set is out, there are a ton of interesting decks that have different playstyles. That's what is important to me more than everything being even, which is not realistic. As more cards are spoiled these different archetypes and playstyles will most likely become more diverse and differentiated. Bottom line is that I think the character balance is off to a great start.
  13. Generally speaking, once a character goes down the game is fairly lopsided. But that is because there is usually a big dice disparity. However, I have had several games where the game remained quite close because the character that died either had redeploy weapons or the other character(s) had upgrades. In those instances the dice were still more even. However, if you load up Jango Fett with Jetpacks and he dies on turn 2, you probably have lost the game. That being said, it is tough to kill a character early. There is so much mitigation in the game with shields and events that it takes some killer rolls and some suspect draws/plays/deckbuilding to get a quick kill. Jango is the main culprit for these early kills because his character ability breaks the rules of the game.
  14. Originally I was sure there would be time for best of 3. But games are taking much longer now. Lots of games go about 40 minutes. There can be a ton of actions and back and forth on each turn. So while the amount of turns might be low, the amount of time taken is not always low. However, as people get better at the game, I imagine the game will speed up. So final answer is maybe, but I am guessing bo3 won't work out.
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