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  1. Some friends of mine and I have started an Android game using the FATE system, Netrunner and the Worlds of Android book. We're still working on the details of running, but we've had two sessions and it's a lot of fun. We're keeping track of it on Obsidian Portal. Check it out.
  2. Not sure why the above link throws an error. Let's try this: click here
  3. Here's a link to the public Obsidian Portal wiki where we're keeping all our game info. We had another session the other night and it ROCKED. The running part of the game needs some tweaking, but it works and is a lot of fun. http://fateofnewangelesgetchergeekon.obsidianportal.com/
  4. If you tackle it, I'd love to compare notes. If you need any help getting started, I'd be happy to help however I can.
  5. I got tired of waiting for FF to put out an Android RPG so I got two of my friends together and we're home growing one using the FATE system. We have the Worlds of Android book as source material and all the cards from Netrunner for flavor, hardware, software, NPCs, etc. I even figured a way to translate ICE and running from Netrunner into the FATE system. We decided to just start a game and build as we go. It's going very well. The FATE system focuses on storytelling so lots of stats, tables, etc. aren't necessary. I highly recommend the homegrown method, especially with FATE. Lot's of fun and very satisfying. I have no doubt FF will publish an Android RPG eventually and if it rocks, I'll get that too. For now, we're going to keep plugging away at our own.
  6. Hi all Looking for players in or near the NH Seacoast. Every 1st Monday at 5pm and 3rd Saturday at 12pm we have LCG play at Diversions in Portsmouth with an emphasis on Netrunner. Diversions has also started monthly Netrunner tournaments. Please reply if you're interested in joining us. Thanks, Andy
  7. Hello I'm wondering if an Ambush such as Aggressive Secretary is triggered simply by being accessed by the runner or does it also need to be rezzed? Example: I play Mushin No Shin and start a new remote with Aggressive Secretary with 3 advancement tokens on it. During the runner's next turn, they run successfully on the server. Does the Secretary trigger regardless of Mushin's restriction of "You can not score or rez that card until your next turn begins"? Many thanks
  8. At the tournament level, does it seem that games tend to go to the Runner much more than the Corp?
  9. I host a Netrunner night one or two Mondays every month at Diversions in Portsmouth. Check out their calendar at http://www.diversionsgames.com/events-calendar/ for the next one. It's casual play as well as introductory games for anyone who hasn't played. Come on by.
  10. Is there anyone on or near the seacoast, Portsmouth especially, who's playing?
  11. Anyone in the New Hampshire seacoast area want to play? I'm in Portsmouth.
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