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  1. Hi is this what you ment? ( picture of the Warhammer Tyranid Warrior model and 2 Terma Gaunts ) Or this one? ( warhammer Tyranid artbook picture, showing aTyranid warrior and some Terma and Horma Gaunts. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110726011011/warhammer40k/images/8/87/Tyranids_of_Hive_Fleet_Behemoth.jpg If so then the previous posts are right. The little dog is a Gaunt type Tyranid, and it comes in mainly 2 types, the Horma and Terma-Gaunt. The Hormagaunt has 2 front paws with a long bony clawknife known as a scyting talon. The TermaGaunt has a living symbiotic weapon attached to its forepaws. these can be beetle launchers, that explode on impact, brain leech worms that burron into their victim or a scattershot of visicator larvae, that such all the liquid out of you. The Warrior itself is a big and strong fighter in both melee and ranged, but also acts as a relay station for the hive mind. allowing nearby smaller tyranid organisms, that normally are just instinctive beasts, to be dominated and co-oordinated into deadly waves and packs. Taking out the Warrior will disrupt this hive mind link and the smaller one's will revert to their instinctive behaviour. This is quite usefull for a GM to dose the fight, if it gets to though you can get a lukky shot kill the warrior and let his dogs cower and scuttle. or let his pack of dogs, when it goes to easy, make a tactical strike at a player for some added dificulty. Hope this has given you more insight into the tyranid mindset and behaviours. If you got more questions feel free to pm me as im a tyranid miniature player. Kind regards and good luck with your players.
  2. Hi all, Im working on a Character sheet in Word format. I found the topics with the PDF versions but pdf does not allow repositioning or adding new lines ect. I also found the Excel char generator programlike sheet, but that had some strange quircks and would not save nor print for me. So to make it adjustable and easy to use, while adding a lot of extra information otherwise only findable in the rulebook Im doing it in Word. If your interested, let me know ill send you a copy. ( or keep track of this tread to see my upload post when it is done )
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    Role: Player or Starting DM Looking For: Group and GM Type of Game: Online or real life ( if multiple players live nearby ) Session Specifics: SKype, Chat, MSN, Post or Forum wise...though i think something with direct options and a groupwide roll generator mechanic would be prefered. Region: EUROPE, Netherlands ( GMT+1 ). Session Time: Mostly My Eefnings or The Weekends Game Style: The one the GM decides on. Its my first time Deathwatch. Comments: his being my first time deatwatch, I am working on a Neat Player sheet in Word, so you can easely adjust things, as the PDF restricts me to much in room, and the excelsheet genereator still had some bugs in it. Im still trying to get my head round the char creation process, but i think i got it now. ( made 4 chars so far ) Got the Core rulebook finished it entirely in a week, and im starting a slightly adjusted game as in setting ( no space, just on earth. No aliens or Chaos just mutants, and zombies for Tyranids) with my girlfriend and her girlfriend. Still id love to play with a more experianced GM to get some good feel of how a story could be for the players. So if youd have me and like to explain some stuff then id feel welcome.
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