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  1. Im setting up a Monthly Hobby Day in the First Weekend of Each Month. In that Ill be spending time on a couple of things: DeathWatch - on Skype open to All Warhammer - With Friends open to those in the Netherlands and able to come over LAN or STEAM Gaming - Open to All Costume Creation - Private hobby If you wish to join in on annything hook me up with your skype details and ill contact you through it.
  2. These are awesome. My Kudo's for thinking of this. Ill definatly use them, albeith in smaller versions, on my plannet based story. It might also be funny to see the Hive having adepted to these barriers over the centuries. as the tyranids constantly evolve to keep on going. One means of retaining control is through sub light signals of the infrared spectrum. given that the hive fleet tendril is based on billions of ships, if they direct their ( flashlight ) onto a region all at the same time they could send some sort of evolved morse code in the light. wich will result in the tyranids viewing it to know what must be done. although its not as omni present as the hive minds spycic profile would heve been, it might rally the troops and become a serous treath again. the first signs of this transformation could be silvery rimmed armor plates, where the silver is a tissue edge that recieves and emits the infrared flares. giving your players another thing to go after is the research into this wich could then lead to a means of using it against the chaos, or Tau medling, and perhaps against the hive itself. Another Jet DOOMING choice to make for it is herecy to use and co-excist with these tyranids to preserve the galactic core… or now is it?
  3. Wow , That is a tripped ork story…. i wonder how this will end, probably somewhere down the rabit hole. As long as you and your players have fun its alright right? but it goes against my personal nature to introduce somethign as a shrink ray, for it upsets a lot of balances in the universe. Still i think its a wonderfull yourney to undertake,. and the fact that plans backfire is fun to see as well. Empty battery… whahahaha. I wonder what will be next… Max growrth… Marines as large as titans… having trouble killing tiny orks underfoot… being mistaken for gork and mork themselfves due to their size…. the grethhin worshipping their foot that reaches into the cluods as the foot of gork. and the fist of mork… some Waagh induced battles might follow. untill the effects wear off and the marines shrink to normal size. the mob, sing their gods return to marines loses the will to fight and disband into small ravaging groups that unsettle an entire region for decades to come . Or something like that.
  4. As a TableTob Warhammer 40K Tyranid Player, for couple of years now, im familiar with the lore in their rulebooks. The latest installment saw some of the previously dreamt of tyranids given form. before i go into detail on what i think would be nice, let me react to your posts: The ArmaGaunt, the idear of a new step between gaunt and warrior sounds nice. though 6 feet tall, thats 1.8 meters…. where a warrior is 2 and a gaunt 1.2. sounds a bit big. Especialy if its modeled after the gaunts posture of moving on 4 legs. Id suggest you reduce it to 5 foot ( 1.5 M ) or even 4.5 foot. 1.3 meters. as it will than be a bigger version of the gaunt. Or was your intention to make a smaller version of the Warrior? so it walks on two legs, and has four limbs to attack with. reading your one weapon aptitude i doubt this though. The rest of your idear sounds nice. a psycic version would have a bigger head or headplate though to tune in on the hive mind. The flying one having less armor is also a good decicion i think. As for the ocean tyranids, spores are used to infect planets with rapid growt, maximizing a planets biomass wich then will be eaten by the fleet. IF such spores would come into contact with the ocean life the Kelp indeed would grow enormous, but the temperature would not reach boiling point. it might be to hot for the likes of the shrimp, true, but not boiling as that would destroy the kelp itself. Secondly annything that eats the algae or kelp would turn mutant too. so all the shrimp would grow larger and larger the wales would grow gargantous. Even more the algae and kelp would release new spores to spread. Within 2 weeks from planetfall on hard survaces spores cover the entire planet. on planet fall in water this is verry much quicker. Id say in a week all the oceans and rivers ending in them would be infected. From these normal unsuspecting animals marine and landbased drink and eat. spreading the spores even further. and so more than just marine life would start to grow mutated and big. Thirdly spores infecting a host organism enhance the organisms natural abilities. If it was a hunter it will hunt more and ferousiously to sate its appetite. if it was a burrowing creature it will burrow deeper constanly thingking its still not deep enough to escape what lurks above. In the final stages of the spore mutation creatures with semi intelligence will become enslaved to the hivemind. who uses them to assault pockets of resistance. So if the Tau or marines burned kelp and creatures more would be driven to those locations. guards on patrol will go missing as giant predators sneak up and ****** them away. eventually fortified positions will be attacked by rampaging beasts from the surrounding lands. these can ben verriousios rats numbering in the billions, or raging elephants forming a battering ram. AS for the names, i agree that putting Fex after things might first sound and look cool, but it actually is not. Most infected creatures retain features of their original form, but than bigger more specialised to their use. A tiger would for example become trice as big and have elongated fangs and huge claws. but the natives would still call it a tiger, albeit perhaps commenting on its size being large or huge. only after repeated attacks of such organisms will people start giving things a name. ( think about the children fearing things under their beds, it starts with the fear, only later will they start naming them, a mechanism to make the unknown more familiar and thus less scary) Defenders might refer to the tiger as the Savage stalkers, or Alpha tigers. from this namign and the manny reports, if there are survivors, a well educated zoologist could then seek out the creature, capture one alive and give it a fitting official name. we humans are officially homo homo sapien, still we call ourselfs man, human, dictator, criminal, murderer or even disabilitated for those with mutations. So If you realy want some tyranid names id suggest you think of the creature, how it behaves and attacks, and how defenders would name it accordingly. ( if you seen the how to tame your dragon movie, the blackk dragon theirin is named the night fury, as it always attacks at night. ) Having replied thus, I will only say this on the tyranid species you can think of. each species is bred for a purpose. hence it will exagerate the use of that purpose. Carnifex have armor and huge claws, to stand incoming fire while they slowly advance and crak open the hardest defences. Gaunt are cheap and lightwaigth. makign them easy to produce and thus they attack in endless numbers. depleting the ammunition of the enemies. thats what their for. Rippers are small enough to crawl into olmost anything and eating evrything they find,., hence a huge jaw with a smaller body behind it , if the teeth fit the rest will follow. So think of what creatures inhabit your planets, how will the spores affect them. and if you really want a specific tyranid creature think of its role in the feeding cycle of the hive fleet. infect - feed - rout out resistance - consume - move on . make it fit and exagerate their use. and you will have a nice tyranid on your hands.
  5. I might have some more Dutch players joining in this campaign. If others wish to join up for some DW actions just post here and ill see what we can arange. Kind regards, Nogard
  6. Hi there, I got a Self made Customisable Word format for Characters in the DeathWatch setting, I presume you can use it for NPC''s as well as it will help you structure the information. Just clear out anny Spacemarine starting stuff, and fill in what your NPC can do. Here is the link to my Topic called "Character Creation / Character Sheet in Word Format " http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp►efid=214&efcid=3&efidt=593984&efpag=0#635218 Kind regards, Nogard
  7. And if your looking for some neath battle setups i suggest playing the DAW and DAW2 RTS games or watching multiplayer revieuws from them on youtube. There are some really cool battles in there and it gives you a nice feeling for the diffrent styles of armies your opponents might be like.
  8. Here it is: Again All Hail Brother BadLapje for his services: http://www.vanonderen.be/rpg/rogue%20trader/Deatwatch%20Character%20Creation%20Sheet.docx You guys go and have fun reading it. When i got time to update it ill do so and ask BadLapje to host again. All of you who already have one and gave me good feedback you got my thanks. Im always open for more good or bad feedback, so i can developt the sheet even further. Meanwhile Enjoy
  9. Added you already and even made your character. With thanks to BadLapje I got my Charsheet hosting link: http://www.vanonderen.be/rpg/rogue%20trader/Deatwatch%20Character%20Creation%20Sheet.docx Check it ouT!!
  10. Does an Idear of a Campaign to start also count? Like an invasion of 4 mayor races ( tau, Eldar, Chaos, Imperials ) onta a Tyrand invested planet. where the killteams will bring victory, uncover long lost secrets, and find themselfs questioning those in command above them.?
  11. Ofcourse there is space left. although Im probably not capable of handling more than 6 players at a time on skype, I recon not evry mission will have the same persons available. As not evryone will be online evrytime. I can besides the Skype group(s) do some forum based, and for that I dont mind if its 1 or a 100 marines playing. The more the bigger the story gets, and the better the missions might affect one another. as from these 100 marines squads of 1 to 10 go on diffrent missions.
  12. I agree, giving real mesurements will result in nuding the model that one milimeter extra so he can take the undoable shot from his gun straight under the arm of his brother and thorugh the gap in the librarians force sword, and over the barrels about halfway straight into the head of the ork. Id say no way. All i use is blanco papar, a coupld of coloured pens and if they need to they request me to draw out the situation, wich is never on scale, just a tactical overvieuw of your here this is roughly the sqaure room heres the backdoor you can see and this is where you are and where you saw your enemy. sometimes a line with range is stated for flamer or grenade purposed ( all armor has target tracking and range indicators ) and you can easely know if you can trow that granede or not by just looking. so that line and distance does not affect annything else. It helps with tactical manouvres as outflanking and going for cover, wile not presenting fixed distances or so. if they misinterpret the drawing they just have to deal with it in roleplay not in measurements. For the rest I keep them unaware as mentioned by the previous GM's. until they actually make theyr spot roll or some environmental thing gives it away. For example the bullets hitting the wall to the players left would mean the shots come from the right. but not that they came from the third window at the second floor of the ruin behind the burning tank. which if you use models would be easely seen. That said i last saw a forgeworld environment of an indoor floor ( 4 types ) that can be put togeter like tiles creating some kind of dungeon. If used correctly as in dont put all enemies in until the players actually see them. and use it for tactical purposes rather then measured, It might help them imagine the situation better. though if your good at telling a story you might not need such aids.
  13. As a Tyrandi Table tob player, i find your remarks quite funny. Your first description would correspond to the spores launched by an attack that make plants grow and animals go ravaging in an eating frenzy. Your second idear Directly relates to the Parasite of Mortrex who lays eggs in its opponents from wich hatch Rippers ( small worms with Big Yaws ). They even have the rule to have one unit that arrives later in the game to be " The Sarge is acting Strangely " rule. wich is he was infected before the battle and stumbles his unit into it then dies and spawns a host of rippers. Your third option could go two ways in Tyranid lore. Most ranged weapons of tyranid organisms are muscle tubes that sqweeze the bullets ( most times a living worm or beetle thingy ) outwards. though given the short range and plasma like temperatures the BIO Plasma attack might be a better match to the description. So Yeah I do think the original inventors fo the Tyranids did look a lot to how strange organisms here on earth worked and what they did. Ooh just one more thing.. The Genestealers... They are ugly 4 armed tyranids that look like humans with bones on the outside. they run from the main hivemind when they sence it apoaching. Going into ships offworld ect, So they spread around. what they do is mingle with the local species, producing offspring that is completely as the local species, Imagine that for an alien abduction and a fatherless conception, then these pseudo indiginous reproduce again with their normal indiginous species, giving birth to mutated halfbroods. these halfbroods then somehow reproduce giving birth to pure genestealers. I gues no matter how ugly you are you will always find a mate. Converting this into your zomby idear, it would mean that your marines could encounter survivors, even resque them. to find that they actually brought infected back home. spreading the disseas. meyby one of them was pregnant even, spawning mutations, who then wreack havock on the marines home. could be a funny mission. As For another real earth example if you look at tyranids as Raveging Fire Ants, ( the ones always on the move with no fixed home ) they form a swarm of milions of ants. they attack and eat evrything in their way, even birds and snakes. The Termites however build huge Spires much like the humans in the W40K lore do. If the two meet a huge battle ensues with the ant spilling over the spire, trying to force their way in, and the termites use corrosive seliver to spit at the ants ( guns for the win ) while the ants outnumber the termites in a 100 to 1 advantage they do not always take a termite mount. the termites might endure by locating the opening and ganging up ( squads ) that keep killing all who pass through. If the ants do win though then its dinner time and the swarm will grow again in number.
  14. Welkom Aboard, I added your skype and send you the player char sheet. Wich is also going to be hosted by the kind BadLapje, ill post the relevant link when its confirmed. As to more information what do you wish to know? or find me on skype and ask away.
  15. Hi there fellow marines, I send a Copy to Badlapje, so he can host it. Im not to familiar with Google docs. So after BadLapje hosted it ( really thanks for doing so ) Let me know what you think of it. Im open for feedback on evrything. Note though that you will still need your rulebooks to know what to put where. Im playing with the Idear of adding a HOW TO though. wich might include page number references, As i Found myself going back and forth through the book to find all relevant things for your characters. I hope you all like what I made. Kind Regards, And another Tanks to BadLapje for hosting, Nogard
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