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  1. There is a group of 5-6 of us in Winter Haven that play together, dbunch being one of them. We would love to have more people to play with, we frequently travel to Cool Stuff Games to purchase cards and things like that possibly we can setup a time to play with you and any others from the Central Florida area. If that would be something you or anyone else in the area is interested in let me know and we will set something up.
  2. Having played the game several times with a group of friends I have found an issue come up repeatedly in almost every game. The issue being someone initiating an attack on someone then during the calculating combat strength phase they realize the person they're attacking has more strength then they first assumed (due to support they didn't see or just adding wrong in their head) they decide that the battle will be closer then they originally thought and withdraw their attack. My question, something that I can't find in the rules is that are players allowed to initiate an attack on someone then decide to withdraw the attack after seeing something they didn't realize at first or must they go through with the attack anyways even if they have no chance of winning? When is the point of no return of march orders?
  3. Vendredi that is almost the exact same strategy I came up with while playing lannister vs greyjoy and it works. Although I think the best choice for Lannister to to ally with greyjoy and split riverrun and seaguard with each other. If greyjoy isn't willing that strat is your backup along with an alliance with stark to really put greyjoy in his place. People focused too much on taking Riverrun first turn and worrying about a muster card coming up 2nd round. I've played about 6 games so far and had a muster card 2nd round maybe once. I think it is actually a worse strategy for greyjoy to try and take riverrun and seaguard and hope for the mustercard then playing it safe and not wasting much needed resources on Riverrun early.
  4. The point of occupying castles is to win the game.... If you kick someone out and keep pushing you're leaving that castle open to be retaken by someone from another direction that could result in them getting their 7th for the win.
  5. I read the rules again and found that it does say you must use a march order to enter and leave a port so it seems that you exit the port an travel to the sea area the port is connected to not adjacent sea areas from there. If this is incorrect please let me know.
  6. Nostra said: - Where can a ship in a port move too when assigned a march order? Example: I have a ship at dragonstone, I give it a march order, can is move to Blackwater Bay or must it first move to shipbreaker bay? I had this same question and I noticed that it wasn't really answered. Do you need a march order to leave a port to get into the surrounding sea area or will your march order allow you to travel to adjacent sea areas?
  7. I just recently received this game and have only played a couple of times neither of which was Lannister so I could be missing something with what you're saying. What I don't understand is that with your testing it seems like you're assuming that a mustering card will come up and you can reinforce the units that you have moved out to take the three castles but if that doesn't happen you will have several castles all which are lightly defended and can easily be taken by a Lannister army. Lannister always start in a position where it is very easy for them to gain a higher supply rating which will allow for them to have stronger armies if they choose to defend and build armies then attack. Like I said I haven't played as the Lannisters although I plan to make it my next choice to test this out but I don't think they are as bad as you're claiming I just don't think they're being played to their strengths in your games.
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