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  1. kcjones2000 said: Could you please help to understand correctly from where do I get the coins that I use to purchase/exchange for the coin markers? The coins used for investing are only coin tokens. For example, Code of Laws will grant a coin per turn that at the player wins at least one battle. Also, some cultural events will cause a coin token to be given to a player to put on their character sheet. If it doesn't grant a coin token, it can't be invested. For example, coin on a map tile, coin on a great person token, technologies such as Civil Service.
  2. I will be getting the expansion soon, so I was reading through the rules and found something I would like some clarification on. Keep that in mind as I have not seen any of the cards, so any rules specified on them are unknown to me. On page 12, at the bottom, it has an example of killing a great person. There are two great artists, one in play (faceup) and one in hand (facedown). One token dies a horrible death at the hands of an assassin. One must be randomly selected to be discarded with the token. Now, since the rules seem to indicate that the applicable great people that are faceup are to be included in the random kill, do they return to play faceup after the death or has this process removed them to your hand (facedown)? Or, is this a moot point as all great people that will be in play faceup have the stipulation that they are always in play faceup?
  3. I know this has been a year, but I would just like to point out that were I was infering a rule that I had not seen, Steve was also infering a rule without full support. I just went through the rule book again, and on page 26, under 'The Objective Cards', in the third paragraph... there is a clear example of trade goods being perfectly fine to spend on the resource objective. I concede that I was wrong in this matter. However, I request in the future that full support be brought to bear, as my argument was valid if the rule did not specificaly specify. My view point was that taking an objective was not a form of 'purchasing' with production or influence, but a matter of a show of power by having access to such supplies. When my games group next plays TI3, I will make sure we are all adjusted to the proper rule on this as stated in the manual.
  4. Okay, the currect rules are to make the game simpler. If you want more complex rules, create a mod... and I am interested in seeing this mod or hearing more ideas for it. If we are going to start going so far as saying that when all units in a battle are lost, bonus matters not and the battle is lost... well, let's also up the realism and track which units are in which army. Next, since units are now in specific armies, army figures are only lost to show the reduced number of units in the army. Thus, an army with only 3 units, would have 4 figures... but an army with 4 units would have 2 figures... unless a tech gives +1 the army size, then only 1 figure. Well, if that army is defeated, but weren't all killed, then they are routed and retreat one square from the victorious army, in the direction aimed more towards the player's capital. ie: Egpyt's city is 7 tiles by 3 tiles away and loses the battle, the surviving figures would move to 6 tiles by 3 tiles away. As for Philosophy... I disagree. In real life, when you gain a philosopher, they choose what they philosophise about. So, to make it more realistic, no philosophers (Great People) should be obtainable until Philosophy has been researched. Here is how I cope with the current rules... because of the training from the great leaders and the military acadamy (and any other sources), my troops may have died, but they crippled the moral of the opposition, or injured their units enough that even though my units were lost, the enemy was routed and fled. Thus, during the 'year' (think of the game this is based on), my troops are able to resupply the army at that location and prepare it to further the campaign for the next 'year'. Perhaps someone will come up with a good set of mod rules for this game, bringing it closer to realism or the video game it is based on. If not, maybe I'll try my hand at it and actually release the results this time.
  5. I would just like to help clarify the Egyptian ability, by taking it to as simple as I have had to for some people I have played with. During the City Management phase of the turn, Egypt may select any one city they own that is using production to build a building, to instead build the building for free. This may be used every turn, but for only one city per turn. Now, for the sticky part. Are wonders buildings? On a read through of the rules, there are two things to consider: 1) wonders are not merged with buildings, when something applies to both building and wonders, both are mentioned. ie: overbuilding. 2) wonders are built through the same city action as buildings... and figures and units. Based on that, my group has been treating wonders as not buildings, and therefore Egypt may not free-build a wonder. Egpyt must build wonders in the same way as all other civilizations... find a way to generate enough production at one city to afford the wonder desired.
  6. I would like to clarify two things, in case anyone checks and wants some further clarification. 1) Both players in the fight must reveal all units that entered the battle. This is because technically, the battle isn't over until all units have been placed in a front. If one player has no units left, they just pass their turn to play a unit and the player with units still in hand plays another. Base Rules, p.25 - '4. Resolving the Battle' "After both players have played all of their battle forces..." 2) A player does not need to have any surviving forces to win the battle. Upon reading the 'Resolving the Battle' rules, at no point does it indicate that surviving forces are required to win. It does state that any surviving forces are healed at the end of the battle. To win, you just need to have the highest total units strength plus the combat bonus. Base Rules, p.25 - '4. Resolving the Battle' "... highest total wins... with ties going to the defender." I checked the FAQ for the base rules and the expansion rules, and neither have any stipulations about needing to have any units survive the battle to still be able to win. So, this means if an opponent has no units but +16 bonus, don't bring in only 13 points worth of units to attack. If the game's rule-maker sees this, please confirm or deny the validty of the above.
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