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  1. I had a look, but it doesn't seem like there's a topic like this yet. I thought it might help to have one specifically about the placement of talents and layout of the trees; I like the idea of the system, but a few choices are odd. 1) Social; you can't reach Unremarkable without first being good at Public Speaking. 2) Flash of Insight; it feels a bit lacklustre as a capstone. Spending a fate point to have the GM help if you get stuck should possibly be earlier on the Tree. 3) Duellist. Minor problem, but it's kind of funny that the text makes a big deal about counter attacking when the Counter-Attack Talent is in the Defence Tree. Anyone notice anything else?
  2. Improved Natural Weapons are described in Into the Storm as notes on a few creature statblocks; they seem to have completely forgotten after that point it wasn't in the RT-line core book, however.
  3. Came on to see if someone had done this. This looks like it's really well featured. Thank you for doing this!
  4. Excellent! Glad you're focusing on the most important Career, anyway; who needs humies? Will Rogue Traders be on the same level as the DH conversons? I was hoping to keep the Origin Path system, though whatever you choose I suppose it wouldn't be hard to change.
  5. This is great stuff! Hope you don't mind if I use it as a basis for RT conversions. I particularly liked the grapple rules change; easily for the better *cough* Didn't see Adepta Sororitas or Battle Sister in the specialisations- should I use an altered Cleric or Guardsmen as the base for them?
  6. Well, different strokes and all. I agree that extra mishaps are cool at any rate, for that little extra spice of chaos (capitalisation optional)!
  7. Ship combat hasn't come up too much in my game yet, so I'm sorry if this is an ignorant question, but I'm not sure I understand part of these rules; if the Sunsear nerf is used, should all Broadsides use 4 STR, or just the Las-Broadsides from ItS?
  8. Heh, alright- I was just confused why Part 3 mentioned a -20 to awareness tests if the Psyniscience test was supposed to replace it. Like the rest of the book, but will probably stick to the Core; Navigation is already a bit 'decker syndrome' and the new rules take it even further.
  9. Can someone explain the warp travel rules? Like, are they supposed to completely replace the core completely? Step 3 is pretty confusing- it refers to the core then gives a completely different test, then makes a reference to the core again.
  10. CST is one of the American time zones- iirc 7PM CST is like 2AM GMT. I'm out as well, then, but good luck with your game!
  11. Endcat


    Looking for online game- IRC, AIM, Skype, whatever! Able to play on wednesdays, thursdays, and saturdays, afternoon or evening GMT Experience: None with dark heresy; a few sessions of Rogue Trader
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