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  1. Hey guys. I'm very new to this game still trying to understand the rules. I have no idea how I would deck build and I would like to build some decks out of the 3 core sets I have. Can anyone with more experience help me out i'd really appreciate it thanks in advanced.
  2. hey guys. with a reprint for secrets of arkham coming later in the yeard does this mean it'll go to 3 of every card or could it stay at 2 of?
  3. Hey Dargone I have a pretty small group going for netrunner and me and another member also play star wars so we would be able to play that as well this should be the link to a facebook page one of us got started https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/264046620397922/?fref=ts private message me if you'd like to get some games in soon me and another player should be meeting up friday to play.
  4. Hey guys i'm posting this hoping to find some people in town who share an interest in this game as I do and hoping to get a group together.
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