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  1. Hmm.. not what I expected at all. I'm currently experimenting with an ISD-II Avenger with an ISD-I using mostly just Boarding Troopers. Still toying around with whether or not I want to include Suppressor and my Tie-heavy squadrons
  2. Do you have a link Dras? I'd like to see how this list compares to what we've been toying around with
  3. What does the double ISD list look like? My friend and I have been regularly running double ISDs as Imperials for a long time now.. what has changed recently that made this archetype good?
  4. What kind of lists are typical Imperials fielding these days? We know Avenger and Ackbar have been good since their release.. but I'm eager to see how Sloan is shaking up the meta (or too soon?). Good to hear about Demo still being good though, but I'm assuming we're no longer seeing Demo MSU (with the kingpin being Demo)?
  5. Hi everyone! I used to write and play a lot of Armada but haven't had a chance to play with the newest pre-Thrawn wave yet (so no Sloan). Can someone catch me up on how the meta is fairing? I haven't even played since the Rhymer/Demolisher/Rieekan nerf. And from looking at recent data sets, it looks like Rebels are running dominant with not that many Imperial lists. Is this the byproduct of Rhymer and Demolisher getting nerfed, and that Imperials were actually really weak without these combo-enablers? Ackbar was already really good (I've flown exclusively him since Wave 2!), so the Rieekan nerf didn't really hamper Rebels? The Interdictor being a flop didn't help the Imperial cause either. I'm still trying to make that ship work.. in theory. Tagging a few old buddies to help me figure this out @BiggsIRL @Truthiness @JJs Juggernaut, thanks! PS - @Crabbok , I recently got inspired to play after stumbling on your YouTube vids online. Well done!
  6. Thanks man, but life happened! got really busy, and other hobbies was keeping me away. I'll probably end up restarting sometime this year.
  7. This thread reminded me of Ozzel way back in the day when he first came out. For a incredibly cheap price, you really get some unrivaled bursts of sleep and unanticipated slowdowns. I kinda view Ozzel as the dude that can afterburner and P-cobra your ships all in one guy. He did some work back in 2015, and he's still doing work today. I'm glad http://lkhero.blogspot.com/2015/11/armada-admiral-ozzel-doing-work.html ****.. I just realized how much I used to write about this **** game..
  8. I'm in the camp that I think it would be acceptable if the FO ships like the Resurgent are roughly the same size as the ISD on the table. I don't need everything to be completely in scale, just functionality. Edit: I know this was only half a reply, I'll get to it in a bit! sorry!
  9. Not too sure about Golden Age yet. We're not saturated enough in terms of choices. I think once FO stuff comes out as a core and we're a little deeper in, it'll be a lot better.
  10. I ran this a couple of times for funsies to great success: Have 1 table going on for 1v1 Armada and 2v2 for another table fielding X-Wing. How the Armada game was going gave you reinforcements (generic pilots) for the X-Wing game and they would come from the board edge (blanks from the rear, hits on the side, crits you choose). The X-Wing game did not influence the Armada game at all, just the other way around. It was a lot of fun.
  11. I don't want to go full Illuminati on you guys in this thread, but have you noticed that all nerfs are ditched out for free on erratas and FAQs and all "fixes" are done through expansions that you have to pay for? So yeah, Gunboats, nice addition to "fix" the Imperial drop in power, but you gotta pay for it once again. I'm also under the firm opinion that introducing one good ship as a potential fix for the meta does nothing but power creep and stagnant the game. That's exactly what happened with Contracted Scouts and Dengar, then K-Wing and Miranda, and now Nym. Gunboats being powerful is not the answer to a healthy meta. It's actually the exact opposite, and comes with a price tag.
  12. So.. I left the meta and the game a couple of months (maybe even a year now) when I consistently saw nothing but Contracted Scouts at the top tables. I come back now and I'm pretty much seeing the same stuff.. with fat ships with low-action, high-efficiency attacks and auto-damage in the form of bombs. The FAQ to Empire basically made previously competitive builds non-existent or unrealiable compared to Scum meta-equivalents, and Rebels are pretty much just piggy-backing off Scum strats. Meanwhile, swarms are nowhere to be found because they just get bombed/autoblastered to death, or have to play a very dice-determined game chasing around kiting bombers the entire time. As a returning, competitive player, maybe this isn't the best time to be coming back to the game.. I mean, FFS, no one questioned Contacted Scouts being 25 points? SMH.
  13. My issue isn't balance either, it's simply a preference of scale. I would like to see more points allotted for capital ships vs. squadrons
  14. That wasn't my intent actually. It's not that I don't value squadrons or the fact they are an integral part of the universe and the game, but I prefer the game more when it's more about capital ship warfare. In fact, 500 points of ships with 150 points of squadrons is more of the balance I would like to see on the table, But that's another thread.
  15. Thanks, I know how to fight against squadrons, but I prefer capital ship combat. Just looks better.