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  1. Seems like the perfect opportunity to digitalize this kind of game
  2. Profundity Up!

    I bet that underused cards like Rapid Reload all get funneled into some telemetry database somewhere that says "creative design; please start here".
  3. Profundity Up!

    I think the ship is really nice actually. It's like a beefed up with AF with bigger teeth at close range but cost more. I might run Ackbar pickle + MC75 since you still get to throw 5 reds at long range and once things get close, juicy! The Twins look pretty nice upgrade; giving you flexibility to go for more accurate reds or blacks depending. I still think Gunnery Teams might be king in that slot, but we'll see. At least for the longer range variant. Overall, solid ship. I look forward to it for sure.
  4. At the printer

    Oh ffs really? I thought they said December. F that, going to cancel my pre-order, I got other stuff bundled with that order
  5. I guess. Except you didn't mention anything about the movie, Rose as a character, or Finn's emotional growth. You just zeroed in and choose to cry about one line in my opinion on the movie. But yes, see you in 6mo. Looking forward to more random crying.
  6. Armada ship sale!!

    As if I need any more ships, but I'll probably swing by after work and check out what they have available.
  7. Hmm.. must have missed the timing on this one: I didn't know they put all shields to the back first, before Kylo went on his bombing run.
  8. For a second, I forgot why I stopped coming to these forums. There's way too much sensitivity about completely random **** instead of actual discussion.
  9. As long as his feelings are protected from my incredibly harmful words. Speaking of poor shielding, how is it that a MonCal CA in the form of the MC85 Raddus not have proper bridge shielding? Meanwhile, it's being chased and bombarded continuously by RcSDs and it's fine. Did the FO acquire some shield-bypassing tech that we're unaware of?
  10. I think, out of everything in the entire movie, the one thing that bothered me the most was the military incompetence of both the Resistance and the First Order. First, in the first space battle when all the Resurgent-class SDs came to drop bombs, no one scrambled fighters? Come the F on. It's almost like getting your **** packed in by small fighter classes is your hallmark regardless if you're the Empire or FO. Even the flight decks of the new Star Destroyers were designed to allow faster starfighter deployment, hence the massive overbite look. But yeah, after losing 2 Death Stars and Starkiller base to fighter actions, let's not fly CAP or run fleet protection sorties in any combat scenario. End result? Dead Dreadnought. Second, did anyone for a second think that you can weaponize hyperspace travel and use it as a giant space railgun? Something capable of destroying multiple SDs and the Mega-class SD itself? Apparently, all it takes is a single MC85 going hyperspace, aimed remotely in the same direction as the enemy fleet and you got a weapon more powerful than the Death Star or Starkiller base. I mean, this technology (meaning Hyperspace travel) has been around since before the Old Republic. Who cares though, it's more dramatic watching the FO blow up like 28/30 transport ships before using this sick strat. I know the original plan was to cloak the transport ships and then bait the FO fleet away, but what do you think would be better? 1. Cloak the transport ships, turn the MC85 around and then hyperspacefuckyou the enemy fleet immediately, or 2. cloak the transport ships, run away with the MC85 and die anyway without taking any of those shitters with you. But nah man, 3. cloak the transport ships, wait until the FO kills 95% of your people, and then opt for Option 1. HNNNNNNNNNNGH. Third, Finn was about to Randy Quaid his *** into the Death Star wannabe beam ID4 style but instead gets blue-balled by some random he met on the same day just so she can say "I love you". At this point, **** was bad enough that I said WHY NOT. I was hoping that one of those semi-sentient space penguin things would just shoot me in the face and get it over with. You know what? Rogue One is still my favorite Star Wars movie of all time. You know why? It really gave me a sense of heroic sacrifice in a war-torn, unfair military scenario. The sense of scale was perfect, and I understood through the tone of the movie that good people have to give their lives for a mere chance that something can come out of it. In these recent movies? There's none of that at all. Everything is too giddy and mainstream, and even when things seem lost, I know I can just force pull myself back to safety from the vacuum of space. Come on man.. 5/10, maybe.
  11. Can someone catch me up a bit?

    Hmm.. not what I expected at all. I'm currently experimenting with an ISD-II Avenger with an ISD-I using mostly just Boarding Troopers. Still toying around with whether or not I want to include Suppressor and my Tie-heavy squadrons
  12. Can someone catch me up a bit?

    Do you have a link Dras? I'd like to see how this list compares to what we've been toying around with
  13. Can someone catch me up a bit?

    What does the double ISD list look like? My friend and I have been regularly running double ISDs as Imperials for a long time now.. what has changed recently that made this archetype good?
  14. Can someone catch me up a bit?

    What kind of lists are typical Imperials fielding these days? We know Avenger and Ackbar have been good since their release.. but I'm eager to see how Sloan is shaking up the meta (or too soon?). Good to hear about Demo still being good though, but I'm assuming we're no longer seeing Demo MSU (with the kingpin being Demo)?
  15. Hi everyone! I used to write and play a lot of Armada but haven't had a chance to play with the newest pre-Thrawn wave yet (so no Sloan). Can someone catch me up on how the meta is fairing? I haven't even played since the Rhymer/Demolisher/Rieekan nerf. And from looking at recent data sets, it looks like Rebels are running dominant with not that many Imperial lists. Is this the byproduct of Rhymer and Demolisher getting nerfed, and that Imperials were actually really weak without these combo-enablers? Ackbar was already really good (I've flown exclusively him since Wave 2!), so the Rieekan nerf didn't really hamper Rebels? The Interdictor being a flop didn't help the Imperial cause either. I'm still trying to make that ship work.. in theory. Tagging a few old buddies to help me figure this out @BiggsIRL @Truthiness @JJs Juggernaut, thanks! PS - @Crabbok , I recently got inspired to play after stumbling on your YouTube vids online. Well done!