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  1. I also read through this doc recently: http://www.steelstrategy.com/2019/03/2018-2019-regionals-season-data-analysis.html?m=1 How accurate is this still?
  2. Hey folks, was convinced to going to a Prime event (is this Regionals now?) for Armada even though I haven't played in what it feels like years. Life has been busy to say the least! What is the actual meta these days? Last I played was pre-SSD/bigger games, pre-Thrawn even, and the meta was filled with nothing but squadrons
  3. I know many of us oldfarts have been talking about the game increasing in points while squadrons stay relatively lower to keep the "fleet" aspect things more alive. This is great news :P I want to see tournaments going to 600 :D
  4. Except, this analysis is needed because there's a financial commitment needed to upgrade my existing collection (which is quite extensive). Also, last time I spoke to you you had <500 posts. What have you been doing with your life?!
  5. This might sound kinda nuts but I'm looking for some guidance. I love X-Wing, I really do. I have tons and tons of ships and have been in the hobby for quite some time, but I left the tournament scene once it started getting crazy for me (too much stress, regen, bombs, turrets..etc) and it started getting unfun. I think the last tournament I went to had 6 players in the top 8 with Contracted Scouts with pedes. Problem #1: Whenever I get on YASB2.0 and start playing around with ships and builds (one of my favorite things to do), I feel that a lot of the options that we had before in 1.0 has been lost. Part of this is the power and while that might be a good thing, it reduces the interest I have in the game from a competitive standpoint. I feel like we took one step first in the sense that every ship got re-evaluated and level-set, but we took one step back in the sense that it feels like we have the same amount of choices as Wave 2, but with 4x the ships. Does that make any sense or am I taking crazy pills? In short, I'm not as excited because I feel like a ton of upgrades and thus, player options have been lost. Yes, I fully understand the counter argument that a lot of those choices have been streamlined and provided onto the ships itself, but a lot of it hasn't as well. That brings me to my second point. Problem #2: We have a ton less pilots, upgrades, EPTs, and what I believe are player options in the game, does this mean that I have to go out there and buy future packs and upgrades just to gain access to some of the new Rebel/Imp/Scrum/FO/Resistance/Republic/CIS upgrades? What about generic upgrades? Basically, are there going to be upgrade packs that will just release more pilot cards, EPTs, upgrades..etc for the existing factions or are they only going to be available in new packs with new ships? Subsequently, does this pigeon-hold me into getting into those factions just so my Rebels/Imps/Scum can stay competitive if they come with generic cards that can be used by all? This doesn't sit very well with me because it's just added cost to upgrades I feel should have been there in the first place. Problem #3: This might be too early to say and I have no play experience with 2.0 just yet. As you can tell, I'm not super eager to jump in, so I'm hoping those who have played it and have played it competitively (if that's even a thing on Vassal right now) can speak to this. Do you feel that the power level of the game right now offers a challenging and competitive experience? For this answer, I'm looking for some really old school players who have played through the game when it was still young (think when Fat Han first came out) to TLTs to pre-nerf Scouts Pedes to now 2.0. Do you think we're in the Goldilocks zone in terms of balance and power? There IS an equilibrium here where wins do not feel cheesy and the meta feels well-balanced and competitive. What say you?
  6. Don't want to bump too hard.. but did anyone ask about a potential points increase at Gencon? @Crabbok I can totally see this game going up to 500 points with SSDs on the horizon.
  7. I should be excited.. but I'm not. Strange feeling ?
  8. 1. Get friends. 2. Trade conversion kit pieces with friends. 3. If you don't have friends, proceed to step 1.
  9. The best thing I heard so far about the app is that you can use the app, print out a list and use the list in a tournament. Does this mean you don't need to have the printed cards on the table anymore? Because that would save SO much room. Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIAnxlSDKAA
  10. Seems like the perfect opportunity to digitalize this kind of game
  11. I bet that underused cards like Rapid Reload all get funneled into some telemetry database somewhere that says "creative design; please start here".
  12. I think the ship is really nice actually. It's like a beefed up with AF with bigger teeth at close range but cost more. I might run Ackbar pickle + MC75 since you still get to throw 5 reds at long range and once things get close, juicy! The Twins look pretty nice upgrade; giving you flexibility to go for more accurate reds or blacks depending. I still think Gunnery Teams might be king in that slot, but we'll see. At least for the longer range variant. Overall, solid ship. I look forward to it for sure.
  13. Oh ffs really? I thought they said December. F that, going to cancel my pre-order, I got other stuff bundled with that order
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