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  1. Exploration cards could, hence sorting them alphabetically. But event, objective, and clue cards would certainly be unique to each story.
  2. I'm curious what others are doing to streamline the setup process as much as possible. I pretty much love MoM, except that the moon has risen and set three times over before we're done setting up half of the time. Anyone have any words of wisdom here?
  3. As I've been collecting the expansions to MoM, one of the things becoming rapidly clear to me is that it's possible to end up with dupe cards. Enough so, that they aren't really helpful to keep around. For instance, I now have enough "You find nothing of interest" cards to create the world's most boring map ever. But it's also an issue with some items, doors, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has worked up a list of cards that you don't need to keep around necessarily, or what the max number of each card is you need to play all the expansions.
  4. Might be interesting to add a field to include Doom/Elder Sign margin (for instance, 8 doom tokens and 13 elder signs would have a net margin of 5, you could have the user enter those individually, and calculate the margin automatically to prevent confusion when entering)
  5. +1 to needing expanions. Elder Signs gets more play with my gaming group by orders of magnitude more than any other game. I'd just be happy with some new locations and other worlds, maybe some more variation to the items, perhaps a new game mechanic or die type added into the mix. For me at least, it's mostly just a need for a little new content. I don't expect a whole lot more in terms of mechanics, since at it's core it's mainly just a themed dice game. Thanks to those who mentioned the house rules. One thing I find is that we have a habit of saving up trophies to try and buy out elder signs. The result is no one ever buys companions or anything (I can think of only one time someone bought a companion outside of starting with Duke - that'd be a good location reward addition).
  6. Terribly sorry on this thread. I totally glossed over the exact same question someone else asked a few posts down. Mods feel free to lock/delete this topic.
  7. I was just reading about the… uhh… issues that FFG had on the release of Forbidden Alchemy. I also see the place where you can request replacement cards. What I'm not seeing, was if a formally revised version was ever actually released. Like, if I order FA off Amazon, do I still need to order the replacement cards from FFG, or will the version I get be up to date now? How can one tell in the first place?
  8. One more, re: task completion - If you're on a card that tasks can be completed in any order, do you have to declare which task you're rolling for ahead of time, or can you roll and then pick a task that matches up with the roll?
  9. Thanks a lot, that cleared up a lot of stuff, including a question I forgot to ask (monster tasks are basically completed separately from the overall adventure). Very helpful.
  10. First off, apologies if I'm repeating past questions. Tried searching, but was not so successful. If something's been answered before, feel free to just link me to the respective thread. 1: First game, we ran into an interesting scenario. The rewards of the final adventure completed included one doom token and an elder sign. The elder sign would lock away the ancient one, the doom token would have released him. Which resolves first (I would assume it's the player's choice)? 2a: It would seem that you are supposed to declare the use of a spell before you roll the dice, implying you must simply anticipate needing to use it, is that correct (I think the answer is yes, you must declare it)? 2b: If so, what if you only use one of two slots on the spell (for a two-slot spell), can you fill the other one later on another adventure, or later on the same one if you fail the adventure on your first attempt? 2c: Do you have to keep the dice locked up on the spell until they are used, or can you elect to simply "dispell" the dice to free them up for another player? 2d: What if you end up not needing to put any dice on the spell (in other words, you roll well and succeed at the adventure without needing dice reserved)? Does it go away, or remain in play until you place dice on it? Or is it not a choice - you have to put something on it - in which case what if you used all the dice? 3: If an adventure has a task that requires loss of stamina or sanity, does that happen regardless of if you complete the overall adventure (I think the answer is yes)? 4: Do the yellow and red dice last only for the single roll immediately following the use of the item that brought it in, or for the entire turn trying to complete the tasks? Thanks everyone!
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