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  1. For any of my martial characters I really enjoy the aspect of Ars Magnus and the Impossible weapons, but had a couple questions regarding two of my favorites; Scorpio and Libra. For the Scorpio style you are able to transform your longsword (or saber) into a bladed whip thanks to your ki, but from what I have seen on this style you only get one. Is it possible for a character to have 2 Scorpio swords? Would buying 2 longswords and using the style through both work or would you have to buy the "technique" twice or is there some rule that states you cant have two of this partictular weapon? Also, I know you are able to combine certain Ars Magnus and Impossible Weapons (example, character uses Sagitarius and Capricorn), but would it be possible to use Libra (the variable weapon) with Scorpio? I figured since Scorpio is a moderately "moddable" weapon, using Libra in conjunction with it wouldnt be that far of a stretch. I recently had a character death in one of my Anima games and I gave him Libra and thought about combining it with Scorpio, but didnt know if that would work.
  2. Moth is a good place to start. Lots of stuff you can do there to scare the +5 quality pants off your party. Thin barrier between Gaia and the Wake, "vampires" (the Vetala race in Those Left Behind), and just it being generally creepy.
  3. Wonderland is in the Gaia book, primarily under the location of Paradis Paradis. That place (Paradis) is pretty much an island of nothing but waterparks, theme parks, bikini contests and fan service lol Where Paradis Paradis emodies happiness and pleasure, Wonderland is its complete opposite. The locations to Wonderland are always found in Paradis Paradis. Also another fun area to take players for scary times is Moth. Moth is like 90% haunted forests and the barrier between the material world and the wake is very thin there. Think of Moth as your typical horror theme forest areas of Transylvania and places of the like. Lots of strange creatures, strange magic and strange people live there. Plus it is the home of Malaketh, one of the most powerful Lords of Nightmare.
  4. Get the group to Wonderland eventually. Wonderland was created by Shwartzvald (spell check) to show a person the value of life. Basically think of the first couple of Saw movies combined with a circus/theme park and you get Wonderland. This diabolic circus can only ever be found once by any given purpose and any attempts to find it via magic usually ends poorly. The interesting thing about Wonderland is that it is never given specifics on how to run it in a game, the dev's leave that up to the storyteller. My GM had us playing twisted carnival games to obtain 100 "Super Happy Fun Points" from various games and attractions all while being pursued by a horrific amalgamation of Pennywise the clown from IT and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. If the clown killed you, your were dead for good (he was a master of Destruction magic). We ended that part of the game with the group surviving but with some pretty bad wounds (mental and physical). One character's eyes litterally melted out of her head and also thanks to one horrible game of "whack-a-mole" she nearly had her leg crushed. My character has a fear of being constrained and he was on a rollercoaster that had arm, leg, neck and mouth straps that wrapped around him. Yeah, that was a very horrible event for our group of 5.
  5. Well considering the group Im playing with is a bunch of combat monkeys, the DM usually pits us against stronger opponets, meaning they will have higher resistances just so we dont stomp through a combat encounter in like 3 turns.
  6. Alright, that's what I thought, just wanted to check is all. Played the character last night and out of 3 combats we had, I think, my poison stuck once. Will probably talk to my DM about reworking a couple things. Luckily my group is pretty lax with minor alterations to characters if things dont flesh out like we planned.
  7. Another question then, does the AAP from the Pain state (or any other AAP) reduce someones Resistance roll? Like if they have an 80 for their VR resist and are suffering from Pain does that mean that their effective VR is 40 at the point of their roll?
  8. Awesome! thanks for the help & tips. not sure how often this current game will be played, but I will definitely keep this stuff in mind.
  9. This upcoming summer a buddy of mine is going to be running an Anima game. Ive got a couple character ideas in mind and had some questions on how one of the characters would fair in the long run. We have Dominus Exxett and I saw the Venomous Essence bloodline and thought a Tao with that bloodline would be really interesting. My only concern is that the VR check for the posion touch may not pose much of a threat later on down the line. I know for physical touch the VR check is base presence + 30 (and some variables depending on what you are doing) and the end result (from what I remember) is the opponent suffers from the Pain State and I think takes an all action penalty equal to the degree of their failure. So Im just wanting some feedback on this potential "build" and if the this will be a viable "weapon" in later levels. Also, to note, I would take this ability for flavor alone, just wanting some feedback is all.
  10. My GM said that he read that Background disadvantages can count towards the general disadvantages. This is probably an alternate rule stated in either the Gaia book or the GM toolkit.
  11. You get an extra CP at every even level? Is this a house rule or something in the books? I know the even levels give you a stat point, but wasnt aware of the extra CP.
  12. It all depends on how you use their gifts and what you do to appease them. Here are a couple examples; I am currently playing a Shadow who is a strong follower of Mesiguis. Yes his tactics of revenge are definitely not good, but he still follows a code to keep him from becoming what he hates. He has used the Dark Lady's gifts for good & evil purposes. In my group we have a Wizard who has a great amount of Elan with Erebus and while this Shajad may be about fear, our Wizard uses the knowledge of this "Evil" god to better understand a world he is not familiar with (long backstory, the wizard isnt from this plane of existance). All in all each Beryl and Shajad have their good & evil aspects (with 1 or 2 on each side being an exception).
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