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  1. Thank you for the Order 66 Podcast link. As a consumer of this "new" product, I'm obviously seeking additional information. I do own all of the FFG books. Far Horizons seems more like a book of ideas vs. core concepts when it comes to running a player business. I was mainly looking for homebrew tables, charts, things like this. Although the book does have "pay scales" available. The book is pretty and has 3 pages worth of business information. Thanks for the hardwork.
  2. I and some friends are looking at getting a Colonist focused campaign set in the Unknown regions. Our idea is to explore and find a suitable sector, and eventually colonize and build a small region. Exporting goods and such back to the core worlds. I was wondering, do any of you have experience with this? More specifically, how about traders and business? Has anyone ran a business oriented group? Any material?
  3. Sorry for the late response, they are blank NPC cards I printed off. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2t5l_Ykgao_cUtwVExFNkk0c1E/edit
  4. If my NPC has a Willpower of 3 and a Coercion of 0, does he only roll 3 Ability die? Or does he roll 2 ability die and upgrade 1 to an advantage die? Alternatively, if someone is doing an opposed check against my NPC Discipline and Willpower, and his Discipline is 0, do I make my PC roll 3 difficulty die? Or do they roll 2 difficulty die and upgrade 1 to a challenge dice? Or am I getting this completely wrong? Does the secondary skill have to have at least 1 rank in order for the upgrades to take place? Thanks!
  5. I had my only force using PC "find" a double sided hilt in a complex. He then went to Phemis in "Hidden Depths" and I just used hazard encounters instead of a long drawn out adversary list. He found his Rubat Crystal, inserted it into the hilt, and fired that bad boy up. I did however have him encounter the Stormtrooper Commander as he was re-approaching the ship. Good stuff
  6. thank you, i was very confused with that sentence in the book. i was like, how can something succeed if it failed?
  7. Page 280 when it describes force power checks, right before Combined Force Power checks. A force power is always "successfully" activated, even if the check does not generate any force points to spend on the power. What does that mean?
  8. what if you just made an app that would let you plug in your pc / gm list and then randomize the order upon clicking a button? would be similar to digital dice. keeps things random, and quick flowing.
  9. I'm also not trying to put down the forums at all either. I'm just trying to express a common idea!
  10. Well, I am attempting my hand at a project. If you're not interested you could always ignore the idea I'm not trying to replace these forums OR substitute a wiki. I'd like to make this IRC channel an addition to the community. Some people are at computers a lot (like myself) and I figured an open 24/ chatroom with other hardcore star wars rpg fans would be nice. Like I said in the original post, somtimes people can't be on Skype or Google Voice, but still want to be social about this game and others as well. Also, this would not require any subscription or anyone signing up with anything (other than creating an IRC nick). Thanks for the replies I guess :/
  11. Then come join my new project! A FFG Star Wars RPG community IRC channel! My vision is having a 24/7 IRC channel on the foonetic server that provides a centralized location for all members of the FFG Star Wars community to congregate! A place to chat while you read through your books, a place to goof off with like minded people, a place to organize in real time! THIS IS NOT AN ROLEPLAY IRC! It's meant to act as a "hub" or main "lobby" for those seeking online community. ALL roleplay will be asked to be taken to private channels We need people with strong IRC backgrounds who would be interested in contributing some time! If you are interested, can you help us build a Q&A bot that references wiki's or online resources? If you are interested, can you help us build a personalized bot that creates humor and smiles? We need people interested in participating! Does an IRC community excite you? Do you want to have a place to congregate in real time? Can't always use skype or google, but want to stay social? #swrpg IRC community can help! Here's how you can get involved! Download one of these clients: http://xchat.org/- http://www.mirc.com/ - Or any other IRC client you fancy! Server Info: irc.foonetic.net 6667 #swrpg (if you're not familiar with IRC, after you connect to the server, type /join #swrpg) Hope to see you all there! I hope we can spark an interest and build something together!
  12. Sorry guys, I'm lazy and ADHD.. and there's 256 pages to this thread AND I'm a newb here. Anyone have the link for the most recent build for this character generator?
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