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  1. Hi guys ! You want to continue the Micromutants Evolution Experience ? Visit our blog ! Custom armies, variants... Free stuff and good vibes ! Soon, the first army, the Myrmyztecs 2.0 will be ready to crush your opponents with fair-play. 4 custom armies more are ready to come ! I made a page in facebook, the link is on the blog. We would like to gather the micromutants Community to find players all over the world ! We have a section in german & one in english. Make Micromutants, not war ! Microthings for the MicroRevolution!! micromutantsrevolution.wordpress.com/
  2. I have used the blank tokens to build a new Army called Gasterorists. You can found it on a french blog. Counters , stickers and cards (in english) to download. So why waiting about a expansion ? I think it was never released. The Company (Nexus) is out of business. sorry for my small language skills.
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