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  1. Good Games Miranda are starting another tuesday night X-Wing League! Every Tuesday afternoon we will give you your pairings for the week. The league will last 5 weeks, with 4 weeks of swiss rounds, and then the last week will be finals week!Each week will cost $10 except for finals week. Prizes will be given to everyone the night of the finals!Build a 200 point list every week to compete with! Newbies welcome and wanted! For further info contact the store miranda@goodgames.com.au Cheers Honest
  2. Hey Credit Chasers Good Games Miranda (Sydney, Australia) is running a one off adventure/learn to play day on May 4th at 1pm! Details below Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway Miranda When; Saturday May 4th. From 1pm Format; One shot learn to play FUN Entry: FREE! Prizes: A FUN arvo learning and playing a FANTASTIC RPG system in one of the coolest universes ever created. Meet new people and perhaps form a new regular RPG group Just come along on the day, everything provided for you, just bring a smile and your imagination Honest
  3. Still going, each Wednesday (4-8 players) and Saturdays (4-6 players) Good fun, come jam some games Honest
  4. Hey Team The Good Games Miranda store championship is on February 16th. Details below Where: Good Games Miranda When: Saturday Feb 16th. 11am Format: Constructed Entry: $20 Prizes: Store Championship kit, plus a fun day of playing AGOT LCG, up as prizes For more info email miranda@goodgames.com.au
  5. Hey Team Good Games Miranda (Sydney) are running their Intro deck and learn to play event next Saturday Feb 9. Details as follows Where: Good Games Miranda When: Saturday Feb 9th. !2 noon learn to play, 1pm Intro Event Format: Constructed Entry: $20 Prizes: Intro Event kit and promos up for grabs, as well as a fun day playing (and learning) a great game For more info email miranda@goodgames.com.au Cheers Honest
  6. Hey Team Good Games Miranda have a fun Triad event coming Dec 22. Details below Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway Miranda, Sydney When: December 22. 11am rego, 12 noon start Entry: $20 Format: The format is Triad. You will bring 3 decks to the tournament, and before every match, your opponent will eliminate one of your three decks. You then just need to win the both of the other decks in a best of 3 match! 90 minute rounds Prizes: Store credit, play mats and Discovery kit gear up for grabs, plus a FUN afternoon of playing Keyforge! More details can be found at https://www.goodgames.com.au/au/stores/nsw/miranda.html
  7. Hey Keyforge Players Good Games Miranda run 2 events each week. Wednesdays and Saturdays! Details below Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway Miranda, Sydney Wednesday Night Sealed Every Wednesday Night at 7pm Entry $20-gets you a deck, entry and prizes for the Discovery kit Saturday Arvo Tournaments Every Saturday from 12 noon Entry $15-bring your favourite deck Prizes: Various Discovery kit goodies, and a fun afternoon playing a GREAT game! More info at https://www.goodgames.com.au/au/stores/nsw/miranda.html Hope to see you there! Honest
  8. Hey Team! Just a reminder that the learn to play is on THIS SUNDAY at 1pm. Come along and try an great system in an iconic universe, and shoot some Imperial's in the process. The outer rim is your oyster!
  9. Hey Team Good Games Miranda has its first 2.0 League beginning on the 24th September! $10 entry each week, with the final week after the finals are played, everyone winning some prizes! This event is awesome if you want to start out with the game or practice for some larger events. The community is really good with new players and 2nd edition is looking to be a bunch of fun! 200 Points Pairings each week will be put up 20 minutes before the Monday Meet up. If you cant play on Monday, then try to organise with your opponent a time to battle before the next meet up. Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway, Miranda P: (02) 95247293 Hope you can make it!
  10. The Star Wars Role Playing Game is HEAPS of fun. Its easy to learn, has a lot of great looking books, and has a unique dice system that is very conducive to imaginative, interactive story telling. And its Star Wars! This is a free learn to play one shot adventure. You don't need to bring anything except your imagination, and a general predisposition to kick some Imperials backsides. Should you want to join in put your name down at the counter and turn up around 1pm Sunday October 28th Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway Miranda, Sydney Australia Lets have fun, see you then!
  11. Hey Team How do you turn **** Monday's into something to look forward to? Play in the Good Games Miranda X WIng league each Monday night! Details below Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7,589 The Kingsway Miranda When: Mondays from July 23 at 7pm Format: 100 point forces Entry: $10 per week Prizes: Game night kit gear, store credit, glory and a fun evening of rolling dice and playing a fantastic minis game with really nice people. The crowd and vibe is very casual, usually 6-10 people per night. Should you miss an evening, no drama, nightly prizes are given out as well As stated, this event is very casual, so if you are a dining table player, or new to the game, or just want to come and watch, this is your type of event! If you need more details email the store on miranda@goodgames.com.au Cheers! Honest
  12. Hey Friends For all of you in Sydney who'd like to to learn how to play this AWESOME game GG's Miranda is having a learn to play session July 28th. Details below Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 589 The Kingsway Miranda, Sydney NSW Email miranda@goodgames.com.au When: Saturday July 28th. 1pm-5pm Format: Learn to play FUN Entry: Free! Prizes: Getting to have a fun arvo and learn a GREAT card game! We are trying to build a new Game of Thrones LCG community at Miranda, and will have game night kits and a Store Championship in store later on in the year! Cheers! Honest
  13. Hey Team I couldn't swing this to do it on May 4th, this is the next best date! I am running a learn to play Star Wars RPG day at Good Games Miranda this Saturday, details as follows Where: Good Games Miranda Suite 7, 591 The Kingsway Miranda, Sydney, Australia When: Saturday 5th May. 1.30pm-4.30pm Format: FUN-pregen characters and all accessories provided, all you need is a sense of adventure Entry: FREE Prizes: A fun arvo breaking into an Imperial facility to recover a hard drive Hope you can make it, its a great system and a LOT of fun! Honest
  14. Good Games Miranda play each Tuesday night from 7pm. Free entry, casual play, 6-10 players each week League is probably starting up soon, just waiting for the players to gain a little more confidence Cheers! KO
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