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  1. I heard that the problem actually was that Harvey was chaosiums, so fantasy flight became very reluctant to keep using him.
  2. Nah, it's you telling the other investigator "I'm taking this without your permission because you owe me one. " you say it as you grab the card out of their hand.
  3. The rules with the other clause is the one officially posted in the documents on the ffg product page, making it the official ruling as that is the one they can change on the fly.
  4. I can get all of return to dunwich in the go7 insert, but all but one wooden divider had to be removed, so I have one section for scenario sets, and one for encounter sets (core, dunwich, and return) with the dividers
  5. For delve too deep: The Painted World vs Delve Too Deep: Whenever a card leaves play, any lasting or delayed effects affecting the card while it was in play expire (see Leaves Play, RR, page 14). That includes The Painted World being treated as a copy of another card; as soon as The Painted World leaves play, it ceases to be a copy and goes back to just being The Painted World. Since the victory display is an out of play area, you could play The Painted World as a copy of Delve Too Deep, but as soon as it got added to the victory display it would cease to be a copy of Delve Too Deep and would go back to being The Painted World, thus losing its victory points. I believe the reason Uncage the Soul doesn't work for any card is that you're playing The Painted World as that copy, so by the time you're paying the cost it's no longer a spell, because the cost is part of the card you're copying as well.
  6. From the FAQ entries from arkhamdb.com (which are all confirmed by the creators of the game) The Forced effect moves each Brood of Yog-Sothoth in play. If you have multiple Broods in play, after selecting a random location for the first brood, select another random location for the second and so on. It is possible that all Broods will try to move to the same place. The Forced effect moves each Brood of Yog-Sothoth irrespective of if they were at the same location as an investigator or not, and irrespective of whether they are ready or exhausted.
  7. You use standalone rules. Fill it with you're choice of XP ending in 9 (9, 19, 29, 39, 49) so you don't miss out on any.
  8. It's about 6-7 hours for me, but I'll still drive every year. Been going since 2012, and still upset I didn't know about it for the 2 years before that.
  9. My guess is the theme for Nights will be the new Mansions expansion. They'll be running Labyrinth there as well, or at least Matt said it in passing. Don't see why they wouldn't anyway, they do all the con versions of the arkham files games there. Nights is actually my favorite trip of the year. Gencon really takes a back seat to it for me. If I only could pick one sort of deal.
  10. Added: If you can manage it, do it in epic mode for the first time as well, even if it's 6 players. It will really shine in epic mode, and playing it with only a single group first will actually take away from the Epic mode experience.
  11. I do not recommend spoiling labyrinth at all. Go in 100% blind. It's the best way.
  12. You're better off on saturday and sunday where they doubled the seats.
  13. I got really panicked and excited when I saw this thread, thinking I missed the announcement for the Arkham Nights event this year. Now I am sad.
  14. I'd hate to bring a deck and not be able to be matched up easily and spend an hour looking for a group not using my investigator.
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